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  1. nook-cover-tutorial.wmv
    Duration: 5:37

    Description: Steps to make your own cover for the nook. Materials needed: * Textile fabric of your choice. A piece of about 1.5 ft by 4 ft long will suffice. * A piece of thin cardboard (or plastic) of about 1ft by 1 ft. * Glue. * A sewing machine. (you could potentially do it by hand but, good luck with that) * Time. (always needed) * And I assume you have a nook, or other reader for that matter, because I don't give exact measurements. Since this tutorial has two(2) possible finishes for the cover (namely Option A and Option B) PLEASE! do watch the whole thing before you set out to do your own. Squematics of the different layers are on the B&N's Help Board.

    Keywords: nook, cover, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. TUTORIAL Goo Goo Dolls - Iris [Acoustic Cover]
    Duration: 7:05

    Description: This is a tutorial that some of you've asked for. It's acoustic version of my interpretation of Goo Goo Dolls' Iris which is based on tuning that I'm using in my old video. Enjoy!

    Keywords: goo, dolls, iris, acoustic, guitar, tutorial, how, to, play, tuning, dadgbd
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Airplanes - BOB feat. Hayley Williams Acoustic Cover and Tutorial
    Duration: 6:42

    Description: This is my cover/ tutorial of the new song by BOB and Hayley Williams. Comment , Rate, Subscribe my friends.....

    Keywords: bob, hayley williams, airplanes, eminem, paramore, acoustic, cover, guitar, tutorial, john mayer, nothin on you, bruno mars
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Pokemon Medley - Pokemon [Piano Tutorial] // Kyle Landry (Synthesia)
    Duration: 8:25

    Description: SHEET MUSIC and MIDI File in the Video Description! The full version, enjoy it! See Kyle Landry's original performance here: Sheet music and midi file is downloadable at: For more awesome tutorials please visit MIDICreator's and Mister Moes' channels: Composer: Junichi Masuda Transcription � Marioverehrer (2011) Arrangement � Kyle Landry (2008) Original Music � Nintendo (1996)

    Keywords: Pokemon Medley, Pokemon, Kyle Landry, synthesia, piano tutorial, piano, cover, tutorial, how, to, play, sheets, sheet music, pdf, midi, Marioverehrer, Marioverehrer2, Junichi Masuda
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. Call Of Duty: Zombies - Beauty of Annihilation Cover W/ MrRoflWaffles, NiikTGS, LiamFTWinter
    Duration: 3:03

    Description: I'm so sorry We were in a skype call and this was the result. Channels MrRoflWaffles: Niikthatgamingshow: Original song by Elena Siegman and Kevin Sherwood

    Keywords: call, of, duty, black, ops, world, at, war, zombies, songs, song, beauty, annihilation, elena, siegman, kevin, sherwood, easter, egg, cover, tutorial, guitar, vocals, parody, treyarch, new, map
    Average rating: 4.4

  6. Bad Apple!! [Dance Tutorial] - Part 1
    Duration: 8:16

    Description: PLEASE READ FOR TUTORIAL INFO AND FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS --- Part 1 --- This is a tutorial for the "Bad Apple!!" dance, as requested by IXiaoI. Video 1 contains [Opening], [Part 1], and [Part 2]. Video 2 contains [Part 3]. Video 3 contains [Part 4] and [Part 5]. Each video in this tutorial is mirrored; the wristband is on my right wrist. This tutorial was a lot more difficult to edit than my other ones. (^_^'') Please make good use of it~. I strongly advise you to watch the original dance by ???? (Butsudan Kamen) and ???? (Tadanon). ^_^ Here's a link to my dance cover of this song: I hope this helps~. -----Frequently Asked Questions (for Dance Cover)----- Q: Is that you on both sides? A: Yes, it is. Q: How do you split screen your videos? A: I use RehanFX transitions for the XP version of Windows Movie Maker to split screen my videos. There are tutorials on how to use RehanFX transitions on YouTube. Q: How long does it take to learn this dance? A: Once I started focusing on "Bad Apple!!" alone, it took about one-and-a-half to two weeks of heavy practicing for me to learn. However, it takes everyone a different amount of time to learn dances, so it wouldn't be the same for everyone. Q: Where can I learn this dance? A: I have a step-by-step tutorial available on my channel, as well as a mirrored version of my dance cover and a mirrored and slowed version as well. I also recommend watching the original dance by Butsudan Kamen (????) and ...

    Keywords: touhou, bad, apple, dance, cover, tutorial, part, one, ?????, ??????
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Foundation Routine Flawless Skin (Full Coverage Tutorial) Cystic Acne & Scaring Cassandra Bankson
    Duration: 10:56

    Description: CLICK HERE FOR MORE ACNE HELP VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MODELING with Acne-Anything is Possible :) How To Control Oily Skin!!!! Model Foundation Routine: LOOK MAGAZINE READY IN REAL LIFE!!! Does Makeup Clog Pores? What Is/...

    Keywords: Foundation, Routine, full, coverage, diamondsandheels14, foundation routine for acne, teen, model, modeling with acne, today, foundation for acne, updated, for flawless skin, insider, anderson, this week, this month, 2013, 2012, terrible, acne, pimples, cover, conceal, review, how, to, beauty, tutorial, make, up, worst acne, worst, case, scaring, remove, get, rid, of, scars, whiteheads, cassandra bankson, 19, severe, cystic, makeup tips, advice, youtube, video
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars [Easy Guitar Tutorial]
    Duration: 9:55

    Description: - An easy guitar lesson for beginners who want to learn to play (and sing) "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars with no capo, no bar chords and without straining their voice. Chords Demonstrated in Guitar Lesson G, Em7, Cadd9 Chords Used in Original Song by Bruno Mars: F, Dm, Bb Lesson notes, additional tips and guitar tabs can be found through the link below: PS - Sorry about the poor singing but its easier for demonstration of pitch changes when the capo or different chords are used. Next time I'll make sure to warm up my voice and maybe try not to sing straight out of bed to reduce incidents of bleeding ears :S

    Keywords: just, the, way, you, are, bruno, mars, easy, beginner, guitar, lesson, cover, tutorial, learn, fast, no, capo, bar, chords, Em7, Cadd9
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Maroon 5 - Payphone (How to Play on Piano) feat. Wiz Khalifa Tutorial
    Duration: 7:56

    Description: Join me on Facebook: Free HQ MP3 Download: Please share, like, comment, tweet, repost, mail,... whatever you want this if you like it :) And dont forget to subscribe if you haven't already ;) Chords

    Keywords: tutorial, on, how, to, play, maroon, maroon5, payphone, piano, full, klavier, sheets, noten, Cover, Playing, payfone, wiz, khalifa, paulina, cerrilla, itsmepaulina, I'm, at, trying, call, home, change, you, times, chords, five, guitar, acoustic, singing, the, voice, adam, levine, perlerner, lerves, ernder, singer, with, hook, instrumental, team, xtina, christina, cello, blake, finalists, live, shows, performance, factor, hq, feat, ft, featuring, kalifa, califa, GINGAH, CHICK, IZ, CAWLLING, YEW., YUNO, PICK, UP?!
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. tutorial solo para ti. cover
    Duration: 10:04

    Description: este es la cancion de solo para ti es el tutorial l primera parte espero les pueda ayudar si tienen dudas este es mi correo

    Keywords: tutorial, cover, solo, para, ti, camila, acustico
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. My Cheryl Cole Cover Look
    Duration: 14:16

    Description: Watch this video on my site for product links, tips and more info. Sorry about the ads on this one! It's completely beyond my control as it serves as revenue for the publishers of Elle magazine. After posting the pictures on my blog, I had loads of requests to film a tutorial for this look which I created for Cheryl Cole's February ELLE cover. It's a great look as it's cool and sexy without being overdone, and it suits the majority of faces and skin tones. My main aim was to create a 'lived-in' smoky eye, smudgy and imperfect, which looked great paired with strong brows and a pale lip. The other main focal point of the look was strong, sculpted cheekbones, created with lots of blush and contouring - you can see some of the techniques I used on Cheryl here, and I have also filmed a Basic Powder Contouring tutorial which will give you some more tips and advice if you need it. I hope you enjoy the film!

    Keywords: Cheryl Cole, Make up, Make up artist, Elle Magazine UK Cover, Elle, Lisa Eldridge, cheryl, instructional video
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. Giovanni Bomoll Piano - Black Sky
    Duration: 4:43

    Description: Original Music by Giovanni Bomoll Piano Music Solo Guys Cover Tutorial Jazz Man Bar Giovanni Bomoll

    Keywords: Piano, Music, Solo, Guys, Cover, Tutorial, Jazz, Man, Bar, Giovanni, Bomoll
    Average rating: 4.8

    Duration: 13:11

    Description: I've had a lot of requests from people who suffer from acne asking me to film a tutorial on the best way to cover their skin with make-up, so I hope that all of you who have been holding out for it find it useful. There's a lot more information, links and tips about this subject on my site at

    Keywords: Acne., Spots, Rosacea, Concealing, Make-up, techniques, for, covering, acne, and, blemishes., Disguising, problem, skin, with
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. How to Draw the Female Face
    Duration: 13:51

    Description: This is a basic tutorial on drawing. In this tutorial I cover how to draw the female face using shapes, lines, and hatching techniques. It is designed for the beginning artist, and is also a basic fundamental that I cover in my drawing lessons on It is part of an ongoing series of drawing lessons to empower younger artists to understand and learn the basics that all artists should know. Drawing Book - Drawing Basics & Fundamentals *********************************** Software used: Corel Painted with only 3 brushes, all with default settings at a low opacity. They are: Conte brush, Eraser, and Grainy Water Blender. Tablet used: Wacom Intuos 3. Song: "The Female Face" by Juan Solorzano with Acid Music Studio 8. Sketch2Draw (My Drawing Website): JSolorzanoArts:

    Keywords: How-to, drawing, female face, eyes, lips, nose, ears, hair, shadows, cross-hatching, hatching, Painting, Speed Painting, Faces, Artist, Draw, Smile, Pencils, Eye, Corel Painter, Wacom, Drawings, Makeup, Beauty, Look, Tutorial, Cosmetics, Artwork
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Tutorial: How to Motion Track with Boujou and Cinema 4D - MCDMaker
    Duration: 12:20

    Description: my first tut, yay! :] Please comment about what i should do in my next tutorials :) Boujou fix: "Key -3.141593" "Key 0.000000" "Key -0.000000" "Key 0.000000" "ParentItem 10000001" "ParentItem 10000002" ------------------------------------------------------------- Music used: Blood of the Martyrs-The Kill (30 Seconds To Mars Cover) Voicians - UrbanShooting 3.0 OST Voicians - Mephisto Dub Voicians -Being Someone Else Voicians - In Abeyance

    Keywords: How to motion track in Boujou, Tutorial:, How, to, Motion, Track, in, Boujou, (Cinema, 4D), mcdmaker, with, HUD, Mask, tool, Combat, Arms, Animation, Animated, mcdmaker Combat Arms, EU, NA, Combat Arms, Models, C4D, Hack, Cinema 4D (Brand), Hacks, Blender, Vol, How-to (Conference Subject), Network, New
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. Fun. - We Are Young ft. Janelle Monae (Piano Cover) by LittleTranscriber
    Duration: 4:13

    Description: learn to play @ Fun. - We Are Young piano solo by me. Enjoy

    Keywords: fun, we, are, young, ft, feat, janelle, monae, Piano, Cover, by, littletranscriber, Easy, Tutorial, 2011, liltranscriber, how, to, play, solo, instrumental, Keyboard
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. An Introduction to SKSE : Tutorial
    Duration: 9:32

    Description: THIS VIDEO IS OUT OF DATE. Please go to the updated video : This is a introduction to the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE). It is aimed at people who are fairly new to modding or have never installed SKSE before. It will cover the following: 1. What SKSE is. 2. Why we use it. 3. How to install. 4. How to launch the game with SKSE running. 5. How to un-install SKSE. The latest version of SKSE can be found at: You can find archive extraction programs at http The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer. This video is in no way associated or approved by Bethesda and is intended for non commercial educational purposes only.

    Keywords: Skyrim, Script, Extender, Introduction, SKSE, Tutorial, install, use, game, mod, mods, modding, modder, steam, workshop, nexus, manager, nmm
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. After Effects Tutorials - Page turn tutorial - Part 1
    Duration: 8:50

    Description: My Twitter - My Facebook - *** Please leave a rating! *** TUTORIAL SERIES: Any questions, please leave them in the comments below and i will answer as many as i can!

    Keywords: after effects tutorial, opening book tutorial, tutorial, adobe after effects, howto opening book, howto, afx tutorial, book opening, comic book tutorial, page turn tutorial, turning page after effects, Adobe After Effects (Software), video editing
    Average rating: 5.0

  19. La maison sous les arbres - cover tutorial piano facile Yvan Jacques ad lib
    Duration: 3:52

    Description: La maison sous les arbres (Auteur Gilbert B�caud) au piano Yvan Jacques; ad lib fait � partir du logiciel Ivory ll (bordendorfer) piano solo facile entre autre au niveau des arp�ges de la main gauche. Gilbert B�caud �tait un grand de la chanson et de la musique francaise.

    Keywords: piano, solo, accords, chords, tutorial, Ivory, ll, instructions, inspirational, musical instruments, keyboard
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. ? YouTube - Sony Vegas Tutorial - How to Edit a Let's Play Episode, Part 1
    Duration: 11:53

    Description: Sony Vegas - How to Edit a Let's Play Episode - Step by Step Tutorial Part1 This is the first part of a multi-part tutorial on how to create and edit a Let's Play gameplay with commentary step by step. In this Episode I'll cover how to set up a project, discuss the choice of framerate and resolution, I also talk about fraps settings. You will also see how to import and arrange files as well as move and shorten them on the timeline. Table of content for all episodes: Part 1 : Frapssettings, Project Setting, Import of Files, Move Files, The Timeline Part 2 : Getting Rid Off Black Bars - Event PAN/CROP Tool , Simple Animation Part 3: Simple Colour Correction and creating Effect-Presets Part 4: How To Cut Files And Sharpen The Footage That It Gets A Crispy Look Part 5: Recording Commentary With Vegas , Some Hints and Tricks Part 6: More Advanced Audio Adjustments Using The Envelope Feature Part 7: Rendersettings For YT ___________________________________________________________ The song "Firefly In A Fairytale" used in the Background is a free giveaway of Audiojungle website for february 2012 - if you like that song get your free copy (for free only this month). Envato Marketplaces offers free "premium" product called "Free File of The Month" (February's 2012). This offer is for registered members only. Clean HTML CSS Template = $15 Firefly In A Fairytale (Audio Stock)= $14 Menu Maker CSS3 jQuery= $4 Count money (Stock Photo) = $3 AS3 XML Image Pan Map with ...

    Keywords: Pan, Crop, Sony, Vegas, tutorial, Black, bars, footage, cutting, cut, animation, animate, sharpen, recording, commentary, sound, envelope, presets, effect, preset, render, rendersettings, for, youtube, audio, adjustment, edit, motion, vfx, intro, after, effects, adobe, premiere, videoediting
    Average rating: 4.3

  21. After Effects Tutorials - Page turn tutorial - Part 2
    Duration: 11:45

    Description: My Twitter - My Facebook - *** Please remember to rate the video! :) *** TUTORIAL SERIES: PART 1: Any questions, please leave them in the comments below and i will do my best to answer them!

    Keywords: after effects tutorial, opening book tutorial, tutorial, adobe after effects, howto opening book, howto, afx tutorial, book opening, comic book tutorial, page turn tutorial, turning page after effects, Adobe After Effects (Software), video editing, software tutorial, animation, Help
    Average rating: 4.8

  22. DIY Rainbow Cut-Off Shorts
    Duration: 9:27

    Description: Sorry about all the butt in your face =/ Thanks @brittanyschoice for filming!! Facebook & Twitter: Song: Madeon: pop culture cover-

    Keywords: andreaschoice, rainbow, shorts, diy, andrea, andreas, choice, cut, off, jeans, denim
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Lufia 2 - Boss Battle Theme (Metal cover)
    Duration: 1:42

    Description: Reupload from my old channel. "Well, I was surfing YouTube after posting my Phoenix Wright video and saw a YouTuber called 'FamilyJules7X' who does these insane video game music covers. And on his channel he posted a tutorial, so I thought i'd try to follow it and see what came out of it. Though this video just turned out like all my other ones =D - 'Follow main theme of song and improv a solo'. Oh well, I picked up a couple of neat mixing tricks so its cool. For the rhythm guitar, I recorded it three times, one to the left and right. Then the track in the middle, I played the power chords an octave higher and kept it reasonably low in the mix. Seemed to make it more crunchy, but more fuzzy too ='(. " Guitar - Ibanez PGM301 Strings - Native Instruments Kontakt Songs Lufia 2 - Boss Theme

    Keywords: boss, theme, pgm301, Metal, Theme Song, Battle, Against, Heavy, Lufia, RPG, SNES, II:, Rise, of, the, Sinistrals, familyjules7x

  24. How to Draw the Female Face 2
    Duration: 8:08

    Description: This is a medium to advanced tutorial on drawing. In this tutorial I cover how to draw the female face using shapes, lines, and hatching techniques. It is designed for the beginning artist, and is also a basic fundamental that I cover in my drawing lessons on

    Keywords: How-to, Face, Art, drawing, Draw, Faces, Artist, pencil, Drawings, Hair, Eye, Iris, Pupil, Eyebrow, Eyelash, nose
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Learn 20 Songs Using Only 4 Chords!
    Duration: 10:03

    Description: I had to reupload this because it cut off at the end, but here it is again! :) The strumming pattern was done by ear, if you're having trouble just repeat it several times with the video and it should come naturally. Here is part 2 using new chords and new and current songs! Hope you enjoy! Songs- 1. Fly- Nicki Minaj Ft. Rihanna 2. Apologize- One Rebuplic 3. Rocketeer- Far East Movement 4. Mine- Taylor Swift 5. I Run To You- Lady Antebellum 6. Perfect- Pink 7. Firework- Katy Perry 8. Jar Of Hearts- Christina Perry 9. DJ Got Us Falling In Love- Usher 10. For The First Time- The Script 11. Strip Me- Natasha Bedingfield 12. ET- Katy Perry 13. I'm Coming Home- P. Diddy Ft. Skylar Grey 14. Just A Dream- Nelly 15. What's My Name- Rihanna 16. Animal- Neon Trees 17. Waiting For The End- Linkin Park 18. I Need A Doctor- Dr. Dre Ft. Eminem 19. Rhythm Of Love- Plain White T's 20. Misery- Maroon 5

    Keywords: learn, 20, songs, using, only, chords, acoustic, guitar, cover, tutorial, fly, nicki, minaj, ft., rihanna, apologize, one, reublic, rocketeer, far, east, movement, mine, taylor, swift, run, lady, antebellum, perfect, pink, firework, katy, perry, jar, hearts, christina, perri, DJ, got, falling, love, usher, first, time, script, strip, me, natasha, bedingfield, et, coming, home, diddy, skylar, grey, just, dream, nelly, whats, name, animal, neon, trees, waiting, end, linkin, park, need, doctor, dr, dre, eminem, rhythm, plain, white, ts, misery, maroon
    Average rating: 4.9

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