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  1. Mac Tutorials - Untethered Jailbreak 4.2.1 iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Tv (Mac + Windows + Linux)
    Duration: 5:39

    Description: Twitter -- Greenpois0n -- Support/Troubleshooting -- IRC Chat Room -- #greenpois0n

    Keywords: jailbreak, 4.2.1, untethered, iphone, ipod, touch, ipad, greenpois0n, greenpoison, mac, how, to, guide, tutorial, windows
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Mac Tutorial - Customizing Mission Control & Dashboard
    Duration: 4:22

    Description: Things to make your life easier Folder: /System/Library/CoreServices/ MC Filename: defaultdesktop.png DB Filenames: pirelli.png & mini_pirelli.png Your Screen Resolution: - - Twitter -- Gaming Channel --

    Keywords: Mission Control, Dashboard, Mac, OS X, Lion, OSX, Customization, Customizing, Macosxtutorials12
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Mac Tutorial - Create a Lion Hackintosh from USB Drive (OS X 10.7)
    Duration: 3:32

    Description: myHack -- *FAQs & Troubleshooting Tips* -Always backup your system prior to running an update. - When booting off of this drive if you can not select your drives go into your bios and ensure that your SATA device is running in AHCI mode. -If you get a kernel panic during reboot, the first thing you should try is booting to your USB Installer, opening the terminal and running myFix, sometimes kextd doesn't properly rebuild your system caches after an update. -If you do not wait before rebooting your Hackintosh, it may take 10-15 minutes to boot, this is "normal". -After you have successfully booted and logged into a freshly updated system, wait a few minutes for the system to finish background processes and become idle, then run myFix. Running myFix will ensure that everything is tuned properly and that the system caches are happy. - - My Twitter -- My Gaming Channel --

    Keywords: Lion, Hackintosh, USB, Drive, How, To, 10.7, OS, Build, Create, Make, Mac, OSX, Bootable, myhack
    Average rating: 4.6

  4. Mac Tutorial - Hide Files & Folders on Mac
    Duration: 3:21

    Description: Twitter -- NEW Gaming Channel -- mkdir .foldernamehere -- Makes folder rm -r .foldernamehere -- Deletes folder

    Keywords: hide files on mac, hide, mac, folders, folder, file, files, lion, how, to, osx, os, terminal
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. Mac Tutorial - Launchpad Customizing
    Duration: 2:56

    Description: Twitter -- NEW Gaming Channel -- *IMPORTANT* ~~ YouTube isn't letting me put the terminal codes in the description so here is a link to a (very good) website that has the commands

    Keywords: Launchpad, Lion, Launchpad (Mac OS X), Remove apps, delete apps, remove, delete, apps, customization, how, to
    Average rating: 4.5

  6. Secret Code
    Duration: 01:12:21

    Description: The story continues with italy (Muna Obiekwe) taking advantage of his employers absence to gallivant and sleep with the very same group of girls that live a take life. Susan falls in love with him and ejects other girls from her house. They are yet to discover his true identity upon the return of his true employers jean ( Muma Gee) Like Us On FB:

    Keywords: Mercy Johnson, Mary Remy, Ada Jacobs, Muma Jee, Muna Obiekwe, Angela Okorie, Prince Eke., nigerian movies, nigerian films nollywood, naijapals nigerian movies, new nigerian films 2010, latest nollywood films, Anaija, comedy, naija movies, movies nigeria, nollywood comedy movies, movies nigerian love, latest nollywoodlove films
    Average rating: 4.5

  7. Os 3 Porquinhos
    Duration: 8:19

    Description: Disney Com palha eu fa�o a casa Pra n�o me esfor�ar Na minha casinha Eu toco a flautinha Eu gosto � de brincar! De vara � minha casa � onde eu vou morar Mas eu n�o me amofino Vou tocando violino O que eu gosto � de dan�ar! Eu fa�o a minha casa Com pedra e com tijolo Pra trabalhar n�o sei dan�ar Pois n�o sou nenhum tolo Ele n�o sabe brincar, nem cantar, nem dan�ar S� o que sabe � trabalhar Podem rir, dan�ar e brincar Que n�o vou me aborrecer Mas n�o vai ser brincadeira Quando o lobo aparecer Quem tem medo do Lobo mau, Lobo mau, Lobo mau? Dou um soco no nariz Eu dou-lhe um bofet�o Eu dou-lhe um pontap� Derrubo ele no ch�o Quem tem medo do Lobo mau, Lobo mau, Lobo mau?

    Keywords: Tr�s, Porquinhos, Disney, Silly, Symphonies, F�bulas
    Average rating: 4.4

  8. tutorial look noche azul
    Duration: 4:55

    Description: aqui os dejo un tutorial de un maquillaje muy marcado para la noche espero que os guste un beso maquilaje tutorial marcado noche azul nyx para fiesta ocasion boda comunion bautizo noche marcado como hacer how to ojos maquillaje estilo instrucciones famosa

    Keywords: maquilaje, tutorial, marcado, noche, azul, nyx, para, fiesta, ocasion, boda, comunion, bautizo, como, hacer, how, to, ojos, maquillaje, estilo, instrucciones
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. tendencia oto�o invierno makeup look tutorial
    Duration: 5:04

    Description: aqui os dejo un look que viene muy bien para la temporada de oto�o invierno y que nos favorece a todas. Espero que os guste un beso!! tutorial look plata negro para fiesta ocasion boda comunion bautizo noche marcado redkiss17 como hacer how to ojos maquillaje estilo instrucciones famosa mo�o r

    Keywords: look, tutorial, tendencias, oto�o, invierno, moda, plata, negro, para, fiesta, ocasion, boda, comunion, bautizo, noche, marcado, redkiss17, como, hacer, how, to, ojos, maquillaje, estilo, instrucciones
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. tutorial look femme fatale
    Duration: 5:09

    Description: aqui os dejo un look votado en facebook, espero que os guste! femme fatale tutorial look marcado llamativo noche redkiss17 para fiesta ocasion boda comunion bautizo como hacer how to ojos maquillaje estilo instrucciones laptops electronics andy beauty haul makeup verde

    Keywords: femme, fatale, tutorial, look, marcado, llamativo, noche, redkiss17, para, fiesta, ocasion, boda, comunion, bautizo, como, hacer, how, to, ojos, maquillaje, estilo, instrucciones, laptops, electronics, andy, beauty, haul, makeup, verde, painting, battle, boss, cosmetics, eye, sensation, bands, epic, reyes, eyes, sound
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Newegg TV: The SSD Tutorial
    Duration: 20:31

    Description: | SSD Store Looking for an SSD? If it's your first time stepping up from a legacy mechanical hard disk drive (hard drive, or HDD), you may have some questions. What type of connection is ideal? What capacity do I need? Is it better for an operating system installation or just for storage? What's the deal with TRIM? Stay tuned for our SSD tutorial, where you will learn far too much about SSDs for your own good. A warning though: once you start using an SSD-equipped computer, you will never want to wait for a hard drive to spin up again. Newegg SSD Store: - Credits - Camera: Danny Solid: Paul State: Kyle Driver: Mr. Lam

    Keywords: Newegg,, Newegg TV, neweggtv, SSD, solid state drive, solid, state, drive, disk, hard, HDD, mechanical, vs., vs, TRIM, garbage, collection, Intel, chipset, platform, CPU, computer, video, tutorial, technology, electronics, deals, shop, indilinx, ocz, jmicron, marvell, samsung, sandforce, toshiba, adata, onfi, toggle, nand, synchronous, asynchronous, IMFT, hynix, phison, sandisk, how-to, how to, Paul, Solid-state Drive
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. iPhone Intro Part 5
    Duration: 9:25

    Description: The iPhone was introduced at MacWorld 2007 at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Part 5 of 5

    Keywords: iphone, Intro, Moscone, 4, 5, part, introduced, san, francisco, macworld, 2007, conference
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. How to install Minecraft 1.8 (Mac Tutorial)
    Duration: 2:45

    Description: How to install Minecraft 1.8 on a Mac. Link: How to install Minecraft 1.8 (Mac Tutorial) How to install Minecraft 1.8 (Mac Tutorial) How to install Minecraft 1.8 (Mac Tutorial) ( Tags: How To install Minecraft 1.8 on Mac "Minecraft 1.8 Mac" "Install Minecraft...

    Keywords: How, To, install, Minecraft, 1.8, on, Mac, Minecraft 1.8 Mac, Install Minecraft 1.8 Mac, Minecraft 1.8, Minecraft 1.8 Update, Install Minecraft 1.8, Minecraft 1.8 Install, How to get Minecraft 1.8, How to Install Minecraft 1.8, Minecraft 1.8 Download, Download Minecraft 1.8, update, adventure, osx, pc, tutorial, Minecraft 1.8 Mac Tutorial, Minecraft 1.8 Mac Lion, Minecraft 1.8 Lion, Install Minecraft 1.8 Mac Lion, Install Minecraft 1.8 Lion, pre, release
    Average rating: 4.2

  14. Skin Deep - speed painting by Daniel Conway
    Duration: 8:30

    Description: Recorded myself creating this work for an issue of ImagineFX some months ago and finally decided to place it on youtube. music : Anders Ilar - September Nights visit or for more of my art.

    Keywords: speedpaint, art, woman, photoshop, painting, digital
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Tutorial Vegas Nivel b�sico de Sony Vegas Pro by iLuSioNzX [Parte 1]
    Duration: 10:07

    Description: Buenas gente! Aqui os traemos el segundo tutorial de Pixel Arts,esta vez dividido en 2 porque el tutorial es un total de 18 minutos y Youtube no permite subir tanto. Hemos hecho "esquemas" al principio de los videos para que vayais a lo que realemente os interesa ;) Seguir suscribiendoos para mas tutoriales,edits,etc...todo en ESPA�OL. -iLuSioNzX PD: La segunda parte del tutorial se esta renderizando,en cuando podamos la subiremos ;)

    Keywords: tutorial, nivel, basico, sony, vegas, pro, edicion, ilusionzx, parte, introduccion, espa�ol, comentadio, sniper, call, of, duty, modern, warfare, black, ops, efectos, keyframes, transiciones, sync, como, hacer, video, Reaquake, pixel, arts, teh, editing, programs, laptops, apps, technology, financial, creature, defense, smart phone
    Average rating: 4.8

  16. Machinima Realm - Starcraft 2 for Nublets Ep 1 ft HuskyMUDKIPZ (SC2 Gameplay/Tutorial)
    Duration: 15:46

    Description: Click here to watch Minecraft: How To Get UNLIMITED Gunpowder ft. MrBossFTW (MC Gameplay/Commentary) Starcraft 2 for Nublets Ep 1 ft HuskyMUDKIPZ (SC2 Gameplay/Tutorial) Hopefully the beginnings of a new series!Hope you guys enjoy! DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: Tags: yt:quality=high StarCraft "StarCraft II" "Star Craft 2" "Wings of Liberty" UPC 020626728386 Star Craft II Blizzard Entertainment Activision Microsoft Windows PC Computer Macintosh Mac OS X OSX Single player multiplayer via BattleNet Battle Net Realtime Strategy Real Time machinima realm gameplay commetnary HuskyMUDKIPZ random new video game pc gaming lets play live starcraft sc2 sc star craft nublets for 4

    Keywords: yt:quality=high, starcraft, II, Star, Craft, Wings, of, Liberty, UPC, 020626728386, Blizzard, Entertainment, Activision, Microsoft, Windows, PC, Computer, Macintosh, Mac, OS, OSX, Single, player, multiplayer, via, battlenet, Battle, Net, Realtime, Strategy, Real, Time, machinima, realm, gameplay, commetnary, huskymudkipz, random, new, video, game, gaming, lets, play, live, sc2, sc, nublets, for, starcraft II, Star 2, Wings Liberty, terran, zerg, protoss, marine, zealot, zergling, hydra, muta
    Average rating: 4.5

  17. Eddie Vedder - Better Days
    Duration: 4:11

    Description: Eddie Vedder - Better Days - Sunrise Slideshow

    Keywords: Eddie, Vedder, Better, Days
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Party Rock Anthem - choreography tutorial I Street Dance Academy episode 4
    Duration: 12:00

    Description: This video was created for everybody that joined our flashmob. Now that it is over I have decided to leave it online since a lot of people seem to enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe and add me as a friend. More videos are coming up. Want more free classes? go to For cool blogposts and info go to Enjoy ;-)

    Keywords: dance tutorial, dance class, dance academy
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Lea Michele Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 19:33

    Description: So the look the had the second highest number of votes was the Lea Michele smoky eyes. This look is great for a night out. To see the products I used go to Have fun trying it out! xo Eman Keep up with me on my BLog Join my Facebook Page and send me your requests at https Follow me on Twitter at

    Keywords: lea michele, grammys, makeup tutorial, smoky eyes, smoky eye, celebrity makeup, evening makeup, mac cosmetics, makeup forever, eman aziz, vancouver makeup artist
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. Newegg TV: How To Build a Computer - Part 1 - Choosing Your Components
    Duration: 24:33

    Description: Welcome to Newegg TV's How To Build a Computer tutorial! This is Part 1, where we'll be covering the different components that make up a typical computer, as well as the different functions they perform. Also, we provide some advice on planning out your build and choosing the best parts to suit your needs. Part 2 - Building Your Computer Part 3 - Installing an Operating System & Finishing Touches: Here are some helpful links: Newegg's Computer Hardware Store - Newegg's DIY PC Combo Store - Newegg's Community Forums - - Credits - Camera, Editing, Titles Mr. Lam 20+ Minutes of Talking about PC Parts: Paul

    Keywords: Newegg,, Newegg TV, neweggtv, tutorial, how to, how-to, guide, build, assemble, PC, computer, component, case, chassis, tower, power, supply, PSU, 80+, modular, motherboard, AMD, Intel, socket, CPU, processor, memory, DIMM, RAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, ATX, VGA, video card, ATI, NVIDIA, storage, hard drive, HDD, solid state drive, SSD, optical, DVD, CD, burner, bluray, blu-ray, video, technology, computers, electronics, deals, shop
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. Paper Bag Curls Tutorial : No Heat
    Duration: 7:44

    Description: This tutorial will show you how to take something simple like brown paper bags and curl you hair with them. Detailed step by step I curled my hair this way when I was 10 years old. Way before I started to play with the curling iron. This is a very old method on curlin the hair, and what better way to save your money and your hair than to use paper bags?! Song: Opening and Closing sample "The Show" by Lenka Bossa Nova songs are royalty free

    Keywords: Michelle Phan, ricebunny, makeup, beauty, tutorial, how to, step by step, hair, curls, paperbag, paper bag, no heat, healthy, wave, wavy, volume, natural
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Lightroom 3 Noise Reduction Tutorial
    Duration: 8:35

    Description: Lightroom 3 has made some vast improvements to the noise reduction component of it's detail panel in the develop module. In this video, I discuss how noise reduction works as well as the difference between color and luminance noise. Be sure to check out my website for more coolness -

    Keywords: Lightroom, Beta, noise, reduction, tutorial, busted, shutter, bustedshutter, high iso, D700, nikon, tutorials
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Hak5 - Run Linux apps in any OS - X11 over SSH, Multi-Cam editing and more - Hak5
    Duration: 33:16

    Description: Securely forwarding X11 over SSH so you can use Linux GUI tools in anywhere -- even on Windows. Multi cam editing, SMS rescue texts, Android Terminals and clark kent glasses. All that and more this time on Hak5!

    Keywords: hak5, darren kitchen, shannon morse, x11, ssh, tunnel, xwindow, linux, windows, premiere, multi cam, rescu me, gunnar, gunnars, android
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Halo: Reach - Fails of the Weak Tutorial
    Duration: 4:20

    Description: Due to popular demand, we've created this guide showing exactly how to film and submit a clip to Halo: Reach - Fails of the Weak.

    Keywords: halo, reach, fails, of, the, weak, achievement, hunter, video, game, master, chieft, xbox, 360, fps
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. Sony Vegas Pro 10 - Beginners Tutorial (New!)
    Duration: 15:06

    Description: This is a quick little video (well, not so quick) I made for all you n00bs out there that need help with this amazing thing known as the lost ark, I mean Sony Vegas Pro 10. Just beginner stuff here, nothing too fancy pantsy. Please check out my good friends video series on Age of Empires, if it sparks your interest. He worked very hard on it (:

    Keywords: sony, vegas, pro, 10, platinum, beginners, novice, introduction, training, series, part, HD, techtopia
    Average rating: 4.9

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