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  1. Tablet PC Tutorial-Part 1
    Duration: 7:55

    Description: This is the first video from ICON Pareto showing you how to use the basic functions of your tablet PC. More videos will be coming shortly so stay tuned! Please visit for more details!

    Keywords: tablet, pc, howto, tutorial, windows, icon, pareto
    Average rating: 4.0

  2. BASICS TUTORIAL: Using Your Drawing Tablet
    Duration: 6:47

    Description: requested by: rachypachy09 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next video: Celebrity Drawing- Taylor Swift ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to all my subscribers and to those that always comments on my videos! they really mean a lot to me. I never thought of actually posting videos on YouTube until my dad encouraged me to. It basically started as a joke, especially with Charice who got discovered on YouTube. Then it just turned out to.. well.. THIS!! Really sorry about the bad lighting -_-' but i did get a better camera. I wish I could put it to high quality but it takes so much space in my computer and time to save and load my edited video. Please.. forgive my lack of knowledge on this. i did as much research as possible ^_^" i know it's not the best tutorial but I just gave it a go.. haha XD if it's not the video you were actually looking for SORRY!! ^_^" i tend to get information wrong or misunderstand them. Drawing tablet: Medion (a birthday gift to me 2 years ago) Music: Steal it with a Kiss- Britney Spears I Wanna Go- Britney Spears (from the album Femme Fatale) I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED IT BELONGS TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER Have a great day~

    Keywords: tutorial, drawing, tablet, zyra333
    Average rating: 4.7

  3. Cruz Tablet Tutorial
    Duration: 3:03


    Keywords: Cruz, Tablet, Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.6

  4. Anchor Octopus Vector Speed Art Wacom Tablet Tutorial CS5
    Duration: 8:24

    Description: Watch in 720p HD, like SUBSCRIBE and comment :) Designed this for no particular reason just felt like it. This video shows the outline being drew in Illustrator CS5 and then some simple coloring in Photoshop CS5. Any questions feel free to ask :) Thanks. One of my first videos so it's not very polished as these were my first attempts, video editing, uploading ect. Final Image: Used Illustrator CS5 to draw the vector outlines and then into photoshop to colour. And I used wacom bamboo tablet on iMac. And also used iShowU HD to capture.

    Keywords: illustration, wacom, tablet, Hand, Grenade, imac, Speed, Art, Painting, Vector, art.
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. Photoshop Tutorial : Using a Digitizing Tablet With Photoshop
    Duration: 4:13

    Description: Photoshop can use digitizing tablets, which are pressure sensitive editing tools that can simulate the experience of drawing on a piece of paper. Use a digitizing tablet in Photoshop for better detailing control withtips from a portrait photographer in this free video tutorial on Adobe Photoshop. Expert: Steve Anthony Contact: Bio: Steve Anthony has been a professional photographer since 1989. Filmmaker: Steve Anthony

    Keywords: Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop tutorials, graphics editing, image editing, image manipulation, images, shapes, bitmap, pixels
    Average rating: 3.2

  6. Tea Illustration Vector Speed Art Wacom Tablet Tutorial CS5
    Duration: 7:20

    Description: Tea Cup design. Re-uploaded due to audio being taken off -_- See Final: This shows the outline being drew in Illustrator CS5 and then coloured in Photoshop CS5. Any questions feel free to ask. Used Illustrator CS5 to draw the vector outlines and then into photoshop to colour. And I used wacom bamboo tablet on iMac. And also used iShowU HD to capture.

    Keywords: illustration, wacom, tablet, imac, Speed, Art, Painting, Vector, Tea, Cups
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Tablet tutorial Mac (GIMP)
    Duration: 7:32

    Description: This is a tutorial for installing a Wacom Tablet for use of Gimp on a Mac. I've never seen a tutorial for this before. Contact: Comment on here Cyrilshark, Mod of This is my first tutorial so please please comment! A Team Visualize Tutorial PS: Sorry about my stuffy nose... I have year long colds. xD

    Keywords: gimp, gimps, tut, tutorial, mac, wacom, tablet, team, visualize
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet Tutorial
    Duration: 4:33

    Description: A tutorial that I have made for class. Will be deleted when this class is over, so for now, enjoy. EDIT: Well, my tutorial is going to be used by my teacher as an example of a perfect project for future classes. It's quite an honor, so it gets to stay up. :D

    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Shaman Mask Vector Speed Art Wacom Tablet Tutorial CS5
    Duration: 8:26

    Description: Shaman Mask Re-do. Sped it up super fast but still the video is very long lol. The recording times was about 1hr on the vector lines and 1hr on the Photoshop colouring. Not entirely happy with it, prefer it without the colour tbh but you know :) This shows the outline being drew in Illustrator CS5 and then coloured in Photoshop CS5. Any questions feel free to ask. Used Illustrator CS5 to draw the vector outlines and then into photoshop to colour. And I used wacom bamboo tablet on iMac. And also used iShowU HD to capture.

    Keywords: illustration, wacom, tablet, imac, Speed, Art, Painting, Vector, Shaman, mask
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. Pandigital Nova Tablet Review and Tutorial
    Duration: 9:42

    Description: More details: This video shows the new Pandigital Nova tablet/ereader in action. The Pandigital Nova is one of four new devices from Pandigital. If you found this video helpful, please help support The eBook

    Keywords: pandigital, nova, ereader, tablet, android, ebook
    Average rating: 4.8

  11. Android Tutorial, Walkthrough, Guide for Tablets. (3.0, 4.0 Icecream Sandwhich)
    Duration: 8:21

    Description: This video is intended to demonstrate what to expect when using an Android based tablet. I share some contrasts to the Apple iPad 2 to fully understand what Google offers.

    Keywords: What is Android, Android Tutorial, Android Help, Android 3.2 honeycomb, android 4.0 icecream sandwich, tablets, walkthrough, guide, android vs ios, android apps, 3.0
    Average rating: 4.6

  12. Hair Texture Tutorial using a Graphics Tablet
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: My Avatar Page: _____________________________________________________ My Products: _____________________________________________________ The program I used in this tutorial is Photoshop 7.0. I have no idea if the way I do it here will be exactly the same as other programs, but I would have thought it would be similar. _____________________________________________________ A tablet is a peice of drawing equipment where you draw with a special pen, directly onto the flat surface of the pad. It comes up on the screen as if you were drawing on a piece of paper. Here's an example of what they are: _____________________________________________________ Thankyou everyone for watching :) Please remember - Comment, Rate, Subscribe! _____________________________________________________ Bigger Image:

    Keywords: Cindyy, Cindz, Imvu, Video, Tutorial, Photoshop, 7.0, Graphics, Tablet, Detailed, Realistic, Hand, Drawn
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. ePAD 10.2inch Tablet PC Tutorial/Review
    Duration: 12:32

    Description: *** We are teaching consumers the secret sources our competitors do not want you to know of! We will teach you how to buy directly from the manufacturing factory at below wholesale costs! Come to to learn more. The prices are soo low that you may consider not only buying a unit or two for personal reasons, but also you may consider starting a lucrative business with the information we provide you you will be amazed! Video demonstration/tutorial of the infamous ePAD. This is a 10.2" 1024x600 pixel with IPS(iPad technology) technology unit. Plays youtube and various other videos in up to 1080p quality although 720p is recommended. Battery life as tested is aprox 2hrs on extreme conditions wifi running and max screen brightness, manufacturer states unit can last up to 4hrs. uses Slideme android market for further downloading of apps and utilities. Many many features this is a great unit. We put this video together due to the high request demand for a video from our followers at, and you know the drill if you have any further questions or want us to pull up a website or see us do something with this device or any other we carry please do not hesitate to ask. All products purchased from Tablets and Technologies carry at minimum a 1 year Warranty. Unlike others we stand behind our products! Support Tablets and Technologies

    Keywords: epad, apad, gpad, ipad, irobot, android, android 2.1, android 2.2, android 1.5, android 1.6, 10.2 tablet, 10.1 tablet, 10.1in android, 10.1 inch tablet pc, tablet pc, 10.2 inch android, 10.2 inch tablet pc, ips technology, ips
    Average rating: 4.4

  14. Wacom Tablet Music Tutorial
    Duration: 7:21

    Description: how to use the Wacom Tablot to control sound with puredata / pd .

    Keywords: wacom, tablet, music, saint, saens, swan, puredata, pd
    Average rating: 4.7

  15. Livescribe Paper Tablet Application Tutorial Video
    Duration: 6:39

    Description: With the Livescribe Paper Tablet App (for the Echo smartpen) you can mark up slides, PDFs, ducoments and spreadsheets on your computer with the Echo smartpen. Skip the hassles of scanning-add your signature, notes or drawings directly into your digital documents.

    Keywords: Paper, Tablet, Overview
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. How to Draw & Paint Eyes - A Digital Painting Tutorial using Corel Painter & Wacom tablet
    Duration: 4:44

    Description: In this digital painting tutorial, I go through the process of drawing a set of eyes in black and white, and the brushes used in Corel Painter. I work with a Wacom pen tablet, which enables me to use it as I would a pencil, pen or paint brush. I show some drawing fundamentals to begin the drawing, which then turns into a painting. Drawing Book - Drawing Basics & Fundamentals ****************************** Tools used: Corel Painter 11; Wacom Intuos 3. Song: "Art Impressions" by Juan Solorzano with Acid Music Studio 8. Sketch2Draw (My Drawing Website): JSolorzanoArt:

    Keywords: drawing, painting, look, eyes, artist, software tutorial, speed, drawings, sketch, photoshop, face, eyelashes, makeup, beauty, cosmetics, female face, iris, eyelids, pupils, eyebrows, Draw, Eye, nose, Wacom, Hightlight, How-to, Corel, Corel Painter, tablet, Wacom tablet, Artwork
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. G-Tablet Full Restore your Gtablet using nvflash - refresh to factory
    Duration: 5:51

    Description: Pensacola Computers Presents - Restore your G-Tablet using nvflash. Flashing your gtab back to factory using bekit's original image (thanks to xda-developers). If your Gtablet gets messed up, use this method to restore it back to original using nvflash.*NOTE: the tegra msi file is no longer avail - You will need APX drivers and files available from xda-developers or Slatedroid: - see the forum threads there. G-tablet errors can be annoying so to fix your gtab and start fresh, use the nvflash to go back to the beginning. Make sure to follow the most recent instructions on Slatedroid or XDA for nvflash recovery as some things have changed since this video was made - if you have used different ROMS and/or get stuck in a bootloop, you may have to repartition your device through CWM (clockword mod)

    Keywords: G-Tablet, restore G-Tablet, gtablet, nvflash gtablet, restore gtablet, gtab, recover g-tablet, nvflash G-tablet, factory restore gtablet, Pensacola Computers, fix gtablet, flash gtablet, xda-developers, fix G-tablet, nvflash, APX drivers, G-tablet tutorial, Gtablet tutorial, tablet computers, nvidia tegra, viewsonic gtablet, Viewsonic G-tablet
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Wacom Tablet Basics - Adobe Photoshop
    Duration: 7:50

    Description: This quick tutorial is for anyone who has photoshop and a tablet and wants to know how to start using them together. I demonstrate how to set up and save your brushes in both photoshop and illustrator to work with your wacom tablet. I wanted this to be fast and simple, so I didn't go over any drawing techniques or styles or even spend time on drawing anything in this video, it's just meant for demonstrating and setting up brushes for a tablet. Part 2 Covers setting up a brush in Illustrator

    Keywords: Photoshop, wacom tablet, pen pressure, photoshop brushes, photoshop basics, brush pallet, quick brushes
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Nook Tablet Review
    Duration: 17:55

    Description: A review of the Nook Tablet Android tablet and ebook reader from Barnes & Noble. Here is our super in-depth full written review: This is their second gen 7" color LCD ereader and more. It runs Android OS 2.3 with B&N's Nook 1.4 firmware at launch. The UI looks much the same as the last gen Nook Color, but there's a much faster dual core 1GHz CPU inside and double the RAM so the tablet can run the included Netflix, Hulu Plus and Adobe Flash smoothly. It has an IPS display, 16 gigs of storage and a microUSB port.

    Keywords: Nook Tablet review, ebook reader, Kindle Fire
    Average rating: 4.8

  20. How to Draw & Paint a Portrait (of iJustine) - using Corel Painter & Wacom tablet
    Duration: 7:39

    Description: For my palette: This is a digital portrait tutorial of iJustine, using Corel Painter software and a Wacom pen tablet. In this tutorial, I go through the steps of how I create a digital portrait using a few of the many powerful brushes found in Corel Painter. *Note: I use one layer to paint my portraits just like in traditional art. This is especially necessary when working with certain brushes such as the digital watercolors or tinting brushes, which create undesired effects if painted on a new transparent layer. Painting on one layer also helps in honing my painting skills and forces me to commit & make corrections in my paintings which in turn creates a learning experience every time. Drawing Book - Drawing Basics & Fundamentals ****************************** Tools used: Corel Painter 11; Wacom Intuos 3. Song: "Art Jam 3" by Juan Solorzano with Acid Music Studio 8. Sketch2Draw (My Drawing Website): JSolorzanoArts:

    Keywords: portrait, art, digital painting, corel painter, wacom, drawing, drawings, artist, speed, software tutorial, photoshop, paintings, how to paint a portrait, artwork, sketch, museum, contemporary, artists, design, pencil, Draw, Painting
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. (TUTORIAL) Actualizacion tablet MID816 de Android 2.2 a 2.3
    Duration: 12:06

    Description: A continuacion los enlaces para descargar los arhicos de imagen y software: Imagen android 2.3.1: Diskimage 1.6: Mercadolibre: Telefono: +57-3164649740 E-mail: Cali - Colombia

    Keywords: android, mid816, tutorial, tablet, 2.2, 2.3, mercadolibre, portatil, gingerbread, froyo, tableta
    Average rating: 4.7

  22. Wacom Tablet Basics - Adobe Illustrator
    Duration: 6:22

    Description: This is a quick basic tutorial showing how to create a brush with pen pressure in Adobe Illustrator. Remember, while inking, go slow and steady. Don't try to rush yourself. Speed comes with practice. ADDITIONAL NOTES: I'm using my tablet pc in this video, but I also switch between my wacom graphire and bamboo depending upon which is more convenient. I've used everything from a tiny wacom tablet to a $2000 cintiq and, as far as performance, they're all about the same. The only main difference is that the wacom intuos series and cintiqs have some rotation and tilt features on the pen. But if you're just starting off, buy any basic wacom tablet. You can't really go wrong. Remember, a tablet is just a tool that the artist wields...You decide what's created.

    Keywords: Illustrator, Wacom Tablet, Pen Pressure, drawing skull, Illustrator basics
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Cruz Tablet Review
    Duration: 10:08

    Description: Visit to comment on this video.

    Keywords: Cruz Tablet, Review, Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet, Tablet, Cruz, Android 2.0,, Capacitive, MIPS, 7 Tablet
    Average rating: 4.6

  24. Tablet vs Paintballs - The Slow Mo Guys
    Duration: 6:08

    Description: Lenovo have once again asked Gav and Dan to test out some of their new hardware. This time, the guys give the Thinkpad Tablet an absolute beating! Tablet vs Paintballs - The Slow Mo Guys

    Keywords: slomo, slow, mo, super, motion, Slow Motion, 1000, 1000fps, gav, dan, slowmoguys, phantom, guys, HD, flex, gavin, free, gavin free, high speed camera, the slow mo guys, 2000, 2000fps, 5000, 5000fps, High-speed Camera, paintball, lenovo, thinkpad, tablet, Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet, exercise, balls, paint
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Sony Tablet S Review
    Duration: 34:21

    Description: A video review of the Sony Tablet S Android Honeycomb tablet. Check out our in-depth review at: The tablet runs Android OS 3.2 with pleasing Sony UI customizations and Sony apps like Crackle, Sony Reader and Playstation games. It has a 9.4" TruBlack display, WiFi, Bluetooth, a GPS, full size SD card slot and USB host. It has a unique wedge shape and its light so it's easy to hold.

    Keywords: sony tablet s, android honeycomb tablet, android tablet review, crackle, ebook reader, google music, kindle, nook, youtube, adobe flash, tegra 2
    Average rating: 4.8

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