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Video search results for Maxey

  1. Teaching Video - www. Josh Maxey .com
    Duration: 2:50

    Description: This is a short clip of me teaching. The topic is ideas to apply to chords/songs you already know. 1. Dynamics, 2. Single notes with Chords, 3. Bass Notes and strum, 4. Leaving Space. Using a couple of conceptual ideas can breath life into songs you already know. These four are easy to explain and put into use. Whether you've been playing a long time, or just beginning, these are some ideas that could make what you are playing sound better. More info at

    Keywords: guitar, lesson, teacher, lessons, school, learn, to, play, nyc, beginning, acoustic, basic, for, beginners, new, york, rhythm, newbie, chord, secret, timing, music, along, transition, keep, on, inspiration, thoughts, guru, level, exercise, tutorial, free, josh, maxey
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Led Zeppelin's The Rain Song Maxey Nicholson Duo
    Duration: 5:46

    Description: David Nicholson is a painter, he lives and works in NYC and Berlin, Germany. Josh Maxey is a jazz guitarist and composer, living and working in NYC. Check out David's work at: Check out Josh's work at:

    Keywords: Led, Zeppelin, The, Rain, Song, Josh, Maxey, David, Nicholson, Painter, Jazz, guitarist, duo, live, music, acoustic, guitar, d'angelico, archtop, solo, picking, strumming, warehouse, fence, buckets, hoodie, amp, flip, video, hd, brooklyn, blues, rock, instrumental, late, night, rehearsal, teacher, lessons, jamming, improvisation, unplugged, solo guitar, electric guitar, rock guitar, classics, rock blues, melodic
    Average rating: 4.1

  3. promotionclip - maxey
    Duration: 40

    Description: ### SUBSCRIBE TO US ### TAKE US IN OTHER CHANNELS AND WE DO IT WITH YOUR CHANNEL ### SUBSCRIBE TO US ### This is a promotion clip for our vfx-artist maxey. You can see edited scenes from CoD:Black Ops & Counter-Strike Source. We cut together some clips from him and made a fresh new intro. Intro was created by reaxxi0n(sound effects,rendering) and maxey(animation) Counter-Strike Source frags from: Subscribe to us!

    Keywords: black, ops, frag, movie, counter, strike, source, clip, ownage, gaming, productions, studio, crash, pictures, ghost, nova, xime3st, danybaron, slink, bibanator, incorporated, css, pwnage, tutorial, games, world, at, war, modern, warfare, call, of, duty
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Lava Base Tutorial
    Duration: 9:36

    Description: Lava base Tutorial. These will be done for My Greyknight Army.

    Keywords: Gaming, 40k, warhammer, games, bases, basing
    Average rating: 4.5

  5. How to Solo over Chord Changes, Jazz Guitar Lesson for Ornithology
    Duration: 5:06

    Description: New Record, Incarnate, Name-Your-Own-Price Here is a 5 minute lesson on a couple of line ideas you can use for the first few chords of Charlie Parker's Ornithology. There are many ways to play over chords, and I wanted to share some of the devices that I use. Maybe they'll give you another perspective and open up some areas that will help you. One of the main topics is not sounding too major, instead, sounding three (iii-7) major. Visit and find me on twitter:

    Keywords: jazz, guitar, lesson, how, to, solo, on, chord, changes, charlie, parker, ornithology, high, the, moon, josh, joshua, maxey, d'angelico, george, benson, picking, major, 7th, chords, minor, blues, intstructions, lessons, new, electric, solo guitar
    Average rating: 4.8

  6. How to Block people on facebook
    Duration: 1:22

    Description: This is a tutorial on how to block and unblock people on facebook.

    Keywords: 20110722, 1018, 37, Block, tutorial, facebook, unblock, howto, how, help, youtube, blocking, people, FB, you-tube, ryan, maxey, ryanmaxey,,, discussion, google, myspace, hack, tips, messenger, need, tricks, msn, please, account, your, learn
    Average rating: 1.0

  7. Jessica with
    Duration: 12

    Description: Give us a call at (646) 286-1627 to set up a guitar, piano, or drum lesson in the NYC area!

    Keywords: musicteachersnearyou, music, teachers, near, you, in, your, home, guitar, lesson, teacher, lessons, school, learn, to, play, nyc, beginning, acoustic, basic, for, beginners, new, york, rhythm, newbie, chord, secret, timing, along, transition, keep, on, inspiration, thoughts, guru, level, exercise, tutorial, free, jessica, jess, maxey
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. how to do a system update on a 3DS
    Duration: 1:28

    Description: This vid will show you everything u need to no

    Keywords: howto, preform, system, update, on, the3ds
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Video 2 - How to bake a perfect & moist cake
    Duration: 5:54

    Description: By using this method, you will never have a dry cake. Please excuse the rapid movement of the camera. My 10 yr old daughter Maxey was shooting the video. Next video - How to shoot a video - LOL. Enjoy and thank you for the emails. Keep 'em coming. Meanwhile, we'll try to improve.

    Keywords: baking, cake, moist, home, food, how, to, arts&, Crafts
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Xotic Eyes - How To Video
    Duration: 1:48

    Description: See how easy it is to be Xotic. As simple as "Peel, Stick, Fill and Go."

    Keywords: xotic eyes, how to, makeup, make up, body art, pop star, exotic eyes, xotic body art, exotic body art, exotic models, exotic female, exotic male, shannon maxey, glitter, rhinestones, glamour, superstar, super star, gaga, body adhesive, vixen, passion, ice queen, lush, bella blush, bloodlust, corpse scar, corpse lips, geisha lips, illusion, dance, dancers
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. how to use ultravnc
    Duration: 5:22

    Description: DONT FORGET TO RATE AND COMMENT!!! if you need help please comment!

    Keywords: How-to, use, ultra, on, your, computer, screen, recorder, Windows, Own, Kings, Maker, Tutorial, Desktop, Apple, Basic, Somebody, Cover, howto, great, fun, way, to, make, youtube, videos
    Average rating: 2.0

  12. how to play pumped up kicks on guitar
    Duration: 1:38

    Description: maxey5310's webcam video August 5, 2011 05:54 PM

    Keywords: webcam, video, maxey5310
    Average rating: 4.5

  13. Seize the Day Cover by Syndric
    Duration: 5:31

    Description: This is me doing a cover of Seize the day by the Great Avenged Sevenfold. I messed up on some parts mostly at the end when i went to do my sweeps, i lost focus on what i was doing so please dont judge based off of that... other than that i hope you enjoy it and please leave comments

    Keywords: sexiest, sexy, seize the day cover, seize, avenged sevenfold, almost, almost easy, critical acclaim, a7x, syn, syndric, synyster gates, matt, rev, cover, how to play guitar, best seize the day cover, best song, metal, rock, hard core, love, love song, joe cartoon, sexy ass
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. The Internet's Most Viewed Independent Religious Music Video? - (free download at our website)
    Duration: 5:19


    Keywords: unsigned artist, indie rock, Christian music video, Christian artist, artist, cd, album, videos, songs, artists, religious, Howard Stern Show, featured video, band, top, indie, song, facebook, twitter, christian, group, youtube, unsigned, bands, indie band, indie bands, unsigned band, unsigned bands, unsigned artists, indie artists, indie artist, indie music, unsigned music, indie music video, unsigned music video, recording artists, hotmail, google, yahoo, gmail, fb, ebay, face

  15. Tyra Banks going crazy
    Duration: 2:21

    Description: funny video of Tyra Banks going totally apeshit at a contestent of America's next Top Model because she didn't react to being eliminated the way Tyra wanted her to! hope you enjoy the annotations haha Note: Saw many people asking which cycle this is, apparently it's Cycle 4 Episode 7.

    Keywords: Tyra, Banks, America's, next, top, model, entertainment, yelling, crazy, fashion, TV, hilarious, funny, cool, omg, usa, girl, woman
    Average rating: 4.7

  16. Texas Legislation
    Duration: 3:55

    Description: Which should bother you more, that half aren't even there, or what happens when they're not?

    Keywords: Voter, reform, texas, legislation, voting, representatives, legislature, house
    Average rating: 4.9

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