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Ruk Jana Nahi

Ruk Jaana Nahi is an Indian soap opera that airs on STAR Plus channel. It premiered on 19 December 2011.

Sanchi, is a vulnerable girl who has led a sheltered life. She shifts with her family to the city of Varanasi and begins to pursue her college education. Once she steps out of the security of her home, she realizes that she can t always win through confrontation in the male-dominated society. She decides to own every heart and rule every mind with her intelligence and presence of mind.



Sanchi mathur

She is our female protagonist and is the second daughter of Tarachand. 19-year-old Sanchi strongly believes in convincing a person assertively rather than confronting aggressively. She is a clever girl who often handles the most difficult of situations smoothly. But at times when she succumbs to defeat, she appears very vulnerable and that vulnerability even multiplies her charm. She handles most situations tactfully and teaches the world a lesson in its own language. In her long ordeal Sanchi s talent, intelligence, sense of humour and understanding aids her in realizing her dreams and achieving her goals. She is starting to have feelings for indu but does not realize it

Indu Singh

The main male protagonist. Coming from a rural background, 27-year-old Indu Singh is a University leader who hails from a very influential and powerful rural political family. He is short tempered and a dangerous man and believes that Power (Satta) is his birthright. He takes everyone as competition and thinks very highly of himself. Indu is very aggressive and brave in his endeavours and doesn't fear anything in this world. Crime runs in Indu's blood and if he likes anything he doesn't leave any stone unturned to grab it. He never leaves a single opportunity to trounce his opponents. However, he has a heart of gold and shows this most of the time while he is around Saanchi. He is madly in love with Saanchi and will do anything for her.

Prabal Pratap Yadav

He is a 27-year-old leader of the University Student Council. He hails from a rich political family where most of his relatives are highly corrupt. Prabal is a pass out of a good convent school, who speaks English very fluently. He is very intellectual and aggressive and his entire family hopes that one day he will become a big political leader. Prabal has a very charming personality and is a smooth talker, making students at University believe he is a genuine man. Prabal is hypocritical and will make students believe Indu is the bad guy even though it is Pratap who is behind all the disastrous events that have occurred so far. A bit emotional by nature, he often pretends to be a tough man. Indu is Prabal's enemy and will do anything to destroy his political career and keep him away from Saanchi. He is currently engaged to Saanchi's best friend Mahek but does not love her

Shobha Panda

A cunning and manipulative person, she is very impure at heart, she is a greedy person her children are Abhimanyu and Roopi, she is the one who delivers the news about the matters in Saanchi's family to Radha who is the cunning wife of the cunning Sadananad Tiwari, she only helps Radha because of money unlike her husband she is A two faced person now she pretends to be like a sister in front of the naive Veena


He is Indu's friend but changes his loyalty and joins forces with Prabal and creates a ruckus between Indu and Saanchi as he also loves Saanchi. Saanchi hates him as she knows he has 2 faces, he doesnt even feel sorry for what he had done to Saanchi and Indu. He is like his mother Shobha cunning, manipulative and two- faced. He is now scared of Indu Singh because of what he did Indu suspects him. Now he doesnt want Indu with Saanchi and doesnt know who to trust to break them up. He believes that he and Saanchi are meant to be together and will do anything to keep Indu away from her and now his main goal is to convince his father and mother to fix his marriage with Saanchi


A nice man in his late fifties, who believes in hard work. He has been an honest, gritty, hardworking government employee but after he became physically impaired in an accident he has become more of a fatalist, who is bit scared of life and its adverse circumstances. He still remains an icon of inspiration for his children. Saanchi is his favourite child of four children and he is extremely proud of her.

Veena Mathur

She is Tarachand s wife who is not only is a cultured lady but also an ideal mother- concerned for her family. In her mid-50 s, She is very emotional towards everything that has stayed long with her, be it her allotted house in the railway colony or the old dresses in her wardrobe. She is a good housewife and plays her responsibilities perfectly towards her children, husband and society. At times, she is little restless, hyper and nervous and can cry at anything and everything.

Abhay Mathur

Aged 14, son of Tarachand and the youngest of all four children, he studies in school. Being the only brother amongst three sisters, he is pampered by all. Being the apple of their eyes, he often pretends to be the big brother of his sisters. His nature and mannerisms are a bit more on the aggressive side. He is a good brother and a good son who loves cricket and wants to become a cricketer like Dhoni.

Sadanand Tiwari

He is the tenant of Tarachand's ancestral house in Benaras. He is in his 40's and is an advocate by profession. He is a very rude and an extremely greedy man by nature. He has forcefully acquired Tarachand's old ancestral house through legal procedures, after staying in it as a tenant for years.


Saanchi Mathur Main female lead, protagonist
Indu Singh Main male lead, protagonist
Veena Mathur Saanchi's mother
Tarachand Saanchi's father
Sadanand Tiwari An Advocate, antagonist
Abhay Mathur Saanchi's brother
Palakshi Mathur Saanchi's sister
Radha Sadanand's wife
Sushil Sandanand's brother
Anita Sushil's wife
Prabal Pratap Indu's enemy, main antagonist
Shobha Sitaram Panda's wife
Sitaram Panda Pandit
Abhimanyu Sitarma's son, antagonist
Roopkumari Sitaram's daughter
Mehek Saanchi's best friend
Shukla Saanchi's university teacher


Story of Ruk Jana Nahin revolves around Saanchi. She leads every common Indian girl who struggles with their every step. Ruk Jana Nahin on Star Plus is the journey of Sanchi s fight, battle and struggle to pass through the darkest tunnel.[1]


Time STAR Plus
6:30PM IST


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