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  1. Bride of Chucky / Creepy Broken Doll Tutorial ?
    Duration: 4:09

    Description: This last minute halloween fancy dress idea is quick, easy and very effective! For outfit ideas to go with this makeup look below.. Bride of Chucky, Tiffany, inspired this creepy, broken dead doll Halloween look! This is quite simple to do and is great as a last-minute halloween fancy dress outfit as I used all products that you should be able to find in your house! If you go for the Broken Doll look, you can add a cute dress, bows and plaits in your hair and some over-the-knee socks to really add that cute look. Fake blood splattered over your clothes or skin really competes the look! For the Bride of Chucky, a leather jacket and a veil is enough to pull off this look, and of course some blood and a chucky doll are great accessories! ? TWITTER : @ooh_la_lashes ? FACEBOOK : ? INSTAGRAM : @oohlalashes ? BLOG : xoxo ? OohLaLashes

    Keywords: last, minute, Bride of chucky, chucky's, bride, doll, Halloween, makeup, tutorial, costume, outfit, fancy dress, broken, creepy, scary, dead, tiffany, zombie, zombies, ideas, inspiration, inspired, chucky gets lucky, childs, play, charles, lee, ray, seed of chucky, jennifer, tilly, beauty, fashion, tips, tricks, elf, mac, rimmel, eyeko, graffiti, liner, face, paint, NYX, jumbo, pencil, milk, trick, or, treat, clubbing, party, easy, simple, quick, fast
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Doll Tutorial - Doll
    Duration: 8:58

    Description: How to make a soft doll.

    Keywords: Doll, Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.4

  3. Halloween ~ broken and sad doll tutorial
    Duration: 9:10

    Description: READ ME How do I get the glue off? - with warm water and a cotton pad, you can wipe it simply away :) So... this is my first attempt on a halloween look. I know that the doll look in general isn't new, but I wanted to do my own and this is what I came up with. A halloween look doesn't have to be scary, it can also be cute and a bit burlesque just like this. Products I used: Glue Stick Revlon Colorstay in Ivory Grimas Water Make up Manhattan Soft Compact Powder in Transparent False Lashes from HK 88 Shimmer Palette black eyeliner and black gel eye liner lipstick ROUGE COQUELICOT by Yves Rocher Follow my blog for reviews and more information about the products: tumblr: twitter music: Final Fantasy 8 Soundtrack - Succession of Witches

    Keywords: thechuchuchan, halloween, tutorial, eyes, make, up, makeup, doll, sad, broken, revlon, look, beauty, skin, cosmetics, art
    Average rating: 4.8

  4. Lime Crime's China Doll Tutorial
    Duration: 4:40

    Description: A colorful makeup tutorial featuring Lime Crime's "China Doll" palette, using flame red, sky blue, shimmering pink, and jet black. Subscribe on YouTube! - charismastar Like me on Facebook! - Charisma Star TV Follow me on Twitter! - charismastartv Check out the China Doll Palette at:

    Keywords: China, Doll, Lime, Crime, Makeup, Tutorial, NYX, Cherry, Blossom
    Average rating: 4.8

  5. Applying Flesh Coat 08 - Reborn Doll Tutorial
    Duration: 5:28

    Description: How to paint the flesh 08 coats on a pink vinyl doll kit after a green wash has been applied. For more reborn tutorials, tools, kits and supplies visit

    Keywords: reborn, baby, doll, tutorial, flesh, coat, 08, genesis, painting
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Painting capillaries onto your reborn doll tutorial - The SMN Show #303
    Duration: 10:57

    Description: How to tutorial on painting little capillaries onto your reborn dolls using Genesis heat set paints. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Order a Custom Order Doll - FACEBOOK - Music for the The SMN Show provided by - Thanks for watching xoxo *** Send Nikki Letters to feature on the SMN Show**** Still Moments Nursery PO Box 406 Lilydale 3140 Victoria, AUSTRALIA

    Keywords: still, moments, nursery, tutorial, capillaries, reborn, baby, doll, kit, painting, how, to, genesis, heat, set
    Average rating: 4.6

  7. Doll Tutorial - Hair
    Duration: 2:47

    Description: Doll Tutorial - Hair

    Keywords: Doll, Tutorial, Hair
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Doll Tutorial - Dress
    Duration: 9:20

    Description: Doll Tutorial - Dress & Hair

    Keywords: Doll, Tutorial, Dress, Hair
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Day to Night makeup - Club Doll tutorial
    Duration: 18:37

    Description: So I was requested to try out a 'Day to Night' look - I think it's worked pretty well, though as I stress in the video if you have enough time, re-do the whole thing! I've made this video the best I can with the lighting I have - I hope that a new bulb will arrive soon and I can get back to my pristine lighting. My idea for this Day to Night look came from the Maybelline "cat eyes" winged liner look that is advertised very frequently on UK television (possibly in other countries too?) - the contrast and brightness of that advert is so unrealistic, however it did inspire me to try this look. So it can't be all bad, right? ;) I hope you enjoy! Michael James xo

    Keywords: xxmichaeljames, Michael, James, Day to Night Makeup, Day, Night, Makeup, Club, Doll, tutorial, Beauty, Look
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Inserting eyes from the back - Reborn Doll Tutorial
    Duration: 3:15

    Description: Inserting eyes into a reborn baby doll kit from the inside of the head - by reborn artist Nikki Holland from

    Keywords: reborn, baby, doll, making, tutorial, how, to, nikki, holland, still moments nuresery, Inserting, eyes
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 6:00


    Keywords: happy, halloween, Tutorial, Creepy, discussion, Conversation, scary, happy birthday, maze, scream, Scream (Ozzy Osbourne album), Scream 2, Scream (Chris Cornell album), Melodia (album), dolls, dead, silence, scared, weird, new, game, screaming, brand, funny, strange, prank, scary maze, scaring, crazy, cover, Crazy (Gnarls Barkley song), brand new, maze game, Album cover
    Average rating: 4.8

  12. How To Make a Cute Voodoo String Doll Tutorial (Using Dollar Store Materials) Best
    Duration: 7:37

    Description: Best On YouTube Tutorial on Making Voodoo String Doll Using Dollar Store Materials for written instructions These dolls make wonderful gifts for friends. They can be made into anything your heart desires, mermaids, pirates, families.

    Keywords: Tutorial Voodoo Doll, string doll, make your own doll, make your own string doll, voodoo string doll tutorial, string doll tutorial, handmade string doll, How-to (Conference Subject), how to make voodoo string doll, how to make voodoo doll, how, to, make, cute, bendable, doll
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. Miniature Doll Tutorial Part 1
    Duration: 5:08

    Description: Miniature Doll Tutorial Part 1

    Keywords: dollhouse, tutorial, for, miniatures, miniature, doll, trunk, Porcelain
    Average rating: 3.5

  14. Applying Veining with Genesis heat set paints - Reborn Doll Tutorial
    Duration: 9:16

    Description: Applying veining to a reborn baby doll kit - by reborn artist Nikki Holland.

    Keywords: veining, painting, reborn, baby, doll, making, tutorial, still, moments, nursery, nikki, holland
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 2:44

    Description: Here is a strange yet hot tutorial with a special guest my cousin cierra!! hope you like it!! rate. comment. subscribe. FACEBOOK: CHICK APPROVED: TWITTER: TWITPIC: DAILY BOOTH: Hair in my head: Peruvian Deep Wavy in 16", 18", and 22" ?My curly hair ?Princess Facebook: ??Follow Princess Hair: ?Website: ***If you are a COMPANY and wish to contact me to review a product, etc, please do not hesitate to contact me at: For Personal emails contact me at:

    Keywords: makeup, barbie, tutorial, beauty, haul, eye, cosmetics, eyes, foundation, review, mascara, pink, look, collection, inspired, shadow, palette, hunter, force, purple, makeup tutorial, blush, lips, decay, fashion, hair, face, products, brush, urban, color, brown, tips, funny
    Average rating: 3.4

  16. New Year Barbie Doll Tutorial?????????
    Duration: 5:08

    Description: Happy New Year!! 2012 should be another fruitful and exciting year !!! No matter where you are , no matter what you do. My unlimited blessings and love are always with you... With much much love. QQ

    Keywords: Queenie, Chan, beautyqq, makeup, new, year, barbie, skincare, life, happiness, 2012
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Felt Snoopy Dog Doll Tutorial
    Duration: 9:11

    Description: This is a tutorial on how to make a felt snoopy doll. I made this snoopy doll as a Mother's day gift for my mother in law. I hope y'all like it ^ ^ Please visit to buy custom and original crafts!!! Or for Tutorials

    Keywords: Snoopy, Dog, Doll, Tutorial, Woodstock, Beagle, Charlie brown, HQ, Peanuts, Cartoon, Chibi, doggy, easy, lesson, gift, Anime, instructional, video, how to, DIY, Miniatures, Figures, Figurines, Art, Crafts, Hand, crafted, Dogs, Puppy, Personalized, Crafting, how, to, fun, Cute, sculpting, Making, wool, roving, tools, tips, tricks, girl, kawaii, needle, Felt, felting, felted, needlefelting, needlefelted, needlefelt, free
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Creepy doll tutorial preview
    Duration: 1:17

    Description: This is a preview of the tutorial I did on this look. I have been sick all week and lost my voice. I'm starting to get it back so I should have the tutorial up tomorrow or the next day for sure. I apologize for taking some time to get it up but like I said I have been really sick and I want to be able to voice over some of it which directions so you guys can create this look for yourself ;)

    Keywords: creepy, doll, pics, tutorial, halloween, great, ideas, scary, how, to, coming, soon, danielle, conklin, scar, stitches, broken, baby, look, Scared, Scream
    Average rating: 5.0

  19. Broken Doll Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: yep. When you cover your brows, do a better job than I did in this video! Hah. How to cover your brows: How to apply false lashes: Halloween requests: General Emails & requests: Professional, business, or media inquires:

    Keywords: petrilude, makeup, application, tutorial, halloween, theatrical, cosplay, doll, costume, ventriloquist, porcelain
    Average rating: 4.8

  20. Romantic Valentine Doll Make-up Tutorial
    Duration: 5:13

    Description: Not into too Romantic Stories So Hope you enjoyed the Twist Don't forget to 'LIKE' if you want more fun stories in my Tutorials !!!! This is not a True story and Just something I thought of to spice up my Valentines Day Tutorial and Lets just say I went out with my girls later that night and had a Blast ;) Thanks Christine for playing my Neighbor : Music : There is romance , Sovereign By : Kevin Macleod Make-up Products Used : The Balm Mary -Lou Manizer 'The Luminizer' The Balm Shady Lady Giraffe Palette 'Racy Kacy ' The Balm Shady Lady Giraffe Palette All the way Anime' Lancome 'Black' Pencil Eyeliner 'No Money No Honey 'Eyeshadow Pigments The Balm Kim Kardashian Spider Lashes from Sallys Lancome Hypnose Mascara in 'Black' 'Hot Mama Blush' The Balm Wine color Lip Gloss Lancome Pink Lip pencil '06 Flashy ' Milani This is not a Sponsored Video !

    Keywords: Lancome, the balm
    Average rating: 4.8

  21. Doll Face and Marie Antoinette Tutorial - ( 2 looks 1 video)
    Duration: 17:43

    Description: Hi My Beautiful Doll faces.... I made this awesome costume with two looks in one! First is the Doll Face look, then the Marie Antoinette look...with just a few simple costume and wig changes you can get both or either look! All the things I used in the video (it's alot) will be on my blog: CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE IT: The blue wig is a Katy Perry looking wig and the other 2 Marie Antoinette wigs are from California Costume. The doll lashes and all the costumes and make-up will be listed on my blog! Hope you guys love these looks! They are some of my favorites!!! Come join me on FACEBOOK TWITTER: My personal BLOGGY: My other youtube channel link to video of song that NewYorkOutlawz wrote for me: (i love it!!!) * So excited because my friends at Urban Decay invited me to be featured on their website (AND GUYS..invited does not mean sponsored!)...I already own most of these products......but they did send me some new things that I am loving! Thanks URBAN DECAY FOR inviting me to be featured on your site since I've been such a HUGE URBAN DECAY FAN since my first eyeshadow 15 years ago!!!! AND NO this is NOT a paid review guys! I've just been a fan of Urban Decay and was honored they'd ask me to be featured! I am a die-hard Urban Decay FAN!! And I don't want or need a penny or dollar to tell anyone that!

    Keywords: kandee, kandee johnson, costume look, doll, doll face, marie antoinette, period, doll wigs, katy peryy blue wig, tutu, girl costume look, fun makeup look, dolly, pale face, period make-up
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Rag Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial (My Costume)
    Duration: 7:44

    Description: I completely forgot the freckles! =O Well now I definitely won't forget them on Halloween. heh More pictures of my costume on my blog: Leg Avenue Rag Doll Costume: Circle lens: EOS Super Nudy Blue (Not GEO, sorry~) The brushes used in this video are from Sigma's Professional Brush Roll Kit ^ Receive a free gift with your purchase of $30 or more! Products Used Eyes: Michael Todd Eye shadow base Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Pure White NYX eyeshadow trio in Ultra Chic Annabelle Smoothliner in Meteorite L'oreal Hip Duo in Showy Revlon Matte eye shadow in Vintage Lace Annabelle Smudgeliner in Oh my goth! (black) L'oreal Lineur intense in Carbon Black False Eye lashes Lash Grip Adhesive eyelash glue Face: (not shown in video) Olay sensitive face lotion SPF 15 Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Medium ELF High Definition Powder 28 color blush palette (hot pink color) Lips: (not shown in video) EOS lipbalm in Lemon Drop Wet N Wild lipstick in Pink Suga Lancome Rouge Vibration 104 Lipstick DISCLAIMER: Costume was kindly sent by for tutorial purposes.

    Keywords: Rag, Doll, Halloween, Makeup, Tutorial, ideas, costume, Dolly, how-to, how, to, Cut, Crease, eyeshadow, look, cute, pretty, fun, easy, bebexo halloween makeup
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Big Doll Eyes Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 14:05

    Description: ***Please expand for more info*** FACEBOOK - TWITTER - ******************************************************************************* Hi everyone! This makeup tutorial is my most requested video ever because it is the style of makeup I am wearing in the photo at the start of my videos. This big doll eyes makeup look is very popular with girls in Asia because it gives off the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. At the end of the video I will also show you how to achieve a simple and cute princess hairstyle. Please note - the makeup in my photo was actually done by a professional makeup artist, so though my tutorial shows you how to do the same style of makeup, it is not an exact replica. Although you can recreate this look using your own similar products, below are the products I use in this tutorial (in order of appearance): - Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer (used off-camera) - L'Oreal Infalliable Foundation (Sand Beige) - Natio Natural Cover Concealer (Light) - Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Finisher - Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow Pencil (Blonde) - Lancome Ombre Perfecteur Eyeshadow Base (used off-camera) - Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette - MAC Blitz & Glitz Fluidline (Black Track) - Revlon Powder Blush (Smokey Rose) - Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator (Pink Light) - Maybelline Color Sensational Pearl Lipstick (Pearly Pink) - Maybelline Shiny.licious Lip Gloss (Berry Clear) This was filmed using Sony NEX-3 compact DSLR camera and ...

    Keywords: Misspixielulu, miss, pixie, lulu, pixielulu, Australia, Aussie, Asian, makeup, artist, cosmetics, beauty, guru, tutorials, big, doll, dolly, eyes, request, requested, look, Asia, cute, hairstyle, coastal, scents, Maybelline, Revlon, loreal, japanese, korean, anime, style, gyaru, ulzzang
    Average rating: 4.8

  24. Halloween Series: Living Doll Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 8:22

    Description: I refilmed the part that was out of frame :) So this is the best i could come up with for a creepy doll type halloween tutorial, I apologize for the quality of this video, I wasn't paying attention to the camera so i go off screen a couple of times. I got the idea for the stitches from lisajoyyoung's video so check out her amazing face painting channel. Hope you guys enjoy this vid xoxo

    Keywords: Halloween, series, creepy, doll, living, makeup, tutorial, empress, stitches, Beauty, Look, gothic, dead, scary, eyeshadow, fake, lashes, Cosmetics, Eye, Eyes, Death, dolly, dollie, babydoll, face, painting, paint
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Rag Doll Make Up Tutorial
    Duration: 10:01

    Description: OK so be nice!! This is the first one and i had to edit the heck out of it to get it down to 10 minutes! Plus on watching it back i realized i spend most of the time below the lens or behind the mirror!! I will get much better i promise!!!!! Enjoy and if you try it make a video or send me pictures!!!!!

    Keywords: Rag, doll, patchwork, patches, makeup, tutorial, face, paint, circle, lenses, contacts, lashes, Halloween, theatrical, cosplay, special, effects, weight, loss, weigh, in, fat, obese, eat, eating, hot4halloween, exercise, fit, fitness, motivation, overeating, support, diet, journey
    Average rating: 5.0

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