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Sanjak of Avlona
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Sanjak of Avlona

The Sanjak of Avlona (sometimes referred to as the Sanjak of Berat because of its county town[1]) was one of the sanjaks of the Ottoman Empire which county town was Berat in Albania. It was established in 1466, after the construction of the Elbasan Castle of the territory that belonged to the preceding Ottoman sanjak, Sanjak of Albania.



Territory of the Sanjak of Avlona extends between Shkumbin river on the north and Ceraunian Mountains on the south.[2]

This sanjak had two kazas: kaza of Berat[3] and kaza of Valona.[4] Before establishing of the Sanjak of Delvina in the middle of 16th century following towns (kazas) also belonged to the Sanjak of Avlona: Delvina, Gjirokast r, Myzeqe and Lab ria.[5]


At the end of 15th century, in order to stimulate trading, Ottomans settled small community of Sephardi Jews.[6]

Gedik Ahmed Pasha was sanjakbey of the Sanjak of Avlona in 1479.[7] Bali Bey, son of Yahya Pasha, became sanjakbey of the Sanjak of Avlona in 1506.[8] Mehmed Beg Isakovi , son of Isa-Beg Isakovi , was appointed as sanjabey of Avlona in January 1516.[9] Muzaffer Pasha was sanjakbey of Avlona before he was appointed for the first governor of Cyprus in 1570, after Cyprus was captured by the Ottoman Empire.[10][11] Mustafa Pasha (Bin Abdullah), who had been on position of sanjakbey of Bosnia and Morea, was sanjakbey of Valona at the end of 16th century and beginning of 17th century.[12] Sari Ahmed Pasha was appointed as sanjakbey of Avlona at the end of 1712 and in the 1714 he was transferred to position of beglerbeg of Rumelia.[13]

In 1809. sanjakbey of the Avlona was Ibrahim Pasha.[14]

According to Eqrem Vlora members of his family were de facto (not de jure) sanjakbeys of Sanjak of Avlona in period 1481 1828.[15]

Ismail Qemali, first Prime Minister of Albania, was elected a member of Ottoman parliament in December 1908 for the Sanjak of Berat.[16]


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