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  1. Pokemon Online Tutorial
    Duration: 9:32

    Description: I just found out about a new online Pokemon team battler, in other words, a much better version of Shoddy Battle. It is called Pokemon Online, and it has very eye pleasing graphics, and is just overall better than Shoddy Battle in every way. I don't really know how old Pokemon Online is, so if it's really old and I'm really really late, then my bad D:

    Keywords: Pokemon, Online, Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. How to Draw Pikachu (Pokemon Tutorial + Coloring) [HD]
    Duration: 5:59

    Description: Ohhh mannnn...Today I drew EVERYONE's favorite pokemon. Pikachu is so famous even my grandma knows who he is. Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial =] What other pokemon should i draw? :D. Okay hope you guys liked the tutorial =] and please like the vid if you want to! Subscribe for more anime drawing tutorials with colored pencils too and maybe I will do some portraits. Music by : All credits go to Satoshi Tajiri Add me on facebook: Watch me on deviantart:

    Keywords: how, to, draw, pikachu, pokemon, tutorial, Pok�mon, (anime), Anime, Ash, Rocket, Ash Ketchum, Team, Dawn, Misty, May, Brock, Drawing, piplup, episode, black, and, white, best, wishes, diamond, pearl, iris, cilan, cute, pika, painting, tepig, oshawott, snivy
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Pokemon Tutorial. Poke Radar Chaining
    Duration: 11:33

    Description: Chance for a shiny with a chain of 40 are 1/200. Preperation: 1. Choose a target 2. Study your target 3. Train a Proper catcher 4. Bring a Synchronizer 5. Farm Poke Dollars at the Socialite and Gentleman on Route 212. 6. Buy tons of Max/Super Repels and Pokeballs 7. Earn the Poke Radar and Pokemon Application #20. To Chain: 1. Choose a nice Large Grassy Area. 2. Save Before Entering the Grass to Save Money. 3. After 50 Steps Activate the Poke Radar. 4. Step into one of the shaking/glowing Patches of Grass 5. Faint or Capture the pokemon to begin your Chain. Continuing your Chain: Diagram from Video: 1. Only enter shaking patches of grass four squares away from where you stand when you activate the radar/continue the chain. 2. Do not enter patches of grass that border an edge of empty land or an object like a tree, rock, fence, or wall. 3. Do not Enter the space above your character when the grass shakes unless you are sure a patch did not shake there. 4. Do not Ride your Bike 5. Do not step out of the grass area you are in or let the shaking patches leave your vision. This will break the chain. 6. Shining Patches will always have a shiny Pokemon in them. 7. Shooting for a chain of 40 pokemon before resetting over and over for a shiny patch is ideal. 8. Do not let the pokemon escape, or force you out of battle. You must faint or catch it to continue your chain. 9. Do not turn your system off. This will break the chain. You may save and put your system ...

    Keywords: Pokemon, Pokeradar, Chaining, Tutorial, Guide, Walkthrough, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Poke, Radar, Shiny, Grass, Shaking, Hunting, Bidoof, how, to
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. pokemon pearl/diamond 5th gym leader [POKEMON TUTORIAL]
    Duration: 7:49

    Description: this is me fighting against the 5th gym...i dont use cheats, so... this vid is for all non-cheaters. ignore this: pokemon new mew bug mewtho mewthree platinum sliver green red emerald sapphire leafgreen firered colloseum cheats action replay duel shiny lv 100 rare candy potion tutorial free route 222 201 alakazam arceus legendary pokemon zigzagoon whirlwind attack

    Keywords: pokemon, tutorial, 5th, gym, leader
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. Pok�mon Tutorial - Episode 1: Statuswerte
    Duration: 4:05

    Description: Wuzza, das erste Pok�mon Tutorial ist hochgeladen. Ebenso das erste Video in dem man meine Stimme h�ren kann, oha! Leider steht mir nur mein kleines Headset zur Verf�gung was man wohl auch am Ton merkt x_x Tut mir leid falls es anstrengend ist zuzuh�ren. Ich m�chte euch auch bitten Anregungen zu geben was gut ist und was nicht, das kann nur die nachfolgenden Episoden besser machen. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Episode 1: Statuswerte Episode 2: Erbwerte - Episode 3: Flei�punkte Episode 4: Wesen Episode 5: Wetter Danke f�r's zuh�ren :)

    Keywords: Pokemon, Poke, Pok�mon, Tutorial, Episode, Ep, Statuswerte, Elik, Chan, Elik-Chan, Heartgold, Soulsilver, Gold, Silber, Diamant, Perl, Platin, wifi, Tipps, Tricks, German, Deutsch
    Average rating: 4.4

  6. Pokemon Dream World Tutorial
    Duration: 6:56


    Keywords: Pokemon, Dream, World, Tutorial, Sign, Up
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Pokemon cyrus Tutorial
    Duration: 8:24

    Description: Pokemon Cyrus Tutorial. Pokemon Cyrus Is Run By Cyrus And His Dedicated Team Of Admins My UserName On There Is Northy.

    Keywords: Pokemon, Cyrus, Tutorial, Northy, Awesome, Pikachu
    Average rating: 4.2

  8. How to draw Pikachu (Pok�mon) -- drawing tutorial video
    Duration: 2:54

    Description: EXPAND Learn how to draw Pikachu from Pok�mon with the best drawing tutorial online. For the full tutorial with step by step & speed control visit

    Keywords: Pikachu, Pok�mon, ?????, ????, How to draw, Learn to draw, Drawing, tutorials, Drawing Tutorial, ???????, Step by step drawing, How to draw cartoons, how to sketch, sketching, ??????
    Average rating: 4.6

  9. Pokemon Type: Wild (DOWNLOAD & TUTORIAL)
    Duration: 3:37

    Description: Due to high demand for a download link, here you are. We saw a guy playing this at the PTG tournament, and my boy Joe got the guy to give me a copy. Download link: Gameplay video: If it doesn't work on your computer at first, try right clicking the? application, clicking properties, and changing the compatibility to Windows XP Service Pack 3.

    Keywords: shofu, Type, Wild, Black, White, showcase, pokemon, diamond, pearl, platinum, heart, gold, soul, silver, dppt, hgss, hg, ss, wifi, battle, guyu, marriland, smogon, gamebattles, serebii, pojo, team, uber, TU, aim, gamefaqs, t-flare, equinox, pokecentral101, youtube, stuff, and, monkies, video, game, nintendo, dslite, ds, lite, vs, recorder, jugujeegee, kingmeplz3399, programs, laptops, video review, bikes, defense, driving, consoles, tutorial, editing, medicine, emerald, pokemon platinum, pok�mon, crystal, ruby, shiny
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. ?Cosplay Tutorial?Making Pokemon Balls
    Duration: 9:52

    Description: -Read Description for Details- People Have asked me how i made my Pokeball :D So here is my tutorial~ Mind my weirdness in explain things. This was something I pulled out quickly. But i will be making more tutorials in the furture, so if you ask me to make a tutorial on something i will try me best to~! Ask me to Clarify anything~ ~Made with~ Styrofoam ball Cloud clay/model magic Black paint Hot glue Rolling pin Scissors/exacto knife Song:Pokemon Black & White - Ending Theme Find me on Deviantart

    Keywords: cosplay, tutorial, Pokemon, foam, craft, accessories, anime, ash, crafts, arts, paper, rocket, smashing, making, convention, launch, team, pumpkins, dawn, misty, may, howto, diy, pocket, origami, brock, clay, pok�mon, free, smashing pumpkins, instructional, village, printing, design, custom, printer, ink, pottery, yellow, bag, episode, using, instructions, battle, easy, hand, ideas, glass, monsters, poke, crochet, pattern, creative, trail, billy, fabric, projects, card, fold, glue, plastic, supplies, patterns, towel, flower, sculpture, create
    Average rating: 4.5

  11. Piano Tutorial: Pokemon D/P/P - Champion Cynthia (Before the Battle)
    Duration: 4:10

    Description: EDIT: It IS possible to play this. Check the video response. :) WTF? This is from POKEMON? That's right, this is the theme you hear BEFORE the battle. You know. . . the epic piano riff that just makes you want to shout "HOLY SWEET JESUS!"? Yeah, that one. And I know tons of people would like to play this song. Thank you, GreekGeek from ninsheetmusic! Two words for those who wish to learn this song: Good luck.

    Keywords: Keyboard, Piano, Tutorial, Cynthia, Synthesia, Pokemon, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart, Gold, Soul, Silver, theme, Holy, shite, this, is, so, epic, almost, crapped, myself, ishowu
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. 3D Pokemon Tutorial
    Duration: 13

    Description: Render by Gremolin

    Keywords: 3D, Pokemon, Tutorial
    Average rating: 3.4

  13. Piano Tutorial: Pokemon GS - Champion Battle
    Duration: 6:28

    Description: Request. Sheet music can be found at

    Keywords: Piano, Keyboard, Tutorial, How, to, Play, the, Champion, Battle, theme, from, Pokemon, Gold, and, Silver, Heart, Soul, Synthesia, ishowu
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. Pokemon Drawing Tutorial- Rayquaza
    Duration: 6:08

    Description: I DON'T CARE IF IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE KEN SUGIMORI'S RAYQUAZA. IT IS MY OWN INTERPRETATION, PEOPLE! I'm tired of people telling me that I don't draw Pokemon correctly, when I have my own style? of drawing things. NO REQUESTS. Another tutorial- how to draw a Rayquaza! I hope this one is useful for all of you Pokemon fans out there who want to learn how to draw a Rayquaza. Please e-mail me at if you have questions. Thanks! And enjoy!

    Keywords: Pokemon, Rayquaza, dragon, drawing, tutorial, by, wraithphantom73
    Average rating: 4.5

  15. Pok�mon Tutorial - Episode 2: DV
    Duration: 5:12

    Description: Das zweite Tutorial ist fertig. Die Tonqualit�t wurde nun merklich gebessert, wenngleich sie (besonders am Ende) nicht perfekt ist. Ich m�chte euch auch hier bitten Anregungen zu geben was gut ist und was nicht. Ich bitte euch ebenfalls dabei m�glichst konstruktiv zu bleiben. DV-Rechner: DV-Spr�che: Alternativer Kraftreserven-Rechner: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Episode 1: Statuswerte - Episode 2: Erbwerte Episode 3: Flei�punkte Episode 4: Wesen Episode 5: Wetter Danke f�r's zuh�ren :)

    Keywords: Pok�mon, Tutorial, Episode, DV, Deter, Value, Poke, Pokemon, Wifi, Anleitung, Tipps, und, Tricks
    Average rating: 4.7

  16. Pok�mon Dream World - My Captures
    Duration: 6:58

    Description: If you are a subscriber waiting for a World of Warcraft videos, I'm working on them. If you aren't interested in Pokemon or seeing the video recording quality then this isn't the video for you =P. This is just a video that tests the video recording quality of my new phone, the Samsung Mesmerize. I also decided to just use this to make a quick video showing the pokemon that I've encountered in the Dream World this far. If this phone does well enough at recording, I will be making a tutorial on the Dream World as well as other vids. Please thumbs up, comment, and subscribe. Sorry if this video is bad, but I haven't had much time lately for anything because of college.

    Keywords: samsung, samsung mesmerize, pokemon, pokemon black, pokemon white, pokemon black and white, global link, pokemon global link, dream world, dreamworld, pokemon dream world, pokemon dreamworld, event pokemon, free pokemon, pokemon battles, zekrom, reshiram, new pokemon
    Average rating: 4.7

  17. Pok�mon Tutorial - Episode 4: Wesen
    Duration: 3:50

    Description: Das vierte Tutorial ist fertig. entschuldigt bitte die Versp�tung, aufgrund des Praktikums habe ich nun sehr wenig Zeit, was man leider auch am Sprechtempo merkt. ... Nein ich hab nicht etwa noch einen Satz am Ende eingeschnitten, neeein xD Bitte wieder Anregungen geben was gut ist und was nicht. :) Wesen Liste: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Episode 1: Statuswerte - Episode 2: Erbwerte Episode 3: Flei�punkte Episode 4: Wesen Episode 5: Wetter

    Keywords: Pok�mon, Tutorial, Episode, Wesen, Poke, Pokemon, Wifi, Anleitung, Tipps, und, Tricks
    Average rating: 4.8

    Duration: 5:24


    Average rating: 4.8

  19. Pokemon Pallet Town Theme Tutorial Piano
    Duration: 5:38

    Description: Pallet town theme. DOWNLOAD LINK FOR THE PETITION: Thanks for watching!

    Keywords: Pokemon, Pallet, Town, Theme, Tutorial, Piano, Keyboard, Blue, Red, Yellow, gameboy, leaf, green, fire, charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur, emerald, pikachu, ash, gary, misty, brock, ruby, sapphire, teach, how, to, play, notes, for, advanced, synthesia, black, and, white, snivy, tepig, oshawott, cover, battle, rocket, team, musical, instruments, easy, normal, diamond, may, dawn, pok�mon, platinum, wifi, gold, pearl, silver, song, oasis, playing, launch, crystal, soul, gym, poke, shiny, episode, pokemon diamond
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. Pokemon Theme Song PIano Tutorial
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: Ok guys, here it is! After many many comments and Inbox messages, I finally got it done. Its a little messy, as I tried to get it all in 10 minutes, but hopefully you can get the idea. If there are any questions or confusion, let me know, and I will personally help you out. Even make a video response, and I can respond back with answers if there are any problems. Keep in mind, this is the most basic arrangement, and the way I play it in the video is different from the way in my original video. But, all you would to get the slowed down version that I inserted in the first video, is to play it one or two octaves higher and drawn out with feeling.

    Keywords: Pokemon, Theme, Song, Tutorial, Derek, Sabety, drock1016, piano, teach, Nintendo, keys
    Average rating: 4.8

  21. Como ense�ar cualquier ataque a un Pok�mon. [Tutorial en Espa�ol]
    Duration: 5:30

    Description: -Para seguir el Tutorial m�s f�cilmente es recomendable activar las anotaciones- Este es un peque�o tutorial en Espa�ol de un truco que me enter� hoy mismo de que exist�a, consiste b�sicamente en hacer un bug con los ataques M�mico (Mimic) Transformaci�n (Transform) y Furia (Rage) - - - Necesitas tres Pok�mon: El Pok�mon que quieras que aprenda los ataques, con el ataque M�mico y 3 ataques cualquiera. En este v�deo usar� a Machamp. Un Pok�mon con Transformaci�n. (Mew, Ditto o Smeargle) En este video usar� a Ditto. Un Pok�mon con los tres ataques que el otro Pok�mon quieres que aprenda y Furia. En este v�deo usar� a Smeargle. Aunque hay otros Pok�mon que puedes usar, como Salamence, pero no puede aprender tantos ataques como Smeargle. - - - Algunas ideas extra para que lo pruebes tu mismo: Snorlax con Velocidad Extrema, Ninjask con Espora, P�jaro Osado y la Habilidad Cabeza Roca... Deoxys Atk con Explosi�n O_o - - - Song: Pokemon Platinum Remix: Distortion World -Pokemon Remix Studio

    Keywords: Pokemon, Pok�mon, Cuarta, Generaci�n, Perla, Diamante, Platino, Heart, Gold, Soul, Silver, Ense�ar, Ataque, Mimic, Transform, Truco, Cheat, Bug
    Average rating: 4.7

  22. Pokemon Tutorial - Wie erkennt man Fake- Karten.wmv
    Duration: 3:24

    Description: Ja, hier hab ich mal ein Tutorial �ber Fake- Karten. Viel Spa� beim Informieren ^^

    Keywords: Pokemon, Tutorial
    Average rating: 3.0

  23. R4/i With Pokemon Black/White + Tutorial And Download Links
    Duration: 9:43

    Description: First off, these links are for personal use and so i do not want them spread all over the internet. Secondly, i am not held responsible if your DS blows up or throws itself of a cliff! Thirdly, PURCHASE THE GAME AS SOON AS YOU CAN! (In your language) Pokemon White: Pokemon Black: Pokemon Help/Guides/Tutorials For All Versions: R4i Download R4 Wood from 'Google' for R4 Download YSMenu from 'Google' for R4i Please, Comment, Rate, Subscribe All My Awesome Pictures Were Taken By Me! Camera Used: Samsung PL70 (My Baby) Twitter: Twitter: (Friend Of Mine, Follow!) Youtube: (My Vlogging Channel)

    Keywords: R4, R4i, DS, nintendo, dsi, pokemon, black, white, nds, .nds, rom, download, free, tutorial, twitter, tom
    Average rating: 4.2

  24. Pokemon - Lugia's song (The Guardian) Piano Tutorial version1
    Duration: 7:15

    Description: (For the high queality version type "&fmt=18" at the end of the link) Sheet music download: *WARNING: This is the piano version (6 octaves), this tutorial was made from the origional sheet music along with the speedy part. I will post a 2nd version which has 5 octaves (keyboard version) and also has an altered part instead of the speedy part from the origional version. This is a tutorial about how to learn to play "Pokemon - Lugia's song (The Guardian)"on the piano. I recommend this version to everyone who wants to know to learn to play the song as it should be and who has atleast a bit experience on playing the piano/keyboard. For those who dont have this advantage, i would recommend the 2nd version. Enjoy;) Special Thanks to: HollowRiku : for making the sheet music Xald Balghostriped: for making the MIDI-file You can find more tutorials like this on:

    Keywords: Pokemon, Lugia's, songtheguardian
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Tutorial Pokemon Elite Four Piano
    Duration: 4:14

    Description: A short song, not very difficult to play.

    Keywords: Elite Four piano, tutorial pokemon piano, tutorial pokemon, how to play elite four, pokemon piano
    Average rating: 4.8

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