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Encyclopedia results for zend locale

zend locale

Encyclopedia results for zend locale

  1. Locale

    about computer software hardware Locale computer hardware the usage in mathematics Complete Heyting algebra other uses Location disambiguation Refimprove date August 2011 In computing , a locale is a set ... wants to see in their user interface . Usually a locale identifier consists of at least a language identifier and a region identifier. On POSIX platforms such as Unix , Linux and others, locale identifiers are defined similar to the BCP 47 definition of language tags, but the locale variant ... English using the UTF 8 encoding is tt en AU.UTF 8 tt . General locale settings These settings ... setting Paper size setting other minor settings ... The locale settings are about formatting output given a locale. So, the timezone information and daylight saving time are not usually part of the locale ... 3166 1 alpha 2 codes. POSIX platforms On POSIX platforms, locale identifiers are defined similarly to the BCP 47 definition of language tags, but the locale variant modifier is defined differently ... of command code locale code for Czech language cs , Czech Republic CZ with explicit UTF 8 encoding locale LANG cs CZ.UTF 8 LC CTYPE cs CZ.UTF 8 LC NUMERIC cs CZ.UTF 8 LC TIME cs CZ.UTF 8 LC COLLATE ... 8 LC ALL The full list of POSIX locale codes ref http assignments language subtag ... there. Specifics for Microsoft platforms The locale identifier LCID for un managed code on Microsoft ... .aspx ref that use BCP 47 locale names have been introduced to replace nearly all LCID based APIs ... code s IETF language tag Common Locale Data Repository Date and time representation by country AppLocale References Reflist External links wiktionary locale http html bcp47 BCP 47 http ... Common Locale Data Repository Javadoc SE package java.util java util Locale Javadoc API documentation http en us library dd318716 Locale and Language information from Microsoft http ... onlinepubs 009695399 basedefs xbd chap07.html Low Level Technical details on defining a POSIX locale ...   more details

  1. Zend

    About the Avestan commentary other uses Unreferenced date October 2008 The Zend or Zand literally interpretation , refers to late middle Persian see Pazend and Zoroastrian Middle Persian Pahlavi language commentaries on the individual books of the Avesta within Zoroastrianism . They date from the 3rd to 10th centuries and were not intended for use as theological texts by themselves but for religious instruction of the by then non Avestan speaking public. In contrast, the texts of the Avesta proper remained sacrosanct and continued to be recited in the Avestan language , which was considered a sacred language . Manuscripts of the Avesta exist in two forms. One is the Avesta o Zand or Zand i Avesta , in which the individual books are written together with their Zand . The other is the Vendidad Sadeh , in which the Yasna, Vispered and Vendidad are set out in alternating chapters, in the order used in the Vendidad ceremony, with no commentary at all. The use of the expression Zend Avesta to refer to the Avesta in general is a misunderstanding of the phrase Zand i Avesta which literally means interpretation of the Avesta . A related mistake is the use of Zend as the name of a language or script. In 1759, Abraham Hyacinthe Anquetil Duperron Anquetil Duperron reported having been told that Zend was the name of the language of the more ancient writings. In his third discourse, published in 1798, William Jones philologist Sir William Jones mentions a conversation with a Hindu priest who told him that the script was called Zend , and the language Avesta . This mistake results from a misunderstanding ... the Zand and other Middle Persian religious texts, as an expression meaning in Zend . The confusion then became too universal in Western scholarship to be easily reversed, and Zend Avesta , although ... on the Authenticity of the Zend Language Bombay, 1821 , may have contributed to the confusion ... Zend ru ...   more details

  1. Zend (disambiguation)

    Zend can mean Zend , commentaries on the Avesta, the sacred texts of the Zoroastrian religion. In older texts, Zend can refer to the Avestan language Salla Zend, a character in Star Wars Zend Technologies , a PHP focused company Zend Engine , an open source scripting engine Zend Framework , a PHP based web development framework Zend Studio , an IDE for PHP Zend Server , a web application Server for running PHP applications disambig de Zend fr Zend ku Zend fi Zend tr Zend ...   more details

  1. Zend Studio

    Infobox Software name Zend Studio logo author developer Zend Technologies released frequently updated yes operating system Cross platform platform language Multilingualism Multilingualism in computing Multilingual genre Integrated development environment IDE license Proprietary software Proprietary website http en products studio en products studio Zend Studio is a commercial, proprietary integrated development environment IDE for PHP developed by Zend Technologies , based on the PHP Development Tools PDT plugin for the Eclipse software Eclipse platform the PDT project is led by Zend . Zend Studio is tightly integrated with Zend Server , Zend s pre integrated, tested PHP application stack. The integration enables developers to quickly set up a complete PHP environment and speed up root cause analysis ref cite web url http webinar demo2 final demo2 final2.html title Detecting and Resolving Application Problems Demo Movie ref of problems detected in testing or in the production environment. Zend Studio is also integrated with Zend Framework . For example, it provides an MVC view for easy code navigation and integration with Zend Tool for automated code generation. ref http en products studio compare ref Features Code folding Customized Framework Project Layout Zend Framework Zend Tool Integration Model view controller ... plugin Auto detection of a local Zend Server Servers View Zend Server events list Import and debug Zend Server events Easy project creation on Zend Server Quick on server debug mechanism Zend Server ... Import Zend Studio 5.5 projects Remote Project Support See also Zend Technologies Zend Server ... Category Linux integrated development environments Category PHP programming software stub de Zend Technologies Zend Studio es Zend Studio pl Zend Studio pt Zend Studio ru Zend Studio sr Zend Studio fi Zend Studio tr Zend Studio uk Zend Studio zh Zend Studio ...   more details

  1. Zend Engine

    Expert subject Free Software date November 2008 Infobox software name Zend Engine title Zend Engine logo File screenshot File caption collapsible author Andi Gutmans , Zeev Suraski developer Zend Technologies released 1999 Start date 1999 MM DD df yes no discontinued latest release version 2.3.0 latest release date Start date and age YYYY MM DD df yes no latest preview version latest preview date Start date and age YYYY MM DD df yes no frequently updated DO NOT include this parameter unless you know what it does programming language C programming language C operating system platform size language status Active genre Scripting engine license PHP License website URL http products zend engine The Zend Engine is an open source scripting engine a Virtual machine Process virtual machines virtual machine ref cite web last Krill first Paul title Zend hails PHP for Microsoft, IBM url http d developer world zend hails php microsoft ibm 733 work Infoworld publisher Infoworld accessdate 16 April 2011 ref , commonly known for the important role it plays in the web automation language PHP . It was originally developed by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski while they were ... Zend Technologies in Ramat Gan , Israel . The name Zend is a combination of their forenames, Zeev and Andi. The first version of the Zend Engine appeared in 1999 alongside PHP version 4. It was written ... in increasing the popularity of PHP. The current version of the virtual machine is The Zend Engine II and is at the heart of PHP 5. The source code for the Zend Engine has been freely available under ... reflist External links http products zend engine Zend Engine Homepage http engine2 ZendEngine 2.0.pdf http license 2 00.txt The Zend Engine License, version 2.00 ... ar cs Zend Engine de Zend Engine es Motor Zend fr Zend Engine he pl Zend Engine ru Zend Engine fi Zend Engine uk Zend Engine zh Zend ...   more details

  1. Zend Server

    primarysources date April 2011 Zend Server refers to a PHP application server product line offered by Zend Technologies , released in early 2009 ref http article 4427 Zend Server Released ref with production support available for Windows and Linux . It is available in two versions, Zend Server and Zend Server Community Edition. Zend Server is supported on x86 and x86 64 compatible machines with IBM iSeries support in Zend Server 5. On Linux it is supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux ..., Zend Server is supported on Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2008 2008 , Windows XP XP , Windows Vista Vista and Windows 7 . At Zendcon 2009 Zend announced the public beta of Zend Server 5.0 ref http article 11065 Zend announces public beta of Zend Server 5.0 at ZendCon ... Zend Server Native installation Windows MSI, Debian deb and Red Hat yum installation Certified PHP Both 5.3 and 5.2 Zend Framework ZF installation and updates as part of the native installation ... problem diagnostics Zend Download Server Linux only Allows for large content, such as videos ... Zend Server CE Zend Server Community Edition contains a subset of features from the full Zend Server stack ref http en products server editions Comparison of Zend Server editions ref and runs on Windows , Linux and OS X . ref http article 4295 Getting Started with Zend Server CE ref ref http forum topics zend server ce NCSU Web Developers Zend Server CE ref Native installation Windows MSI, Debian deb, Red Hat yum installation Certified PHP Zend ... by reducing disk access and CPU processing time Data Caching API Zend Server Cluster Manager ... server Zend Server website http en products server ce Zend Server CE website http www.zend Zend Server website http page enter deployment zend server 5 5 Deployment on Zend Server 5.5 http 2009 03 17 why utilize zend server community ...   more details

  1. Zend Framework

    Infobox Software logo Image zend framework.png name Zend Framework operating system Cross platform programming language PHP 5 license New BSD license developer Zend Technologies latest release version 1.11.11 latest release date release date 2011 09 29 ref http article 17338 Zend Framework ... 03 02 ref cite web title Zend Framework 2.0.0beta3 Released url http zf2 blog entry Zend Framework 2 0 0beta3 Released date 2012 03 02 accessdate 2012 03 02 ref genre Web application framework website http Zend Framework ZF is an open source , object oriented web ... Introduction to Zend Framework work ZF Programmer s Reference Guide ref Licensing Zend Framework is licensed ... commercial ZF users, according to Zend s Andi Gutmans. ref cite web last Gutmans first Andi title Zend Framework post is too long so make sure to grab coffee date 2005 10 27 url http ... Zend Technologies , co founded by PHP core contributors Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski , is the corporate sponsor of Zend Framework. ref name history cite web accessdate 2009 02 11 url http ... , ref name google partner cite web last Kernel first Sean Michael title Google Data Joins PHP Zend ... Microsoft, Zend boost PHP for Windows url http article 06 10 31 HNzenphp 1.html ... cite web last Potter first Mike title Adobe Contributing AMF Support to Zend Framework accessdate ... Featured Partners accessdate 2009 02 11 ref Requirements Zend Framework requires PHP 5.2.4 or later ... included in these versions of PHP. Zend Framework 2.0 will require PHP 5.3. PHPUnit 3.0 or later is required to run the unit tests shipped with Zend Framework. Many components also require PHP extensions. ref name zf reqs cite web title Zend Framework Requirements work ZF Programmer s Reference Guide url http manual en requirements.html accessdate 2009 02 12 ref Features Zend Framework features include ref name Zend overview cite web title About Zend Framework url http ...   more details

  1. Zend Technologies

    Infobox company name Zend Technologies Ltd. logo Image Zend logo.png caption type Privately held company ... br Curt DiSibio, CFO industry Software products Zend Server br Zend Studio br Zend Framework br Zend ... num employees parent divisions subsid homepage http footnotes intl Zend ... based web applications, including Zend Studio . History Zend Technologies was founded by Andi Gutmans ... it the Zend Engine . The name Zend is a combination of Suraski s and Gutmans forenames, Zeev and Andi. PHP 4 is based on the first version of the Zend Engine. In 1999, their company Zend Technologies ... Zend raising 6m url http serveen globes docview.asp?did 647855 newspaper Globes date 30 December 2002 ref In July 2004, Zend Technologies raised 8M in a series C funding and established a headquarters in the USA. ref cite web title PHP Leader Enters U.S. Market Zend Technologies ... 20040719005309 en PHP Leader Enters U.S. Market Zend Technologies publisher BusinessWire, July 19, 2004 ref In January 2005 Intel Capital and Sap ventures SAP ventures joined the existing investors in Zend Technologies. ref cite news title Zend Technologies Announces Strategic Investments by Intel and SAP Ventures url http news home 20050124005298 en Zend Technologies Announces Strategic Investments Intel SAP newspaper BusinessWire date January 24, 2005 ref In June 2006, Zend ... . ref name zend award best israeli startup company cite web year 2006 title Zend Takes Home Award for Best Israeli Startup Company url http en company news press zend takes home award for best ... 2009 01 04 ref In August 2006 Zend raised 20 Million in a series D funding. ref cite news title Zend ...?story 20060828154442505 newspaper date August 28 2006 ref In February 2009, Zend ... s VP of Research and Development. Zend also recruited Mark Burton, who previously served as EVP of worldwide sales and alliances at MySQL , as Executive Chairman. ref cite web title Zend Technologies ...   more details

  1. Zend Certified Engineer

    Use mdy dates date April 2012 Afd merge to Zend Technologies Zend Certified Engineer October 6, 2010 date November 2010 Image Zend Certified Engineer Logo.png thumb 150px right ZCE s Logo The Zend Certified ... recognized PHP certification established by Zend Technologies . An exam must be passed in order to be awarded ... web application s. ref Marinaccio, Brent, http www.sys node 108658 An In Depth Look At The Zend ..., http news certwatch060801.shtml Zend Releases Certification for PHP5 , Certification ... zend adds flex php developing rich web apps 881 Zend adds Flex to PHP for developing rich Web apps ... 0CD0Q6AEwAg v onepage&q 22Zend 20Certified 20Engineer 22&f false Zend , Learning PHP and MySQL by Michele ... for those with Zend Certified Engineer certification. ref name oreilly php good parts cite book ... 596 80437 4 ref There are almost 5,000 Zend Certified Engineers in the world with either PHP 4 or PHP 5 certifications. Zend s PHP 5 examination was introduced in August 2006, and the PHP 4 exam was retired ... available to take. There is also a Zend Framework certification test available. All versions ... asking about function names . The test currently has 70 questions 75 on the Zend Framework test ... s conclusion the test simply reports success or failure. Zend s PHP 5 exam costs US 195 as of October 2011 ref http en store php certification PHP Certifications , Zend Technologies ref ... news 091608 Zend Hosts ZendCon PHP Event Zend Hosts ZendCon PHP Event , Web Hosting Magazine ... 1100 Zend Releases PHP 5 Cert , CertCities, September 27, 2006 ref ref http web hosting news zen072604 Zend Launches PHP Certification Program , Web Hosting Magazine , July 26, 2004 ref To help Zend Certified Engineers gain exposure to potential employers, Zend lists all Zend Certified ... LinkedIn group. They also allow Zend Certified Engineers to place a ZCE logo on their personal ... exam covers ref http en services certification php 5 certification Zend PHP ...   more details

  1. Common Locale Data Repository

    The Common Locale Data Repository Project, often abbreviated as CLDR , is a project of the Unicode Consortium to provide locale data in the XML format for use in computer application s. CLDR contains locale specific information that an operating system will typically provide to applications. CLDR is written in LDML Locale Data Markup Language . The information is currently used in International Components for Unicode , Apple Inc. Apple s Mac OS X , , and IBM s IBM AIX operating system AIX , among other applications and operating systems. Among the types of data that CLDR includes are the following Translations for language names. Translations for territory and country names. Translations for currency names, including singular plural modifications. Translations for weekday , month , era , period of day, in full and abbreviated forms. Translations for timezones and example cities or similar for timezones. Translations for calendar fields. Patterns for formatting parsing dates or times of day. Examplar sets of characters used for writing the language. Patterns for formatting parsing numbers. Rules for language adapted collation . Rules for formatting numbers in traditional numeral systems like Roman numerals, Armenian numerals, ... . Rules for spelling out numbers as words. Rules for transliteration between scripts. A lot of it is based on BGN PCGN romanization . It overlaps somewhat with ISO 15897 POSIX locales . POSIX locale information can be derived from CLDR by using some of CLDR s conversion tools. CLDR is maintained by the CLDR technical committee, which includes organizations from IBM, Apple, Sun Microsystems and some government based organizations. The committee is currently chaired by Mark Davis Unicode Mark Davis Google and Deborah Goldsmith Apple . External links http cldr Common Locale Data Repository , the informational webpage ... Category Internationalization and localization fr Common Locale Data Repository ja Common Locale ...   more details

  1. Locale (computer hardware)

    In computer architecture a locale is an abstraction of the concept of a localized set of hardware resources which are close enough to enjoy uniform memory access. ref Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing 22nd International Workshop by Guang R. Gao 2010 ISBN 3642133738 page 173 ref For instance, on a computer cluster each node may be considered a locale given that there is one instance of the operating system and uniform access to memory for processes running on that node. Similarly, on an SMP Symmetric Multiprocessor System SMP system , each node may be defined as a locale. Parallel programming languages such as Chapel programming language Chapel have specific constructs for declaring locales. ref Future Information Technology, Part I 6th International Conference edited by James P Park, Laurence T Yang 2011 ISBN 364222332X page 285 ref See also Locale software Symmetric multiprocessing SMP Symmetric Multiprocessor System Direct memory access Remote direct memory access References Reflist Category Classes of computers Category Parallel computing computer stub ...   more details

  1. Zand

    Zand may refer to Zand tribe the Lur Zand dynasty 1773 1794 Zand District , an administrative subdivision of Iran See also Zend Avesta or Zand Avesta the commentaries Zend , or Zand on primary sacred texts of Zoroastrianism see Avesta Zend or Zand language misnomer resultant from a confusion of the commentaries with the Avesta proper see Avestan language disambig ...   more details

  1. List of PHP accelerators

    to compete with the commercial Zend Cache product. Created before Ioncube ionCube Ltd. was founded ... chose to keep the project closed source in response to early concerns raised by Zeev Suraski of Zend ... to use the shared memory execution techniques that PHPA and Zend Cache had adopted instead of deserialization ... products phpexpress.htm Zend Optimizer Zend Optimizer ref cite web title Zend Optimizer url http help Zend Server zendoptimizerplus.html accessdate March 9, 2011 ref is a component of Zend Server and Zend Server Community Edition. Zend Optimizer speeds up PHP execution ... improvements, the stored bytecode is optimized for faster execution. Unlike Zend Optimizer, Zend Optimizer doesn t load files encoded by Zend Guard. Zend provides another component, Zend Guard Loader, in order to load encoded applications with Zend Server and Zend Server Community Edition. Website http products server Zend Platform Zend Platform formerly Zend Cache and then Zend ... including Java integration. Website http products platform Zend Platform and Zend ... with Zend Server http products server . Zend Optimizer and Zend Guard Loader Despite the name, Zend Optimizer is not a code accelerator. Rather, is a free, closed source PHP extension by Zend Technologies that enables PHP 5.2 or earlier to run files encoded or obfuscated by Zend Guard . ref name Zend Optimizer and Zend Guard Loader cite web title Zend Optimizer and Zend Guard Loader url http en products guard downloads accessdate June 22, 2011 ref Zend Optimizer 3.0 or greater allows to deobfuscate files and, Zend Optimizer 3.3 or greater allows to decode files. ref cite web title Zend Optimizer versions url http en products guard whats new accessdate June 22, 2011 ref Zend Guard Loader is similar to Zend Optimizer but works with PHP 5.3. ref name Zend Optimizer and Zend Guard Loader ref The website for these pieces of software encourages people ...   more details

  1. Simple Cloud API

    2009 09 22 zend cloud api The Register Zend ushers PHP onto cloud of clouds ref Services ... services. Local adapters are also available for offline development. Zend Framework Component These interfaces and adapters form a new Zend Framework component called Zend Cloud. Each service has a corresponding proposal http wiki display ZFPROP Zend Cloud Storage Wil Sinclair Zend Cloud Storage , http wiki display ZFPROP Zend Cloud Document Wil Sinclair Zend Cloud Document , and http wiki display ZFPROP Zend Cloud Queue Wil Sinclair Zend Cloud Queue . All development is currently carried out in the http wiki display ZFPROP Laboratory Zend Framework laboratory . All bug reports and comments will be collected on the proposal pages until the API is approved for inclusion in Zend Framework. See also Cloud Computing ... Simple Cloud API Homepage http Zend Framework Homepage PHP FOSS Category PHP ...   more details

  1. ZCE

    ZCE may refer to Zend Certified Engineer Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Dab Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Gutmans

    Gutmans is a surname. It may refer to Andi Gutmans , Israeli programmer, PHP developer and co founder of Zend Technologies Ernests Gutmans , Latvian boxer surname ...   more details

  1. Zeev Suraski

    Image ZeevSuraski.jpg thumb Zeev Suraski at a Toronto conference in 2010 Zeev Suraski lang he IPA IPA for Hebrew ze ev su aski is an Israel i programmer , PHP developer and co founder of Zend Technologies . A graduate of the Technion in Haifa , Israel , Suraski and fellow student Andi Gutmans created PHP 3 in 1997. In 1999 they wrote the Zend Engine , the core of PHP 4, and founded Zend Technologies, which has since overseen PHP advances. ref name Sun SEC filing Cite web url http articles Volume25 V25N4 TUG V25N4 All pages.pdf title IBM i Goes Web Zend s Zeev Suraski on PHP and IBM i accessdate 2010 04 30 publisher Toronto Users Group for POWER Systems ref The name Zend is a portmanteau of their forenames, Zeev and Andi. Suraski is an emeritus member of the Apache Software Foundation , and was nominated for the FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software in 1999. Zeev Suraski is the CTO for Zend Technologies. References Reflist External links Commons category http blog http blog http eng scripts media viewnews.php?id 48047384 Zeev in Hong Kong 05 PHP Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Suraski, Zeev ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Suraski, Zeev Category Israeli computer scientists Category Israeli businesspeople Category Living people Israel scientist stub Compu bio stub ar de Zeev Suraski es Zeev Suraski it Zeev Suraski he ms Zeev Suraski ja pl Zeev Suraski pt Zeev Suraski ru , fi Zeev Suraski tr Zeev Suraski uk ...   more details

  1. Andi Gutmans

    Image Andi Gutmans 1.jpg thumb Gutmans, 2006 Andi Gutmans lang he is an Israel i programmer of Jewish ancestry from Switzerland, PHP developer and co founder of Zend Technologies . ref name Andi Zend bio cite web year 2008 title Andi Gutmans Zend corporate biography url http en company management andi accessdate 2008 10 07 ref A graduate of the Technion , the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa , Gutmans and fellow student Zeev Suraski created PHP 3 in 1997. In 1999 they wrote the Zend Engine , the core of PHP 4, and founded Zend Technologies , which has since overseen PHP advances, including the current PHP 5 release. ref name Andi Zeev PHP5 cite web year 2008 title Andi & Zeev Creators of PHP 5 url http credits.php accessdate 2008 07 02 ref The name Zend is a portmanteau of their forenames, Zeev and Andi. ref name Andi Zeev PHP History cite web year 2008 title Andi & Zeev PHP History url http history accessdate 2008 07 02 ref Gutmans currently serves as CEO of Zend Technologies . Before being appointed CEO in February 2009 ref name Andi Zend CEO cite web year 2009 title Zend Technologies Co Founder Andi Gutmans Named Chief Executive Officer url http en company news press zend technologies co founder andi gutmans named chief executive officer accessdate 2009 02 10 ref he led Zend s R&D including development of all Zend products and Zend s contributions to the open source Zend Framework and PHP Development Tools projects. He has participated at Zend in its corporate financing and has also led alliances with vendors like Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle. ref name Andi Zend bio Gutmans is also a board member of the Eclipse Foundation ref name Andi Eclipse Board cite web year 2008 title Andi Gutmans Eclipse Foundation Board Member url http org foundation directors.php accessdate 2008 07 02 ref which he joined in October 2005 , ref name Andi Eclipse Board Joined cite web year 2008 title A ...   more details

  1. PHP Development Tools

    comparison title Zend Studio PDT Comparison publisher Zend Technologies accessdate 2009 05 07 ref Others contend that PDT is deliberately maintained as a lite version of Zend Studio ref cite web url ... vs PDT quote I can only guess that Zend, realizing the popularity of Eclipse, figured they should ...   more details

  1. JAMP

    JAMP is a WAMP package that includes Apache httpd , MySQL and PHP . Infobox Software logo screenshot caption developer jayysoft released initial release 2008 05 12 latest release version 0.0.1 latest release date release date 2008 05 12 operating system Win32 genre List of AMP packages AMP license GNU General Public License or proprietary EULA website http JayySoft Components Apache HTTP Server 2.2.8 PHP 5.2.5 MySQL 5.1.24 Subversion software SVN 1.4.6 phpMyAdmin WordPress 2.5.1 TextCube 1.6.3 expansion PHP accelerator Zend Optimizer Zend Optimizer 3.3.3 Note The website appears not to be functional for downloads. Category WAMP software stub it JAMP ...   more details

  1. Peshotanu (punishment)

    Zoroastrianism A Peshotanu , meaning one who pays with his body , according to Avesta n terminology, is a person who had either been condemned to or previously subjected to two hundred stripes with the Aspahe astra and the Sraosho karana . Two hundred flogs with a whip was a capital punishment in Ancient Persia next only to death. A Peshotanu was also designated margarzan or worthy of death . References cite id Darmesteter cite book title Sacred Books of the East The Sacred Books of the East , Vol 4 Zend Avesta The Zend Avesta , Part I Vendidad The Vendidad first James last Darmesteter authorlink James Darmesteter publisher Oxford University Press year 1880 cite Category Avesta Category Capital punishment Category Punishments ...   more details

  1. Xyster Framework

    Infobox software name Xyster Framework latest release version 02 Build 01 latest release date October 18, 2010 operating system Cross platform license BSD license genre Web application frameworks website http Xyster Framework is an open source application framework for developing PHP 5 applications. It extends from Zend Framework and requires a minimum PHP version of 5.3.0. Portal Free software Components Xyster provides several add ons and extensions to the features available in Zend Framework. Plugins for and Extensions of Zend Framework Several MVC plugins and action helpers for access control, authentication, and Web cache cache control Several view helpers Additional filters and validators An Access control list which supports plugins for just in time rule creation New Components A mediator between the ACL and Authentication to translate authenticated identities into ACL roles and determine their parentage A collections package in the style of Java programming language Java or Microsoft .NET .NET A container for validation messages that can be used to pass validation results between application layers A base for developers to implement a Data Access Object layer A layer for specifying how to sort, filter, and group fields in tabular data Support for Enumerated type s A Dependency injection container External links http Official website Category PHP frameworks Category Free computer libraries ...   more details

  1. Redbean (software)

    RedBean is free, BSD licensed, open source object relational mapping software written by Gabor de Mooij . It currently only supports PHP . Although it can be used as a stand alone library there is also an integrated edition available for the Zend Framework . Features RedBean is different from other ORM layers because it requires no configuration in XML , YAML or JSON but it designs a database schema on its own by analyzing the PHP code, this is sometimes called Virtual ORM ORM without mappings . This is possible because of Reflection computer science Reflection functionality built into PHP. RedBean not only creates a database on the fly it also monitors performance, handles transactions and it automatically prevents race conditions . It scans your data and adjusts the column types to fit your object properties. If your models are stabilized you can freeze the database. This way RedBean is easy to develop with but is also extremely fast on production servers. History Not much is known about RedBean s history, due to lack of information on the website. The main author of RedBean is Gabor de Mooij an ICT specialist from the Netherlands . See also Zend Framework List of object relational mapping software External links http RedBean official website http Author s Home Page http gabordemooij redbean tree master Project on GITHUB http desfrenes redbean tree master Edition for Zend Framework Category PHP programming language Category PHP libraries Category Article Feedback 5 ...   more details

  1. Pimcore

    mod rewrite MySQL v5 PHP 5.3 with FastCGI or mod php Awards, reviews and articles 3 Popular Zend Framework Based CMS 29. April 2010 ref cite web url http blog 3 popular zend framework based cms title 3 Popular Zend Framework Based CMS & 124 Hot Scripts Blog publisher ... Framework auf Zend Basis 3374.html title pimcore Content Management Framework auf Zend Basis publisher ...   more details

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