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  1. Three point video lighting tutorial
    Duration: 6:45

    Description: This video produced for us by the excellent Gavin Hoey shows how to use a 3 light setup in a coventional 3 point lighting setup he also shows how to light a white background. Although this is for video lighting this would still apply to still photography and these lights are strong enough for portrait photography. Enjoy Got to product

    Keywords: video lighting, photography lighting, continuous lighting, Gavin Hoey
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Glamor Shots: DIY Ring Light - Filmmaking & Cinematography Tutorial 8
    Duration: 9:21

    Description: Click to Tweet: Shirts, DVD's etc are all here: Watch my other videos: In this tutorial I explain how to setup and built a RINGLIGHT that you can use in your next video! For more info and to see all the other tutorial please visit my website: This video was shot with the Canon 7D and the 50mm F1.8 lens.

    Keywords: how to make, glamor photography, fashion photography, music video, film look, lighting, film light, camera, tutorial, beauty
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Indie Filmmaker: Lighting Tutorial and samples
    Duration: 3:51

    Description: Visit our blog to learn more Learn how to add production value to you indie films by incorporating well thought out lighting scenarios. Watch as we light our scene with only 1 to 2 lights. These are great lighting tips of any independent filmmaker.

    Keywords: lighting, light, filmmaker, indie, indi, independent, shape, texture, depth, shadow, position, filming, set, kit, direction, scene, how to, lights film school, instructional, video, student, course, school, lesson, online, design
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Light Painting Tutorial Video - Fun with Photography
    Duration: 6:08

    Description: Tony teaches you how to do some cool stuff with your camera in this video lesson. This was awesomefarm's entry in the "spread the craft" video contest, where we won the viewer's choice award. Apologies for bad audio; light painting montage starts at around 3:00 ^^

    Keywords: awesomefarm, awesome, farm, photography, light, painting, how, to
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. Top 5 Film Lighting Tutorials : Friday Favorites
    Duration: 4:04

    Description: Erik Beck's Top 5 Low Budget Film Lighting Tutorials starts off the first episode of Indy Mogul's new show, Friday Favorites. 3-Point Lighting by VideoMaker: Umbrella Lighting by Polcan99: China Ball & Dimmer by FilmRiot: DIY Florescent Light Kit by IndyMogul: White Balance by PhotoExposed: Cheap Umbrella Lights on Amazon: Tom Skowronski's Awesome BFX Audition Video:

    Keywords: DIY, Cheap, Filmmaking, Top5, Lighting, Tutorial, howto, indymogul, erikbeck, fridayfavorites, Dimmer, colortemperature
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Photography Lighting Tutorial- Strip Lighting Light Tec Tip
    Duration: 4:09

    Description: How to use strip lighting in the studio, hosted by Light Tec in Dallas, Texas. Light Tec offers photo lighting equipment and training.

    Keywords: Photography, lighting, photo, tutorial, digital, light, tips, training, model
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. Studio lighting Portrait photography tutorial
    Duration: 7:54

    Description: Using the 120cm octagonal softbox Gavin Hoey shows how by just using this one softbox and a 400Ws studio flash head for his studio lighting setup to produce some quality portraits. Live action show shows how Gavin uses several different lighting setups and shows you just how to produce quality results in a simple to understand way. To see more videos by Gavin go to or

    Keywords: portrait lighting, photography lighting, studio flash lighting
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Light Streak After Effects Tutorial
    Duration: 7:01

    Description: For More VFX training check out Learn how to make make a light writing effect using after effects as seen in the Tiffany Alvord and Luke Connard music video Back Home. http Follow along and practice adding in different explosions and effects with the sample footage and tracking data...

    Keywords: adobe, after, effects, light, streaks, writing, tutorial, effect, training, special, vfx, visual, fx, bro
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. How to Light a Romantic Film Scene - Cinematography & Filmmaking Tutorial 3
    Duration: 9:04

    Description: More INFO on the Short Film School DVD Learn what makes great looking images in film, music videos etc. It's not always the camera but how you design the shots. In this 3rd tutorial I try to explain how I setup a restaurant scene from a narrative film, as well as how I fix one sequence from the same film by re-designing a shot. For more info on the film see the official page:

    Keywords: video, short film, film look, lighting technique, DSLR, camera, Canon 7D, film equipment, Directing, film production, movie making
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. Photoshop Tutorial: The Never Ending Lighting Rig
    Duration: 5:54

    Description: Photoshop tutorial showing how to create extra light sources that are 'editable' and can be added into your photographs quickly and easily.

    Keywords: Glyn Dewis, Photography, Scott Kelby, Photoshop, tutorial, how to
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. (14) Natural Jennifer Lopez Maquillaje Tutorial (Light Skin Makeup Tutorial)
    Duration: 5:30

    Description: SEXY Peachy Lips & Cheeks + Bronzy Eyes & Bronzy Skin = Jennifer Lopez Makeup APP: BLOG: VLOG Channel FB App: ME!: Google+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAKEOVER MONDAY! EVERY MONDAY! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Products Used: Music:"Release" by @LadyHassanah FACE Primer ROC Wrinkle Smoothing Primer Foundation Pix! Cream Foundation #3 Blush Milani Mai Tai Highlight Hard Candy Glow all the way in "Doll Face" Green Color Corrector Physician's Formula Concealer Twins Green/ Light Concealer: L'oreal True Match N 1 2 3 Bronzer Lancome Powder in Toffee Powder: VICHY Derma Blend EYES Colored Base Maybelline Color Tattoo in 45Bold Gold Primer L'oreal Decrease Concealer: L'oreal True Match N 1 2 3 PiX! (Pixi) New Mineral Kit in No.3 St. Tropez www. LIPS L'oreal Golden Apricot Gloss + Maybelline D104 Peach Colada LASHES Ardell Whispies Available in Target Key Words: Makeup For hispanic women- How to counteract redness- How to apply foundation on light skin- blush for light skin- Jennifer Lopez inspired Makeup- maquillage pour les yeux bruns- maquillage pour peaux claires maquillage pour les femmes espagnoles Jennifer Lopez Maquillage maquiagem f�cil maquiagem para iniciantes reforma maquillaje sexy de piel clara ??? ????? ...

    Keywords: Light, Cosmetics, Makeup, Lights, Tutorial, Beauty, hard candy makeup, makeup for light skin, makeup for puerto rican girls, natural makeup for light skin, makeup for brown eyes, maquiagem, make, look, pro, para, reveillon, ano, novo, 2012, festa, balada, praia, usando, glitter, dourado, lilas, roxo, elegante, facil, passo, por, camila, figueiredo, blog, super, vaidosa, maquillaje, new, years, classy, soft, using, suave, year
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Photoshop: Christmas Lights
    Duration: 4:52

    Description: Post your result at More tutorials at: Turn a boring house or building into a bright holiday house with Photoshop!

    Keywords: Photoshop, CS5, Adobe CS5, Photoshop CS5, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe, CS4, Christmas, holiday, lights, Download Photoshop, Photoshop CS4, Tutorials, Tutorial, Basics, Beginner, Photo, Editing, Edits, Effects, Adjustments, Retouching, Touchups, how, to, how to
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. What Light (Wilco Tutorial)
    Duration: 5:03

    Description: Guitar tutorial for Wilco's "What Light" aimed at the beginning to intermediate guitar player

    Keywords: Guitar, lessons
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. Rainbow Smokey Eyeshadow With Rainbow Lips Tutorial
    Duration: 9:58

    Description: Like my facebook :) Other channel Eyes-Wearable Lips-Maybe not :) *Products I used* NYX jumbo eye pencil-Milk Bh Cosmetics 120 palette #1 Black pencil eyeliner Black liquid liner Small white eye pencil Clear lip gloss mixed with eyeshadow Foundation Concealer

    Keywords: Make, up, makeup, tutorial, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green, blue, light, hot, eyeliner, eyes, nyx, white, black, highlight, bh, cosmetics, red, beauty, night, time, lips, shimmer, glitter, shiny, crazy, rainbow, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss, look, cut, crease, blend, blending, brown
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial
    Duration: 10:06

    Description: LINKS: like my facebook page! :) tumblr: http instagram: karinalynnkho :) Hi guys! This is my first tutorial so please bear with me! I'm still getting used to this whole recording thing :) But hopefully this is helpful :) Sorry this video is so long! FOLLOW ME! tumblr- twitter- http Products Used: -HerStyler 3 piece clipless curling iron set (medium-sized barrel) or you can use any 3/4'' curling iron! -One 'n Only ceramic silk thermal protection curling iron glaze (from Sally's) -Standard clip -Rat tail comb -Sebastian super hold plus hairspray Song: Better with the Lights Off- New Boyz ft. Chris Brown

    Keywords: how, to, get, beachy, waves, hair, tutorial, karina, kho, styles, for, summer, karinalynnkho, natural, looking, curls
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. Film Like A Boss - AE: Muzzle Flash Lighting (3 Methods)
    Duration: 9:12

    Description: The continuation of my Muzzle Flash tutorial. This episode teaches you 3 methods to simulate the ambient lighting caused by a muzzle flash. The first method is one that freddiew teaches in his tutorial, which involves duplicating the source footage and setting the blending mode to add or screen. The second method uses a solid to create a more colored sort of light. The third method, which I personally use the most, uses an adjustment layer with one or more color correction effects, typically Exposure. ------- First part: MUZZLE FLASH TUTORIAL Film Like A Boss Show MUSIC Professor Kliq - Bust This Bust That Feint DnB - Sleepless http ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTER - FACEBOOK - -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Keywords: tutorial, after effects, after effects tutorial, muzzle flash tutorial, muzzle flash, compositing, muzzle flash compositing, best muzzle flash tutorial, masking, masking a muzzle flash, action essentials, action movie effects, muzzle flash lighting, how to fake lighting, how to edit a muzzle flash, how to edit fake lighting, muzzle flash light, muzzle flash ambient light, action movie, editing muzzle flashes, how to fake light, lighting tutorial, short film, editing, vfx
    Average rating: 4.6

  17. Photography Tips, Essential Skills, Quickly Transform Your Photos, by Karl Taylor
    Duration: 10:45

    Description: Photography tips revealed by professional photographer Karl Taylor. This knowledge will probably change the way you plan your photography composition from now on! Get More FREE Training at my website:

    Keywords: photography tutorial, photography tips, photography lessons, photography techniques, photography tips and tricks, Karl Taylor Photography, Karl Taylor, Karl Taylor DVD, Karl Taylor dvds
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2
    Duration: 4:45

    Description: CD "Sounds of Light - Overtone Singing Solo" more about Miroslav Grosser and his vocal art (in english) at additional information to sing the vowel technique: 1. Relax 2. Hum a steady base note and allow the vibration to spread out through your whole body 3. Choose a vowel and sing it loud and strong, but relaxed 4. Practise to change one vowel into another in a gliding manner (try different vowels) 5. Go back and forth between u and e so slow as you can and listen carefully to the stepwise change of the sound 6. Try to reduce the speed more and more to hear the subtle jumps of the harmonics better and better 7. Stop the flow of time like a film and sing a steady base note AND a steady overtone in the same time 8. Try to reproduce the changing of harmonics in small steps to learn the natural scale of harmonics 9. Start to sing little melodies with the overtones 10. Try to change the base note during singing overtones PS: There are techniques to amplify the loudness of the overtones. I recommend to learn this vowel based technique at first to get better results individual sessions in english in Berlin or per phone/skype: workshops and concerts worldwide CD "Sounds of Light - Overtone Singing Solo" lessons in Berlin or per phone/skype: next workshop for overtone singing in 2012 in Berlin June 10th in Hamburg May 6th in Wilhelmsburg June 2nd information: ...

    Keywords: throat, singing, harmonics, overtones, tutorial, learn, how, techniques, voice
    Average rating: 5.0

  19. Symphony of Light
    Duration: 22:55

    Description: The final chapter in the third Robotech war has Scott defending Corg with the aid of Marlene while Lancer aids Sera in defending the Invid Hive as the Regiss gathers her remaining Invid children.

    Keywords: robotech, macross, saga, masters, new generation, shadow chronicles, fortress, anime, science fiction, classic, animation, japan, japanese, robot, android, mecha, shonen, monsters, aliens, 80s, campy, kids, family, speed racer, naruto, mobile suit gundam, street fighter, gurren lagann, manga, entertainment, starz, media
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 1:24

    Description: DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU ARE IN ANY WAY SENSITIVE TO FLASHING LIGHTS!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Download the song, free-zy ~ I've completely forgotten the lyrics in this video... something about... "Here we go" or... I donno... whatever :) Hope you love it. Cool Stuff Contact Onision - Onision Shirts - Onision Music - Channels Onision - OnisionSpeaks - OnisionEncore - OnisionArchive - Social Facebook: Twitter: GPlus: Home Page:

    Keywords: vision, test, Flashing Lights, Eye Examination, Photopsia, Led, not, for, people, who, have, epilepsy, or, seizure, Epileptic Seizure, funny, video, lol, guy, seizing, out, while, watching, of, flashing, images, onision, music, comedy, sketch, bit, punch, line, joke, hilarious, Parody, Spoof, Humor, Humour, song, original, creative, explosions, lmao
    Average rating: 4.3

  21. Realistic Muzzle Flare Tutorial
    Duration: 4:28

    Description: I reveal the PRO TIPS for making realistic muzzle flares! For smoke and flares, you can spend money on: Video Copilot's Action Essentials 2 Pack: - $100 for 720p If you don't have that kind of cheddar, I recommend NCCinema's gun pack, which is only $20:

    Keywords: muzzle, flash, flare, how, to, tutorial, alamdv, gun, pistol, effects, after
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. Palaye Royale - Morning Light
    Duration: 3:33

    Description: Buy 'Morning Light' on iTunes (US) Buy 'Morning Light' on iTunes (UK) Music video by Palaye Royale performing Morning Light. (C) 2012 The Parliament LLC Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Director: Harrison Sanborn Cinematographer: Michael Bolten Editor: Spencer Huff Art Direction: Sebastian Danzig || Emerson Barrett || Remington Leith Official Site: Twitter Facebook: YouTube:

    Keywords: Palaye Royale, Morning Light, Music Film, Sebastian Danzig, Remington Leith, Emerson Barrett, Alternative, Rock, Music Video, Band, Salvation Mountain
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Light Of Truth
    Duration: 53:58

    Description: The chosen one among the set of twins(John Dumelo & Ali Nuhu)who is to be the king after their father's death (Olu Jacobs) has returned home from South Africa unannounced. Slowly he tries to pave his way into the palace to reunite with the family and get what he was deprived of since his birth, not minding if tradition permits him or not.

    Keywords: olu jacobs, tonto dikeh, john dumelo, ali nuhu, angela okorie, biola ige.nigerian movies, nigerian films nollywood, naijapals nigerian movies, new nigerian films 2010, latest nollywood films, Anaija, comedy, naija movies, movies nigeria, nollywood comedy movies, movies nigerian love, latest nollywoodlove films
    Average rating: 4.5

  24. Tutorial: Rocket Science! (plus special announcement)
    Duration: 5:27

    Description: The basic physics behind how rockets work! (plus a special announcement) Perimeter Institute: VomitPhysics video "Milkman" by freddiew: Bottle rocket video: For more detail on rocket physics: Floating on mercury image: Molten lead image: minutephysics is now on Google+ - And facebook - And twitter - @minutephysics Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics -- all in a minute!

    Keywords: tutorial, vomit, freddiew, milkman, rocket, science, water jetpack, football, habit, formation, round, reuleaux, rotor, roll, SMBC, geology, sphere, symmetry, Tides, gravity, black, hole, moon, einstein, Neutrino, light, photon, cern, lhc, higgs, boson, electron, time, entropy, GPS, atomic, special, relativity, atom, nuclear, General Relativity, Energy, color, Dark, Nobel, Prize, Minutephysics, minute, physics, Henry, Reich, universe, xkcd, rsanimate, matter, cat, schrodinger, fire, Drawing, Educational, Large Hadron Collider
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Makeup Tutorial For My Vlogs (for unskilled people)
    Duration: 16:42

    Description: You guys asked for it so here it is. This look is what I wear when I do vlogs and stuff, a little more makeup than I would usually wear every day but it's what you wanted. Sorry it's a long video, but since it's from start to finish I tried to make it as short as possible. Products Used: FACE: Mac Studio Tech foundation- NW25 Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural- Medium Plus Mac Bronzing Powder- Refined Golden Lorac Blush- Peach EYES: Nars Eyeshadow Duo- Portobello (I also mentioned Bellisima) Maybelline New York Eyestudio Gel Liner- Blackest Black (Pretty sure my eyelashes are Ardel from like Sally or other Beauty Supply stores) Maybelline New York Volum' Express Mascara- Blackest Black BROWS: Mac Eyebrow Pencil- Taupe Mac Eyeshadow- Espresso Mac Eyeshadow- Tissue Weight LIPS: Makeup Forever- S24

    Keywords: jenna, mourey, marbles, make, up, makeup, tutorial, mac, nars, forever, every, day, natural, brown, gray, light, pink, peach, lashes, eyebrows, brow, bronzer, tan, beauty, look, has, haul, cosmetics, eyes, review, foundation
    Average rating: 4.9

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