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Malchow (Berlin)

Malchow is a German locality (Ortsteil) in the borough (Bezirk) of Lichtenberg, Berlin. Until 2001 it was part of the former Hohensch nhausen borough. With a population of 450 (2008) it is the least-populated Berliner Ortsteil[1].



The locality was first mentioned in 1344. Until 1920 it was an autonomous municipality merged into Berlin with the Greater Berlin Act. A former civil parish of it, Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow, was divided from Malchow in 1985, becoming an Ortsteil of the former borough of Wei ensee (still part of Pankow district in 2001).


Malchow is located in the north-eastern suburb of Berlin, and counts in its territory a little lake named Malchower See. It borders with the localities of Wartenberg, Neu-Hohensch nhausen and Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow.


The locality, crossed by the Au enring railway line, is not served by any station. The nearest Berlin S-Bahn stop is Wartenberg, on S75 line, that ends there. It has been projected to continue the S75 track in 2015 on the Au enring from Wartenberg to Karow, but a station for Malchow, hypothesized, is still not officially scheduled on the plan [2].

The village's main road, Malchower Dorfstra e, is part of the B2, the German longest federal highway.


File:Nordufer Malchower See.JPG|View of the Malchower See File:Malchow Gutshaus 01.jpg|Malchow Gutshaus File:08-07-02 Kindergarten Malchow.JPG|Kindergarten Malchow


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