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  1. Solid Edge ST Tutorial Synchronous Technology Velosity Series
    Duration: 8:42

    Description: Available at:

    Keywords: ST, Tutorials, Synchronous, Technology, Solid, Edge, Velocity, V100, Tutorial, howto, how, to, video, Velosity, Series
    Average rating: 4.2

  2. Basic Solid Tutorial
    Duration: 2:45

    Description: I would like to apologize to invertMASA, sorry it took so long. Have a question or tutorial suggestion? Email me at

    Keywords: crysis, tutorial, dirtbox, development, mapping, video, game
    Average rating: 4.5

  3. SolidWorks Surface to Solid Tutorial | Thicken & Knit Surface
    Duration: 4:53

    Description: SolidWorks Surface to Solid Tutorial | Thicken & Knit Surface. This tutorial shows step by step how to convert surface model to solid object. SolidWorks commands used in this tutorial are Surface Extrude, Surface Fill, Thicken & Knit Surface.

    Average rating: 2.7

  4. Solid Edge Tutorials - ST4 Update Training
    Duration: 17:26

    Description: Solid Edge Tutorials at - A Solid Edge tutorial providing ST4 update training. Perfect for established Solid Edge users looking to adopt ST4. A comprehensive on-line Solid Edge ST4 Update training course is available at Solid Mastermind. http

    Keywords: solid edge tutorials, solid edge training, solid edge videos, solid edge st, solid edge tips, solid edge tricks, st4
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. SOLID EDGE Video Tutorial - PC Mouse
    Duration: 9:23


    Keywords: SOLIDEDGE, Video, Tutorial, Solid, Edge, 3D, tutorials, howto, how, to, training
    Average rating: 4.7

  6. ? Friendship Bracelet Tutorial 17 - Intermediate - Heart Pattern (filled/solid)
    Duration: 8:55

    Description: [Click "Show more" for Pattern Instructions] ? Beginners Click Here: ? MATERIAL: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss (DMC Brand) ____________________________________________ ? Before leaving a question please check to see if it has already been answered in the comments section or in the links supplied below. ? I know it is always easier to just simply ask a question but with so many people following me it is getting harder and harder for me to answer. If for some reason your question has not been answered below (or) you can't find it on your own check out these links: ? FAQ: ? Annotation Link Video: ? My Online Shop: ____________________________________________ For this pattern you will need two of one color and two of another, all strings should be 65" (inches) long then folded in half and tied. Set Up: 11 22 -middle- 22 11 (2) strings will be the heart color. (1) will become the background. ______________________________________________ DIRECTIONS: 1. L1 - 3fk 2. R1 - 3bk 3. Join Middle 4. L1 - 1fk/bk 5. R1 - 1bk/fk 6. L2 - 2fk 7. R2 - 2bk 8. Join Middle 9. L2 - 1bk/fk 10. (using L2 again) L2 - 2fk 11. R2 - 1fk/bk 12. (using R2 again) R2 - 2bk 13. Join Middle Repeat from Step 1 ______________________________________________ Comment, Rate & Subscribe!

    Keywords: beyondbracelets, Friendship, Bracelet, Tutorial, Heart, Pattern, Filled, Hearts, Colored, In, Solid, Knotting, Embroidery, Floss, Craft, Thread, String, Jewelry, DIY, do, it, yourself, How, To, free, gift, ideas, howto, teen, kids, adults, children, crafts, how-to, make, your, own, macrame, art, lesson, video, explaination, tutorials, love, valentines, day, presents, easy, knots, best, friend, caring, relationship, romantic, present
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Crochet Geek - Granny Square Crochet Solid 5 Rounds
    Duration: 20:07

    Description: Granny Square Written Instructions Teaching the world to crochet, one stitch at a time. Free crochet lessons and video tutorials for beginner crocheters. More from Crochet Geek on YouTube: Blogger - Subscribe - Beanie Cap Puff Stitch Cap Flower Written by Teresa Richardson Video Tutorial: Crochet Solid Square 5 Rounds Video Tutorial: Lefty Crochet Solid Square 5 Rounds Abbreviations CH - Chain SL ST - Slip Stitch DC - Double Crochet EA - Each LP - Loop SC - Single Crochet Chain 4, join. Round 1: CH 3, 2 DC through CH loop. *Chain 2, 3 DC, complete 3 times total from *, CH 1, SC in beginning chain to join. Round 2: CH 3, 1 DC in same CH space. 1 DC in ea of the next 3 DC, *2 DC, CH 2, 2 DC in the next CH 2 SP. 1 DC in ea of the next 3 DC, Complete 3 times total from *, 2 DC in beginning CH, CH 1, SC in beginning chain to join. Round 3: CH 3, 1 DC in same CH space. 1 DC in ea of the next 7 DC, *2 DC, CH 2, 2 DC in the next CH 2 SP. 1 DC in ea of the next 3 DC, Complete 7 times total from *, 2 DC in beginning CH, CH 1, SC in beginning chain to join. Round 4: CH 3, 1 DC in same CH space. 1 DC in ea of the next 11 DC, *2 DC, CH 2, 2 DC in the next CH 2 SP. 1 DC in ea of the next 3 DC, Complete 11 times total from *,2 DC in beginning CH, CH 1, SC in beginning chain to join. Round 5: CH 3, 1 DC in same CH space. 1 DC in ea of ...

    Keywords: Crochet, Crochet Granny Square, Granny Square, Art, of, Free, Lessons, Video, h�keln, croch�, ???, Teresa, Richardson, Knit, Knitting, Craft, Hobby, Tapestry, Fiber, Home, Geek, Expert, Tutorials, Instructional, Videos, Patterns, Hand, Made, Mania, How, To, DIY, how do you crochet, Video Tutorial, simple crochet
    Average rating: 4.8

  8. Art of Crochet by Teresa - Crochet Solid Heart
    Duration: 8:59

    Description: Written instructions on my crochet blog. Teaching the world to crochet, one stitch at a time. Free crochet lessons and video tutorials for beginner crocheters. More : Crochet Geek Main Channel - Crochet Channel 2 - Blog - Subscribe - Single Crochet Half Double Crochet Double Crochet Crochet Circle

    Keywords: clothes, How, To, DIY, Crochet, Knit, Knitting, Circle, Thread, arts, tjw1963, Sew, Sewing, Teresa, Hobby, Tat, Tatting, Heart, free, lessons, Valentine, Puffy, South Carolina, tutorial, howto, fiber, beanie, Web, Weave, instructional, how do you crochet, Video Tutorial, simple crochet
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Crochet Geek - Solid Granny Square
    Duration: 9:27

    Description: Written Instructions Teaching the world to crochet, one stitch at a time. Free crochet lessons and video tutorials for beginner crocheters. Crochet Geek Channel - Subscribe to Crochet Geek - Google+ Crochet Geek Crochet Flowers

    Keywords: Crochet, Crochet Granny Square, Granny Square, Art of Crochet, Free Crochet Lessons, Video, h�keln, croch�, ???, Teresa Richardson, Knit, Knitting, Art, Craft, Hobby, Tapestry, Fiber, Fiber Art, Home, Crochet Geek, Crochet Expert, Free Video Tutorials, Instructional Videos, Free Patterns, Hand Made, Crochet Mania, How To, DIY, Crochet Hat, Crochet Cap, how do you crochet, Video Tutorial, simple crochet

  10. digital painting tutorial MGS Raiden (fast)
    Duration: 9:28

    Description: for more info and step by step on further how to draw and digital painting technique. Premium digital speed painting tutorials Learn how to draw and paint Metal Gear Solid Character, RAIDEN. Apainting timelaspe video demo series of comic book, video games characters that will help you gain knowledge of anatomy and dynamics in the positioning of the figure and the details. Learn to draw comic book characters with tips from a professional concept artist and illustrator Xia Taptara.

    Keywords: metal, gear, solid, snake, raiden, ninja, robot, how, to, draw, paint, comics, thor, superhero, movie, manga, anime, cinematic, trailer, mecha, digital, painting, photoshop, ipaintgirls, idrawgirls, tutorial, time, lapse, architectus777, Mark, Crilley, Sycra, art, lessons, instruction, wacom, intuos, bamboo, tablet
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. Newegg TV: The SSD Tutorial
    Duration: 20:31

    Description: | SSD Store Looking for an SSD? If it's your first time stepping up from a legacy mechanical hard disk drive (hard drive, or HDD), you may have some questions. What type of connection is ideal? What capacity do I need? Is it better for an operating system installation or just for storage? What's the deal with TRIM? Stay tuned for our SSD tutorial, where you will learn far too much about SSDs for your own good. A warning though: once you start using an SSD-equipped computer, you will never want to wait for a hard drive to spin up again. Newegg SSD Store: - Credits - Camera: Danny Solid: Paul State: Kyle Driver: Mr. Lam

    Keywords: Newegg,, Newegg TV, neweggtv, SSD, solid state drive, solid, state, drive, disk, hard, HDD, mechanical, vs., vs, TRIM, garbage, collection, Intel, chipset, platform, CPU, computer, video, tutorial, technology, electronics, deals, shop, indilinx, ocz, jmicron, marvell, samsung, sandforce, toshiba, adata, onfi, toggle, nand, synchronous, asynchronous, IMFT, hynix, phison, sandisk, how-to, how to, Paul, Solid-state Drive
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. Call of the Dead Co-op Easter Egg and Ensemble Crew Achievement ALL STEPS Video tutorial in English!
    Duration: 9:01

    Description: READ DESCRIPTION FOR EXTRA NOTES Voice and video tutorial of me and a friend completing the easter egg in co-op. NOTE: We are NOT the first to discover how to do this, but we may be one of the first to have a solid tutorial with video. If you have questions about the video or have problems hearing the voice, message me and I'll explain completely. I may help on request or invite. NOTES ABOUT EGG: Make sure you let the characters finish their dialogue or the next part of the egg may not trigger. For Radios/Foghorns, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT touch any of the radios or foghorns before you're supposed to, and do NOT hit them in the wrong order, as it can completely glitch the egg and halt progression. Just a heads up. For the Dial/Foghorn part, you CAN do them vice/versa, but doing foghorns first may cause the green light to not visually appear going through the lighthouse, but you can hear it and it may actually be there. My recommendation would be to just do the dials first. TEXT TUTORIAL FOR THE DIALS (I was rushed with the voice): Here is a simple breakdown of how to do it: 1. Press PURPLE until PURPLE is at the correct number. 2. Press ORANGE untill BLUE is at the correct number. (ORANGE does not effect PURPLE) 3. Press YELLOW until ORANGE is at the correct number. (YELLOW does not effect BLUE or PURPLE) 4. You now have the bottom 3 numbers at the correct ratio from one another. 5. Press YELLOW until YELLOW is at the correct number, COUNT THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOUR PRESS ...

    Keywords: Call, of, the, Dead, Coop, co-op, easter, egg, achievement, black, ops, solved, video, tutorial, nikolai, gamer, picture, wunderwaffe, DG-2, zombies, how, to, get, ensemble, cast, and, stand, in, duty, find, golden, rod, escalation, english, all, steps, richtofen, takeo, tank, treyarch, help, vr-11
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Crochet Geek - Crochet Solid Hexagon
    Duration: 14:46

    Description: Crochet Hexagon - Teaching the world to crochet, one stitch at a time. Free crochet lessons and video tutorials for beginner crocheters. More from Crochet Geek on YouTube: Blogger - Subscribe - Crochet Solid Hexagon Written by Teresa Richardson Video Tutorial: Crochet Solid Hexagon Video Tutorial: Left Hand Crochet Solid Hexagon Skill Level - Easy Abbreviations DC - Double Crochet HDC - Half Double Crochet CH - Chain SL ST - Slip Stitch Materials Size I/5.5 mm crochet hook 4 ply yarn Tapestry Needle Note: I always use a chain 1 as the step up at the beginning of the round to create full stitches at the beginning of my work. The chain tends to leave gaps and holes. You can use other techniques for the beginning stitch on your round. The outcome will be the same. Attach a slip knot to the crochet hook. Make a chain of 4, join with the beginning chain. Round 1: Work a chain 1, this will not count as a stitch, *Work 2 DC through the center of the chain, CH 2. Complete 5 times total from *. Work 2 more DC, CH 1, SC in the first stitch to join. Round 2: Work a chain 1, this will not count as a stitch, *Work 2 DC through the same CH space, work 1 DC in ea of the next 2 stitches. Work 2 DC in the next CH 2 space, CH 2. Complete 5 times from *. Work 1 DC in ea of the next 2 stitches. Work 2 more DC, CH 1, SC in the first stitch to join. Round 3: Work a chain 1, this will not ...

    Keywords: Crochet, Solid, Hexagon, tjw1963, instructions, tutorial, health, arts, educational, spirituality, howto, fiber, beanie, Web, Weave, instructional, DIY, how do you crochet, Video Tutorial, simple crochet
    Average rating: 4.8

  14. IceflowStudios Design Training - Photoshop Tutorial: Chroma Keying
    Duration: 5:57

    Description: | http Remove a solid background from your foreground subject. For more tutorials, contests and more, visit:

    Keywords: Photoshop, Tutorial, Chroma, Keying, Greenscreen, visual, arts, media, Tutorials, youtube, how, to, how to
    Average rating: 4.6

  15. Dog Training Tutorial - DISTRACTIONS (Part 1)
    Duration: 5:45

    Description: Working around distractions is easier to do for some dogs than others. The key to training a dog to do anything anywhere is all about generalizing behaviors and proofing with distractions. This is the first episode in a series of videos on building focus around distractions. While it may seem like the exercise shown here is quite simple, it must not be underestimated. Having a solid foundation and starting small is often overlooked in dog training. Just like building a big structure, having a solid stable base is critical to avoid failures later on. Follow along with us in this series as we gradually raise the bar and set our dogs up to develop reliable and outstanding focus.

    Keywords: Dog, training, positive, reinforcement, clicker, train, any, trick, amazing, focus, off, leash, reliable, distraction, attention, build, reliability, teach, german, shepherd, tab, solea
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. Lets Make a Mod! - Solid Block -SCMowns
    Duration: 12:27

    Description: Simple modding tutorial =) Next episode will focus on Mobs! We will own! Here is the Green Block Picture: Here is the "Public Static Final" Code: Here's the " BlockNAME " Code: Here's the " Modloader " Code: ================================================ Feel free to Favorite this video, so when you need it, You'll come back =) ( Music ) By: Kevin M. " Deliberate Thought " Royalty Free

    Keywords: Let's, Make, Mod, Episode, 12, Solid, Block, -scmowns, scm, owns, coding, mcp, blocks, mobs, water, lava, items, tutorial, how, to, modification, mc, mine, craft, sweet, amazing, install, aether, development, 1.2.5, new, beta
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. Photoshop Question: Hair Selections
    Duration: 4:01

    Description: Follow me on Twitter: Thanks to Nairi for the question! This video involves selection a subject, and the hair, when there's a non-solid background.

    Keywords: Photoshop, CS5, Adobe CS5, Photoshop CS5, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe, CS4, hair, selection, mask, masks, Download Photoshop, Photoshop CS4, Tutorials, Tutorial, HD, how, to, how to
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. Metal Gear Solid: Epic Theme
    Duration: 4:15

    Description: Metal Gear Solid: Epic Theme Created by Jonas B. Ingebretsen THERE'S MORE OF THIS ON FACEBOOK! Like to support my music! Thanks :D ----- Full Quality on Spotify: ----- I remade this MGS theme from scratch for one reason, Because I love the Metal Gear solid series. And I even love the theme more. So I remade it from scratch in Fruity loops xxl 7. Using such as Eastwest quantum leap soundbanks and other. Everything is created by me, no midi's or pieces taken from any mp3's. I created it by improvising on my keyboard... I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy Metal Gear Solid! :D Metal gear solid Theme MGS 1 2 3 orchestral part tutorial fruityloops xxl tut how to make orchestral orchestra symphfony metal gear solid theme mgs soundtrack fruity loops Eminence Symphony Orchestra Eminence Orchestra Hiroaki Yura ?????? A Night in Fantasia ANIF Symphonic Games Harry Gregson-Williams Tappy Iwase ?????? Konami Sony PlayStation Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid Main Theme Song mgs 1 2 3 4 old theme medley piano keyboard raiden lightning rising rise JBI

    Keywords: METAL, GEAR, SOLID, HARRY, GREGSON, WILLIAMS, EMINENCE, ORCHESTRA, SNAKE, LIQUID, OCELOT, RAIDEN, REMIX, THEME, GUITAR, tutorial, fruityloops, xxl, tut, how, to, make, orchestral, symphfony, mgs, soundtrack, fruity, loops, Symphony, Hiroaki, Yura, ??????, Night, in, Fantasia, ANIF, Symphonic, Games, Gregson-Williams, Tappy, Iwase, ??????, Konami, Sony, playstation, Main, Song, old, medley, piano, keyboard
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. SolidWorks BAJA SAE Tutorials - Large Assembly Tips and Tricks
    Duration: 5:56

    Description: This video covers tips and tricks for dealing with large assemblies

    Keywords: assemblies, FSAE, solidworks, Solid Works, 3d CAD, Dassault Systemes, Formula SAE, Baja SAE, Baja, computers, technology, instructional video, tutorial, educational, software
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. FL Studio Tutorial - Compressor / Compression & EQ
    Duration: 9:54

    Description: In this Tutorial for FL Studio we follow on from our previous tutorial. DOWNLOAD MORE FREE TUTORIALS HERE: where we learn how the compressor works and add some EQ on the drums to suit. This tutorial will be useful for all software users if you're new to the comressor and EQ'ing, or just want to brush up on the basics, this solid music production techniques tutorial should should get your feet off the ground! Here we laern how to compress drums using the FL Studio Compressor, Enjoy!

    Keywords: fl, studio, tutorial, compression, compressor, EQ, how, to, fruity, loops, beats, making, using, cmpressing, drums, tutorials
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. HTML Tutorial for Beginners - part 1 of 4
    Duration: 8:42

    Description: How to make a website: HTML Tutorial - Basics. Start off with a solid foundation by learning some of the basics of HTML - XHTML. In this HTML tutorial you will learn how to make a simple webpage. The tutorial starts off with definitions for both HTML and XHTML. It then goes on to demonstrate how you can use Microsoft Notepad to create your HTML file. It explains what HTML tags are and how to use some of the basic ones. This tutorial also shows how to display the HTML file in a web browser. This tutorial is based on XHTML version 1.0.

    Keywords: website, HTML, XHTML, tutorial, basics, webpage, learn, how, to, make, tags
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Tutting Tutorial From Skillz
    Duration: 5:50

    Description: Tutting Tutorial- Sorta for Beginners and I hope it helps you all

    Keywords: Tutting, Tutorial, freestyle
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. SolidWorks Tutorial: 20'' Rim
    Duration: 19:44

    Description: In this tutorial i will show you how to model a 20'' rim.

    Keywords: rim, solidworks, solid works, tutorial, car, surface, wheel, body, solid, extend surface, split line, 3d, cad, autocad, inventor, nx, siemens, unigraphics, catia, revit, mold, autodesk, dassault, lamborghini, aston martin, porsche, ferarri, audi, bmw, mercedes, lesson, free, spline, line, dimension, smart
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Photography Tutorial 7 ( Focus)
    Duration: 9:57

    Description: This informative tutorial video is a chapter from my Mastery of Photography essentials DVD. It is designed for beginners and serious ammeters to get a solid foundation in photography. Enjoy this months tutorial and learn a lot. Next one will be killer and released in Early August :o) Robert

    Keywords: Photography, focus, focusing, modes, points, lesson, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. Photography Tutorial 2 ( Insider Advice)
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: the Second of a series of Tutorial photography videos. This video is 10 solid pieces of advice for the beginning photographer, maybe even for the mid level shooter. Either way it is stuff every pro or novice should know. Enjoy Update 1-11-12 This video is now part of my Mastery of Photography essentials DVD. To learn more about this DVD and how to order follow this link to my webpage for ordering FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE through May 2012 I hope you are learning a bunch Peace

    Keywords: photography, tutorial, advice, Digital, SLR, how, to, Aperture, ISO, shutter, speed, good, photo, Magic, beginner, begin, tips, Fontana, knowledge, samys, camera
    Average rating: 5.0

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