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  1. Photoshop Mama's Sketch Tutorial
    Duration: 8:10

    Description: Photoshop Mama's Sketch Tutorial. How to create a sketch effect in Photoshop. See PART 2 here- See PART 3 here- This is an old technique of mine, that I've been teaching to my students since 2000-2001. Keep up with what's new by liking my FB Fan page here: Get my digital products & training for Photoshop at

    Keywords: photoshop, tutorial, sketch, photoshopamam
    Average rating: 4.7

  2. Real Time Drawing Tutorial: Female Body
    Duration: 8:02

    Description: Continuing the tutorials, here I'm showing how to draw the female body. I'm doing the female body first because after I do this, I'm going to do the male body and show you guys how different it is from the female body. hopefully this video will help you. Enjoy!! More tutorials are coming, so if you liked this video, feel free to subscribe. =)

    Keywords: real, time, drawing, tutorial, sketch, doodle, guide, male, female, body, man, woman, figure
    Average rating: 4.6

  3. Fashion drawing: StyleCovered Sketch tutorial
    Duration: 3:46

    Description: Ever wondered how fashion illustration comes to life? As requested, hijab style blog has released a demo of a sketch used in the regular feature 'The Hijabi Sketchbook'. The inspiration image comes from British Vogue. Enjoy!

    Keywords: hijab, demonstration, demo, how, to, tutorial, step, by, art, sketch, fashion, drawing, hijabi, stylecovered, style
    Average rating: 4.8

  4. Basic perspective car sketch tutorial
    Duration: 17:20

    Description: http

    Keywords: sketching tutorial, sketchbook pro, how to draw cars, learn to draw cars
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Basketball shoes quick sketch tutorial
    Duration: 11:29

    Description: Visit for more tutorials. In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a quick and simple sketch of a basketball shoe. The tutorial includes the first sketch on paper and the digital version of the sketch done in sketchbook pro.

    Keywords: idsketching, industrial design, learn to draw, how to draw, sketching skills, drawing, arts
    Average rating: 4.6

  6. Quick watch sketch tutorial in sketchbook pro
    Duration: 9:06

    Description: For more sketching tutorials visit

    Keywords: idsketching, idcreatures, somosdi, somos di, sketching tutorials, learn to sketch, industrial design sketching, product design tutorial, how to sketch
    Average rating: 4.7

  7. Car Design Sketch Tutorial with Ballpoint Pen
    Duration: 2:00

    Description: See the full 34 minutes Show for FREE at The sketch and rendering seminars we showed thus far, as well as the ones we have taped already, all use the new digital tools to make sketches and renderings. We get lots of reactions from people who either don't have these tools or prefer the traditional methods, and who would like to see some of that. New on the FORESEE Online Car Design School at is the option to buy the lessons without the correction options, so that you get the whole package but don't get to send in your work for corrections and/or recommendations by Mr Steenstra.

    Keywords: Sketching, Sketch, Rendering, Car, Design, Auto, Styling, Tutorial, seminar, cardesigntv
    Average rating: 4.1

  8. How to draw a Space Marine - sketch tutorial
    Duration: 7:18

    Description: Full-body sketch of a Chaos Space Marine walkthrough. Not especially detailed, but that I reflected in another video. Software: Corel Painter X Hardware: Wacom Intuos3 Screen-recording software: Camtasia Studio 5 Music: V2A - "Contagen" Aktivehate - "Agressive behavior"

    Keywords: chaos, space, marine, speedpaint, warhammer, 40k, dawn, of, war, sketch, tutorial, ebm, military, art, word, bearer
    Average rating: 4.8

    Duration: 7:00

    Description: Video Tutorial One Segment of a Twenty minute Portrait

    Keywords: Drawing, the, face, twenty, mintue, portrait, sketch, Matthew, Archambault
    Average rating: 4.7

  10. Car Design Sketch Tutorial for a Supercar using Autodesk Alias Studiotools
    Duration: 9:55

    Description: Initial sketch that I want to use as basis for a color rendering

    Keywords: Car, Design, Sketch, Tutorial, Supercar, Autodesk, Alias, Studiotools
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. How to Draw Head Quick Sketch using Reilly Method
    Duration: 5:52

    Description: This video is a demonstration of head quick sketch drawing using the Reilly Method, narrated by the artist. Quick sketch is a name for a short, 1-10 minute, drawing or study from life or model. Topics covered in video -drawing fundamentals -head lay-in / construction -adding light and shade -edgework For the static/text version please visit the tutorial blog: For the figure drawing/quick sketch tutorial video click here:

    Keywords: reilly method, head drawing, how to draw, head quick sketch, ballpoint pen, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. How to sketch a boy -Tutorial
    Duration: 3:04

    Description: I made this short tutorial for Moonlight343 My Moviemaker does�t work so I had some troubles to create this video ;__; Hope you still like this tutorial and becouse of the other video copic tutorials I planned... be patient with me XD at present I work on my second copic tutorial O___O� ______________________________________ me @ deviantart me@ mangarevolutiom http

    Keywords: manga, marika, herzog, demoniacalchild, comicwerk, grimoire, comic, tutorial, how, to, draw, sketch
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. Photoshop Tutorial - Turn a Photo into a Sketch Drawing.
    Duration: 7:38

    Description: In this tutorial, we show you how to take an ordinary photo, and turn it into a beautiful sketch drawing. This is a great project that will impress your friends, family, and even potential clients. Please rate, comment, and subscribe if you like what we do. Thanks Visit us on Facebook @ http Follow us on Twitter @

    Keywords: Photoshop, CS5, Sketch, Drawing, Sketch Art, Art, Tutorial, How to, Psych Studios, painting, paint, draw, drawings, artist, artwork
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. anime eye sketching - tutorial
    Duration: 3:09

    Description: anime/manga eye tutorial.. ^ ^ I made this vid for the beginners and also for my friends and anyone interested. (Naruto style - Be a Copy Ninja, Copy what you've seen and make it better than this..) haha ^ ^

    Keywords: ainme, eye, sketch, arts, tears
    Average rating: 4.7

  15. Concept Sketching tutorial 01
    Duration: 1:11

    Description: In this step-by-step guide the sequence in drawing materials in design concept sketching is shown.

    Keywords: sketching, 'koos, eissen', 'roselien, steur', drawing, design, concept, sketches
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. Drawing Tutorial : How to Keep a Sketch Book
    Duration: 2:19

    Description: A sketch book is important to maintain in order to have a place to lay down ideas, collect inspiration and continue improving drawing skills. Carry a sketch book around consistently with advice from an award-winning artist in this free video on drawing. Expert: Jacklyn Laflamme Contact: Bio: Jacklyn Laflamme is an award-winning artist and grant recipient, and is emerging in the public art scene with her vibrant murals. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

    Keywords: drawing, art, sketching, markers, pencil, pencil drawings, caricatures, cartoons, superheroes, drawing cars, sketchbooks, line art, drawing portraits, fashion drawing, drawing flowers
    Average rating: 4.2

  17. Basic solidworks tutorial Sketch
    Duration: 5:59

    Description: Basic solidworks tutorial Sketch

    Keywords: Basic, solidworks, tutorial, Sketch
    Average rating: 4.7

  18. How to color a drawing in photoshop comics style tutorial
    Duration: 6:14

    Description: for more info and step by step images. How to color and paint your scanned drawing in photoshop comics, concept style. Manga comics tutorial for artist.

    Keywords: howto, draw, color, paint, comics, manga, anime, concept, painting, monster, armor, creature, cartoon, sketch, tutorial, art, photoshop
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Advanced Fashion Design Drawing Tutorial- Basic Figure For Fashion Sketch
    Duration: 9:28

    Description: Hi! i've been asked if I could show you how to draw the basic figure for a sketche. Well, I did my best to show you which techniques I prefer. If you like other ways it's ok, everybody has his own style. So try to find out which way works best for you and practice, practice, practice...I just want to say it again- I'm not a pro , so sorry for any mistakes! "Like" my Facebook Page: Follow me on twitter:

    Keywords: how, to, fashion, painting, draw, fashion show, drawing, help, artist, style, tips, need, tutorial, tricks, speed, design, sketch, lesson, art, time lapse, crafts, arts, catwalk, lessons, runway, school, teacher, pencil drawing, learn, student, education, students, teachers, free, tube, plans, language, tutorials, resource, resources, back, university, homeschool, teaching, drawings, beauty, speak, sculpture, spring, first, paintings, all, museum, artwork, abstract, contemporary, digital, painter, artists, photoshop, portrait
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. Photoshop Tutorial: Photo to Sketch in Seconds! -HD-
    Duration: 2:45

    Description: In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert a photo to a sketch in Photoshop CS4. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE because there will be a new tutorial every week. Follow me on Twitter @RiverCityGraphx Like us on on facebook: Suggest tutorials at For project files, help forums, and more check out the website at http For business related inquires contact us at

    Keywords: Photoshop, Effect, Tutorial, Video, Voice, Tut, Image, Picture, photo, sketch, draw, drawing, pencil, filter, CS2, CS3, CS4, Elements, Creative, Suite, Premium, Flash, HD, Widescreen, Wide, Screen, Definition, How, To, Easy, Beginner, Quick, Adobe, River, City, Graphix, Graphics
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. TUTORIAL: Shading with Sketching Pencils
    Duration: 8:52

    Description: Requested by: MsOfficialCritic Materials you will need for pencil art: - 2B pencil (if you are just beginning, this is the pencil you would want to use) - Eraser - Paper (if you want to go all fancy about it. Take it to the next level) - sketching pencils (ranging from the lightest to the darkest shade) - knead eraser by faber-castel (flexible and very handy when sketching) - chalk (preferably white for highlights) - charcoal - tortillion check out my blog if you want to know how to make one. Parts you have to shade for face drawings - nose - bottom lip - eyes (eye lids and the bottom of the eyes) shadow creating stuff x] - fringe to face - neck to hair - jaw to neck This is just my second tutorial so please excuse my lack of knowledge to teach -_-' haha anyway, I chose to do a drawing of an anime girl. I wanted to do this because anime and manga art has been and still is a great inspiration to me. It has influenced my style of drawing fashion illustration. I read lots of manga books (probably not the ones some of you may read cause I read those that don't get noticed a lot) and this is just a little tribute to manga, one of my favorite forms of art. So I have just finished watching the whole season of Merlin and I can't wait for the next season. my heart is racing and I am very excited. I love the legend of Arthur, Merlin and of Camelot. I am planning to dedicate a fashion illustration dedicated to the show because they ...

    Keywords: anime, manga, sketching, shading, drawing, charcoal, tutorial, pencil, is, awesome!!, zyra333
    Average rating: 4.8

  22. Sketching tutorial How to draw Simple Rounds
    Duration: 13:15

    Description: For more video tutorials visit

    Keywords: idsketching, industrial design sketching, industrial design, sketching tutorials, somosdi
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. How to Sketch a sports car side view using markers
    Duration: 6:01

    Description: For more sketching tutorials visit

    Keywords: idcreatures, idsketching, somosdi, car sketch, car sketch tutorial, learn to draw cars, marker car sketch, marker tutorial
    Average rating: 4.6

  24. Getting started with Google SketchUp
    Duration: 7:12

    Description: Take a tour of Google SketchUp and learn how to make a 3D model of a house using components, shapes, push/pull, materials, and shadows. Model anything you can imagine. Download Google SketchUp at

    Keywords: sketchup, googlesketchup, sketchupfree, getstartedsketchup, learnsketchup, sketchupcomponents, sketchupshadows
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. EPISODE 48 Creature Sketching
    Duration: 25:12

    Description: Concept Art Tutorial, Digital Painting Tutorial, Painting Tutorial, Digital Painting, Drawing Tutorial, FZD School of Design, FZD, Feng Zhu, Concept Art, Digital Sketching, Photoshop Tutorial, Photoshop Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Concept Design Tutorial, Concept Illustration, Entertainment Design, Game Art, Movie Concept Art, Video Game Concepts, Concept Artist, Game Design, Digital Drawing, Photoshop Drawing, Wacom Tutorial, Wacom, Wacom Sketch

    Keywords: Concept Art Tutorial, Digital Painting Tutorial, Painting Tutorial, Digital Painting, Drawing Tutorial, FZD School of Design, FZD, Feng Zhu, Concept Art, Digital Sketching, Photoshop Tutorial, Photoshop Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Concept Design Tutorial, Concept Illustration, Entertainment Design, Game Art, Movie Concept Art, Video Game Concepts, Concept Artist, Game Design, Digital Drawing, Photoshop Drawing, Wacom Tutorial, Wacom, Wacom Sketch
    Average rating: 5.0

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