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The Rapper

"The Rapper" is a song by The Jaggerz, written by band member Dominic Ierace, better known as Donnie Iris. Released as a single, it reached No. 2 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart and was certified Gold by the RIAA in 1970 (see 1970 in music) for selling over a million copies.[1]

The song is about a man who seduces women with untruths, and the singer of the song warns the girl to "face reality" in the final verse. The chorus states about the Rapper that "Nobody's after". The song ends with a small group of applause heard in the studio.


"The Rapper" has been covered by two Jaggerz members. Since beginning his solo career, Donnie Iris has covered the song numerous times in concert. Additionally, live recordings of the song have appeared on his compilation albums.

Also, "The Rapper" was covered by Jimmie Ross during the time period when The Jaggerz weren't together in the duo Cooper & Ross with Kathy Cooper. Additionally, the single was covered by Wolfman Jack.

Since regrouping in 1989, The Jaggerz have continued to perform "The Rapper" in concert.

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