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  1. New Year's Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 11:08

    Description: This is one of my fave looks to do so I wanted to use it as one of my New Year's looks. To see the inspiration picture for this look and a list of all the products I used, go to To order your own Mint Brushes, go to Join my Facebook Group and send me your requests at https Follow me on Twitter at xo Eman

    Keywords: new year, eve, new year's eve, cosmetics, makeup, tutorial, smokey eye, smoky eye, evening makeup, celebrity makeup, makeup artist, eman makeup, beauty, lashes, sexy makeup, vancouver makeup artist
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. New No heat curly-wavy hair tutorial- No products, no curlers, no french braiding
    Duration: 13:08

    Description: My blog: QUALITY AFFORDABLE BRUSHES: Hey guys so today I did New No Heat Curly/Wavy Hair Tutorial using no products, no Curlers, no french braiding. This hair tutorial is very easy to do, and you can do this anytime, and anywhere, since all you need is just your hair alone... For this tutorial I'm NOT going to be using any sponge rollers, bendy rollers, bobby pins, rag/rocks, or any heatless hair tools. Also, this doesn't require you to French braid your hair. All you need for this tutorial is simply just your hair and water. You might need a spray for this. I hope you guys find this helpful. Don't hesitate to ask me questions if you have any. LEAVE REQUESTS OR TALK TO ME ON FACEBOOK: Follow me on twitter: beautyklove Background music: Originally made for me by my dad!

    Keywords: No heat curls tutorial, no heat waves, beachy wavy hair without heat, no products, sponge curlers, bobby pins, bend rollers, French braid, easy no heat waves, long hair, Filipina makeup guru, Philippines, no heat wavy hair overnight, no heat beachy waves, 2011 hairstyles, socks curls, no heat products, cocoons, butter fly hair, cocoonies, beatyklove
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. FIFA 12 Skill Move Tutorials - ??? Skill Moves Tutorial HD (Including New Skills)
    Duration: 1:28

    Description: THE BEST Tutorial On How To Do All The 5 Star Skill Moves In FIFA 12 Watch Other Tutorials : SKILLS TUTORIALS ? 1 Star Skills ? ? 2 Star Skills ?? ? 3 Star Skills ??? ? 4 Star Skills ???? ? 5 Star Skills ????? ? Juggling Skills, Fancy Passing, Roulette Backheel ? Fancy/Flair Shooting Tutorial CELEBRATION TUTORIALS ? Running Celebrations : ? Free Kick Tutorials Coming Soon! __________________________________________ WANT TO GET PARTNERED? MBGamerz - A new Video Games community channel created to help YOU get noticed on youtube and get more exposure to views/subscriers! JUMP ON BOARD - GET RECOGNIZED! __________________________________________ Music By - Dustsucker ? Rate ? Comment ? Subscribe

    Average rating: 5.0

  4. The Tutorial Show - How to Link a Partner Background with the New Layout
    Duration: 6:17

    Description: Link to Image Maps: Download the Template i Use:

    Keywords: Tutorial, how, to, Link, Partner, Background, with, the, New, Layout, nutrafx
    Average rating: 4.7

  5. Makeup Tutorial For My Vlogs (for unskilled people)
    Duration: 16:42

    Description: You guys asked for it so here it is. This look is what I wear when I do vlogs and stuff, a little more makeup than I would usually wear every day but it's what you wanted. Sorry it's a long video, but since it's from start to finish I tried to make it as short as possible. Products Used: FACE: Mac Studio Tech foundation- NW25 Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural- Medium Plus Mac Bronzing Powder- Refined Golden Lorac Blush- Peach EYES: Nars Eyeshadow Duo- Portobello (I also mentioned Bellisima) Maybelline New York Eyestudio Gel Liner- Blackest Black (Pretty sure my eyelashes are Ardel from like Sally or other Beauty Supply stores) Maybelline New York Volum' Express Mascara- Blackest Black BROWS: Mac Eyebrow Pencil- Taupe Mac Eyeshadow- Espresso Mac Eyeshadow- Tissue Weight LIPS: Makeup Forever- S24

    Keywords: jenna, mourey, marbles, make, up, makeup, tutorial, mac, nars, forever, every, day, natural, brown, gray, light, pink, peach, lashes, eyebrows, brow, bronzer, tan, beauty, look, has, haul, cosmetics, eyes, review, foundation
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Minecraft Tutorials - 23 - How to Survive & Thrive (Mob Trap)
    Duration: 15:25

    Description: Tutorial for Minecraft Alpha (where bad things come out from the dark and try to eat you). This tutorial series is intended to help new players learn to survive & thrive in the Minecraft Alpha universe. In this episode, I show you how to make a basic Mob trap to ensnare, and snuff, unwary monsters and animals (don't tell PETA!). It also conveniently collects items dropped by the mobs into neat little piles at the bottom of the trap, making it a cinch for you to harvest. The original designer of this mob trap is 'drunkoncustard': For questions, please visit my Minecraft FAQ before asking here. Thanks!

    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft alpha, minecraft survival, minecraft tutorial, pc gaming, minecraft halloween, minecraft nether, minecraft trap, mob trap
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Minecraft Tutorial - Supreme Class Asian Style House (Japanese Castle)
    Duration: 53:36

    Description: Here is the final installment of the Asian style house tutorials. Finally, the Japanese Castle, or Supreme Class Asian style house. Please like, favorite, subscribe, and comment! I would love to see any video responses showing off your own interior ideas for this house. See you guys again soon with a new series of tutorial videos!

    Keywords: Minecraft, asian, theme, style, house, architecture, Tuuvas, tutorial, Japanese, anime, supreme, class, Castle, Edo, Japan, Feudal, Big, Noobtoob, Custom, skin, Asia, Forteress
    Average rating: 4.9

  8. Illustrator CS6 | Beginner Tutorial [Getting Started - Basic Tools]
    Duration: 14:54

    Description: Create your first design artwork with Adobe Illustrator CS6!! Beginner Tutorial - Basic Tools - Getting started. Easy step, one-by-one! **Check the video description for the quick index of the tutorial** NO VOICE? I have a bad pronunciation, I am working on making vocal tutorials in the future for sure. CHECK THE FULL LIST OF TUTORIALS HERE v ?????????Find here what you are looking for?????????? -00:33 How to open a New File; -01:26 The Tool Panel (how to add elements); -01:42 How to Open Windows closed; -01:54 Structure of a single element designed: the path and the anchors -02:57 The Layer Window: structure of a layer and its elements; How to create a new layer; How to delete a layer; -04:11 The Control Panel: general editing of your element (fill,stroke,style,color...); -05:54 How to add Opacity and how to use Layer Masks; -07:28 How to add and edit Gradients; -08:32 The order of Visibility; -08:51 Quick editing: scaling, moving, rotating, easy selections, cutting, pasting; -09:56 Zoom and Hand Tools; -10:27 Quick color editing; -10:58 Drawing options of visibility; -11:26 How to delete actions mistaken; -11:37 Free drawing: Paintbrush, Blob Brush Tools; -12:27 How to delete elements and paths: Path Eraser, Eraser, Scissors Tools; -13:34 The Knife Tool; -13:52 The Text Tool: how to add text; -14:15 How to Save your file (as an image or a project); ??????VIDEO????INFO??????????? ??pro?r??? ??ed: Sony Vegas Pro 11 ...

    Keywords: adobe, illustrator, dreamweaver, cs6, create, artwork, design, image, website, introduction, beginner, tutorial, getting, started, basic, tools, cs5, cs5.5, creative, suite, download, trial, crack, serial, Adobe Dreamweaver (Software), Photoshop, 6deepkey9, Free, Tutorial (Literary Genre), Adobe Photoshop (Software), Illustrator (Profession)
    Average rating: 4.1

  9. Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride" Emily Makeup (+Hair) Tutorial
    Duration: 14:57

    Description: Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy this tutorial - it's pretty long... but Thanks for watching! This is my Absolute favorite character. love love love Emily and The Corpse Bride! I've done this look once before, and I made a few changes for this new one...and I think they were for the better! LOOK REQUESTED BY user djvlk1 - thank you! ***If you would like me to do a tutorial for covering your eyebrows, please comment below!! (There are a bunch out there already, and my favorite is petrilude's is the link: Thanks again for watching!! Products used: -Elmer's Washable School Glue Stick (to cover eyebrows) -Ben Nye Creme Color (CL-1 WHITE) -Ben Nye Stack-Up (SP-4 BLUE) -Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencil (EP-9 BLACK) -NYC Kohl Eyeliner Pencil (926 WHITE) -Maybelline New York Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (BLACK) -Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme (BLACKBERRY) -Sephora Colorista Custom Makeup Palette (most all of the blue eyeshadow shades, plus a light pink lip gloss -Fright Night Spyder Woman Lashes -Blue and White hairspray LINKS: (she does ALL of my photography!!) I CLAIM NO RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC!! ALL RIGHTS GO TO WARNER BROS. RECORDS AND DANNY ELFMAN. Here are the songs in order: 1-Remains of the Day 2-The Wedding Song 3-Tears to Shed 4-The Party Arrives 5-Main Titles 6-The Piano Duet

    Keywords: Tutorial, makeup, tim, burton, corpse, bride, halloween, character, movie, helena, bonham, carter, danny, elfman, emily
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. MW3 Glitches - Unlimited Care Package Glitch! [TUTORIAL]
    Duration: 1:38

    Description: Be Sure To Subscribe to him for More! Tutorial down there : 1. Put These On Killstreak UAV, CARE PACKAGE, IMS 2. TELL YOUR FRIEND TO PUT JUGGERNAUT KILLSTREAK ON 3. TELL YOUR FRIEND TO GET JUGGERNAUT 4. YOU GET ALL YOUR KILLSTREAKS 5. THEN PICK UP HIS JUGGERNAUT 6. THEN GO TO CARE PACKAGE 7. Then Hold RT On Xbox 8. then press down on d-pad 9. then place your care package 10. You Should Still Have Care Package 11. Pick Up Care Package Then Keep doing it 12. You Should Have Unlimited Care Packages enjoy! CONNECT WITH GAMELABEL FOR MORE MW3 GAMEPLAY! TWITTER FACEBOOK MW3 Glitches NEW Unlimited Care Package Multiplayer Glitch!! Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 New (film) New (song) Hack Combat Hacks Arms Mod Weapon Cod Cod4 Call Duty Mw2 Album Combat Arms Montage Small But Deadly! | Episode 33 | Syndicate's Race To Prestige Small But Deadly! | Episode 33 | Syndicate's Race To Prestige Small But Deadly! | Episode 33 | Syndicate's Race To Prestige

    Keywords: gamelabel, crysiscinema, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, *NEW*, MW3, Glitches, Unlimited, Care, Package, Multiplayer, Glitch!, mw3 care package glitch, carepackage glitch on mw3, Carepack, glitch, on, mw3 gltches, mw3 PRESTIGE Tokens Glitch, PRESTIGE Tokens Glitch on mw3, mw3 map glitches, mw3 glitches today, today, cod, gliches, xbox, 360, ps3, underground, mission
    Average rating: 3.2

  11. Battlefield 3 Online Gameplay - How To Fly a Jet Simple Tutorial For Beginners
    Duration: 11:51

    Description: How To Fly Jets Simple Tutorial For Beginners If you are new to the BF3 Jets then have a look at this simpel tutorial with some good tips and trix :) Battlefield online game play commentery and Battlefield online game play live commentery. If you have any questions about Battlefield 3 and its gameplay online feal free to post a comment ;)

    Keywords: Caspian, Border, Tank, AA, AT, and, Chopper, But, no, Jet, This, Time, Battlefield open beta gameplay, Anti-aircraft warfare, imanderzel, anderzel, jet planes, Battlefield 3 Online Gameplay
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Templar Training - Tracking Targets by loomer979 (Assassin's Creed Revelations Gameplay/Tutorial)
    Duration: 8:18

    Description: Click here to watch Multiplayer Explained by EscoBlades (Assassin's Creed Revelations Gameplay/Commentary) Templar Training: Tracking Targets by loomer979 (Assassin's Creed Revelations Gameplay/Tutorial) This is the first episode in a new series of strategy videos for Assassin's Creed Revelations multiplayer. This episode shows you how to pick your target out of the crowd without using any abilities. Whether you're a new player or a veteran, you should find some useful tips in this video. The music in this video: - All music is taken from the multiplayer soundtrack for Assassin's Creed Revelations. DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: DIRECTOR'S TWITTER: DIRECTOR'S FACEBOOK: GRAPHICS EDITOR'S CHANNEL: Visit the NEW Inside Gaming Blog! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This Respawn video will show you How to play Assassin's Creed Revelations How to use the compass How to use line of sight screening How to pick your target out of the crowd How to make better guesses about who your target is - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Like Machinima Respawn on Facebook! Enlist in the Respawn Army! FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO ...

    Keywords: yt:quality=high, Assassins, Creed, Revelations, Brotherhood, Ubisoft, Montreal, Microsoft, Windows, Sony, Playstation, PS3, Xbox, 360, X360, Xbox360, box, 3rd, Person, Third, action, adventure, Sandbox, Rome, Renaissance, blade, kill, stab, climb, stealth, multiplayer, gameplay, commentary, machinima, respawn, how to, tutorial, guide, tips, strategy, templar, training, compass, line, of, sight, screening, target, acquisition, crowd, crusader, loomer, loomer979
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. Lea Michele Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
    Duration: 19:33

    Description: So the look the had the second highest number of votes was the Lea Michele smoky eyes. This look is great for a night out. To see the products I used go to Have fun trying it out! xo Eman Keep up with me on my BLog Join my Facebook Page and send me your requests at https Follow me on Twitter at

    Keywords: lea michele, grammys, makeup tutorial, smoky eyes, smoky eye, celebrity makeup, evening makeup, mac cosmetics, makeup forever, eman aziz, vancouver makeup artist
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. Minecraft Tutorials - 38 - How to Survive & Thrive (Monster Spawner Trap)
    Duration: 19:35

    Description: Step-by-step guide to build a Monster Spawner Trap in Minecraft Beta. Credit for trap design goes to AvidyaZen: Download my world map here: Get Minecraft here: Please take a moment to RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Thank you! BLOG TWITTER YOUTUBE: FAQ:

    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft survival, minecraft dad, minecraft family, family server, minecraft server, minecraft multiplayer, minecraft smp, minecraft beta, minecraft farming, paulsoaresjr, gameplay, commentary, beginner, strategy, guide, playthrough, tutorial, instructions, gaming, video game, howto, how-to, minecraft 1.8, monster, spawner, trap, collector
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. Minecraft Tutorials - 13 - How to Survive & Thrive (Crafting with Iron)
    Duration: 14:26

    Description: Tutorial for Minecraft. I do some crafting with the iron I'd found recently. I make an Iron Bucket, Pick, and Sword. I also show how to collect water in the bucket. After that I head down into the deep dark places in search of Redstone and get myself into a spot of trouble.... Subscribe for more: BLOG: TWITTER FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: FAQ: Get Minecraft here: Want more Minecraft Secrets? Get the "Survival Guide"! http

    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft basics, minecraft survival, minecraft dad, minecraft server, minecraft beta, paulsoaresjr, gameplay, commentary, beginner, strategy, guide, playthrough, tutorial, instructions, gaming, video game, howto, how-to
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. [Speed Intro #10] + Tutorial
    Duration: 4:47

    Description: Read Please. Tweet it - Playlist - Twitter - Donate, Help me get better equipment - I started these episodes just to upload something while i was waiting for my camera. My camera is here but ive gotten such a good response to these episodes so im going to keep on doing them. You can customize them as you like! :) includes (Ae File & the font & Footage)Win Rar Needed) Hope you guys like it. :) -Gunnar. Windows Intro: Mac Intro: WinRar: For free After Effects Trial visit. Music Used: Unlimited Gravity - Lift Your Spirit Buy the song here - Follow them at. ?Unlimited Gravity ?Prime Dub --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stalk me. YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - Vimeo - Daportfolio - UprisingDnB -

    Keywords: free, after, effects, intro, template, cs4, cs3, cs5, cs6, new, fitures, blablabla, speed, ae, 2d, gunnaredits, Adobe, (Software), Valentine, Mass, Special, random, tag, ftw
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. How to Snipe in Battlefield 3 Tutorial Tips Multiplayer Gameplay
    Duration: 5:04

    Description: Subscribe for more Battlefield 3 Like, Comment, and Subscribe to my channel for more. Class setup: M40A5 with M145 (3.4x) scope and laser sight HOW TO BECOME A PRO IN BATTLEFIELD 3 HOW TO SNIPE IN BATTLEFIELD 3 HOW TO QUICKSCOPE IN BATTLEFIELD 3 HOW TO DRAGSCOPE IN BATTLEFIELD 3 HOW TO...

    Keywords: battlefield 3, battlefield 3 gameplay, bf3, battlefield 3 online, battlefield 3 trailer, mav, micro, uav, tutorial, rush, glitches, sniping, quick, scoping, tdm, beta, gameplay, online, multiplayer, cheat, how, to, epic, troll, funny, fail, fly, helicopter, review, glitch, ps3, xbox, pc, best, gun, kit, load, out, machinima, respawn, new, tips, and, tricks, spot, montage, call, of, duty, cod, mw3, modern, warfare, leaked, tank, overpowered, grenade, tactics, strategy, is, it, worth, buying, medic, assault, engineer, recon
    Average rating: 4.1

  18. Trickshot ProTricks - Over The Shoulder | Tutorial
    Duration: 3:46

    Description: [20 Likes?] Read The Description Below. -HATERS Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. Luna Trickshot ProTricks Over The Shoulder Episode: 5 Modern Warfare 2 Thanks for watching, Please Rate, comment, and if you want more TuTs LIKE this then just Subscribe! Special Thanks For "Pralaque, update clear, Jyst Drizz, Ohh Churr, & More" For being Dummy :) STEPS AGAIN? No Steps, Be Creative, Get Creative! BE VERY PATIENT AND PRACTICE ALOT!! TIMING IS KEY!!! Song: Martin Solveig - The Night Out(Madeon Remix) Follow Us On TwitchTV! Founder? No Founder...duh?

    Keywords: Over, The, Shoulder, Mid-Air, Shots, new, 2012, tu7, download, trickshot, pro, tricks, kanga, cant, snipe, brand, tutorail, Voice, tutorial, mw2, modern, warfare, mw3, cod, call, of, duty, how, to, do, get, on, top, plane, terminal, favela, faveler, trickshots, montage, episode, clan, sniping, snipin, zoom, load
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Minecraft - Redstone Tutorial #2 Automatic/Advanced Lift - WAY?
    Duration: 4:26

    Description: Subscribe to my new channel by clicking here! Pleeeease follow me at Our Second Redstone Tutorial which is of a advanced lift. The materials used are: 7 Sticky Pistons 8 Redstone Repeaters 32 Redstone Dust Block of your Choice

    Keywords: Minecraft Tutorial, Elevator, Tips, tekkit, jaffacake, jaffa, cake, duncan, minecraft, simon, lewis, xephos, honeydew, yogscast, technic, pack, honeydewinc, sjin, sipsco, sips, co, inc, dirt, production, redstone creation, minecraft free for, download is down, texture packs, dokucraft, play worlds, the redstone torch, repeaters in
    Average rating: 4.7

  20. The FPS Show - How to get Sleight of Hand Pro fast - Black Ops Pro Perks Tutorial
    Duration: 8:31

    Description: Welcome to this new series on how to get your pro perks for Black Ops in the fastest way possible. Episode 1: Intro and Sleight of Hand Bump it on Respawn: Stay tuned for more of this series Follow STG on Twitter at

    Keywords: black ops, blackops, pro, perks, gaming, commentary, howto, how, to, fps, sleight, of, hand, hardline, hacker, ninja, steady, aim, scavenger, lightweight, hardened, flak, jacket, second, chance, warlord, scout, tactical, mask, tutorial, call, duty, call duty, video game, tips & tricks, tips & tricks
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Minecraft Tutorials - E01 How to Survive your First Night (UPDATED!)
    Duration: 15:15

    Description: This tutorial will show you how to survive your first night in Minecraft, where bad things come out from the dark and try to eat you. You'll learn what to do in the first few minutes of the game (while the sun is shining) in order to survive the coming night! Subscribe for more: WEB: TWITTER FACEBOOK: Get Minecraft here: Tags yt:quality=high minecraft "minecraft alpha" "minecraft beta" "minecraft 1.0" "minecraft survival" "minecraft tutorial" "minecraft help" "pc gaming" paulsoaresjr tutorial gameplay commentary tips secrets beta gaming computer retro help beginners survival guide how to survive "survive and thrive" first night

    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft alpha, minecraft beta, minecraft 1.0, minecraft survival, minecraft tutorial, minecraft help, pc gaming, paulsoaresjr, tutorial, gameplay, commentary, tips, secrets, beta, gaming, computer, retro, help, beginners, survival, guide, how, to, survive, survive and thrive, first, night
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Get Perfect Curls with sound and talking ( Orginal Re-upload)
    Duration: 7:40

    Description: FLAT IRON USED *AMAZING* ( lasted 6 years and finally died last year) + FREE SHIPPING + 5% OFF discount code: LOVE There is a newer version of this iron, a even better model that I would recommend and its called the Corioliss Pro V Hot Pink Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron and here is the link: + FREE SHIPPING + 5% OFF discount code: LOVE ??????????????????????????????????? ? ? Why I only love buying hair tools from FIE ? Spend $100 get over $70 in free gifts back! ? ? ?5% Off code : LOVE ? ?FREE MINI KQC IRON ? ?FREE THERMAL POUCH ? ?FREE IRON STAND ? ?FREE SHIPPING ??????????????????????????????????? This hair tutorial is so easy and fast to do! YES! The curl will honestly last up to 3 days!!!!!! I promise you that :) I love this look! Try it out and show me some pics or make a video respond! :) ?BEST PLACES TO SHOP AT ONLINE 5% OFF "LOVE" 10% OFF "DREAM" http ?MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS ?ADD ME, LIKE ME, LETS GET CLOSER! ?MAIL ME Rose Russo 5175 Yonge Street,Suite 143 Toronto,On M2N5P5 CANADA ? ? ? With over 5 Million hits sadly the original video got blocked in almost all countries. You can't hear me talk anymore in the old video :( I've added some new music to spice it ...

    Keywords: How to Curl your hair, with a flat iron, Big Sexy Hair, Curling hair tutorial, Rose Russo, How to tease your hair, Super, model, curls, waves, Corioliss, Pro, Fix, pink, Tourmaline, flat, iron, KQC, rosebud143, get, perfect, with, sound, and, talking, re, upload
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Blake Lively Makeup Tutorial! | Awesome August!
    Duration: 8:57

    Description: Thank you so much for watching! Don't forget to give this video a THUMBS UP if you liked it! SUBSCRIBE - **Incase you're wondering, "Awesome August" means there's going to be a new beauty video up every other day on this channel! Yay!** ________________________________ FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND MORE: FACEBOOK TWITTER WATCH MORE OF MY VIDEOS ON MY CHANNEL PAGE VLOG CHANNEL BLOG PINTEREST http INSTAGRAM tanyaburr ________________________________ PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation MAC Omega Eyeshadow Revlon Colourstay Palette in Decadent MAC Carbon Eyeshadow MAC Nylon Eyeshadow Illamasqua Pencil in Vow Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer YSL Bronzing Powder Rimmel Stay Matte Powder MAC Springsheen Blush Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter Revlon Soft Rose Lipstick Bobbi Brown Buff Lip Gloss ________________________________ The music at the end of this video is by my friend Landon Austin and you can buy it here on iTunes - ________________________________ What's on my nails? CND Shellac French Manicure ________________________________ If you are a new viewer then hello! My name is Tanya Burr and I make beauty videos here on YouTube! Since I am a makeup artist I primarily do makeup tutorials, however I also make the odd fashion video! Thank you for watching my videos and I hope you enjoy my beauty tips :-)

    Keywords: Blake, Lively, Makeup, Tutorial!, |, Awesome, August!
    Average rating: 5.0

  24. Wedding hairstyles for medium long hair tutorial Bridal prom updo Gibson tuck roll
    Duration: 4:01

    Description: JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK *** In this Holiday autumn / winter 2012 heatless hair tutorial I'll show you how to do a Gibson tuck / roll great for New Years eve and Christmas. This is a timeless sophisticated and elegant hairstyle that never seems to go out of style. This glamorous and chic hairdo is perfect for all formal special occasions and evening events such asprom, homecoming, graduation party, ball, reception, wedding guests. This classic red carpet hairstyle will also look great as a bridal or bridesmaid hairdo. It is suitable for a job interview, for work in the office. *** H????????? ???????? ???????? ?? ??????? ????? ?? ?????????, ?????? ??????? ??????? ????????? ???????? ???????? ???? ?? ??????? ?????? ???????? ???????, ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ????, ??????? ???????? ?? ??????? ??????, ?? ?????? ??????? ?????, ??????? ??????? ????? ??? ?????? ? ????????, ??? ??????, ?????????? ???????? ??? ??????????, ??????????, ?????, ?????????, ???????? ????, ??????? ??????? ???????? ?? ??????? ??????, ???????? ?? ??????? ?????? ?? 5 ????? Modne fryzury z dlugich wlosow krok po kroku -- fryzura sylwestrowa, na sylwestra, modne, wieczorowe, na wesele, ?lubne, na ?lub, na studniowke, na impreze Elegante hochsteckfrisuren, schnelle einfache frisur f�r die schule, f�r mittel haare, f�r mittellange haare, frisuren zum selber machen f�r lange haare, f�r locken, f�r glatte haare Peinados faciles de moda para cabello largo paso a paso y rapidos de hacer, de fiesta, de ...

    Keywords: wedding hairstyles, for medium hair, prom updo, bridal updo, hairstyles, long hair tutorial, braided, updo, hairstyle, for, medium, long, hair, tutorial, gibson, tuck, roll, prom hairstyles, for long hair, for straight hair, cute, easy, formal, classic, vintage, edwardian, victorian, romantic, party, without heat, hair tutorial, beautiful, elegant, look, bubzbeauty, winter, 2012, hochsteckfrisuren, f�r, lange, haare, frisuren zum selber machen, acconciature capelli lunghi, lilith moon
    Average rating: 5.0

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