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Pianottoli-Caldarello (, also spelled Pianotolli-Caldarello) is a commune in the Corse-du-Sud department of France on the island of Corsica.

It shares the canton of Figari with the commune of Figari, Sotta and Monacia-d'Aull ne.



Pianottoli-Caldarello is to the west of the commune of Figari on the road to Sart ne. Originally named Caldarello, it was detached from Z rubia in 1864 then changed its name in 1921. The commune comprises predominantly shoreline with the Bay of Figari to the east, Point Capineru, the small islands of Bruzzi (a nature reserve) and two deep coves (Chevanu and Arbitru). A small port is developing near Caldarello to the east. The rocky hinterland extends in the direction of Mount Cagna to the north, going up to on Ovace; for a long tome it served as pasturage for Z rubia, and is still used for that purpose.[1]



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