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Mataranga family

Mataranga family also known as Matranga, Matr nga,[1] Matarango,[2] Matarangos, Matarangoi[3] or Mataringides,[4][5] was an Albanian noble family during 13th and 14th centuries. Members of this family include local rulers, Byzantine officials and writers. After the occupation of Albania from Ottoman Empire, part of family migrated in Italy, where they continued to preserve the Albanian language in Arb resh villages.


Before 1284, the Mataranga family was either a vassal of Charles of Anjou, in the period when he created Kingdom of Albania, or his nephew Philip of Taranto.[6] They are first documented in 1297, in a Ragusian document. Members of Mataranga family were attacking Ragusian merchants in the region of Karavasta Lagoon,.[7] Ruling in the territory between the cities of Durr s and Vlor , at that period members of Mataranga family are described as subjects of Byzantine Emperor. The Mataranga family might have become vassal of Byzantine Emperor in the period between 1284 1288, when the region which was part of Kingdom of Albania, was captured by Byzantine Empire. However in 1304 when Philip of Taranto, with the help of local Albanian noblemen recaptured Durr s, they threw off their their allegiance with Byzantines and eagerly accepted Angevin overlordship again.[8] During this period members of this family were also active in Byzantine administration. A person named Mataringides which had a part in a plot against the Andronikos II Palaiologos, is mentioned as a student of Manuel Moschopoulos and led to his imprisonment for Manuel has taken a pledge for his student.[9][10] Another member of the family Nicholas Matarangos, became one of the four general judges, member of the highest imperial court and had a prominent role in Byzantine civil war of 1341 1347.[11]

Independent lordship

After the oath of allegiance to Philip of Tarent they continued to maintain close ties with Angevin family. The advancing Kingdom of Serbia was a source of continuous preoccupation. A certain Paul Mataranga is mentioned in 1319, together with other Albanian lords in a coalition with Philip of Tarent against Stephen Milutin.[12] However within 1346 their territories were included in the Serbian Empire. After the death of Stefan Du an, a member of the family Vlash Mataranga became and independent ruler in the territory between Shkumbin and Seman.


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