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Gadag-Betageri () is a town and a city municipal council in Gadag district in the state of Karnataka, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Gadag District. The original city of Gadag and its sister city Betageri (or Betgeri) have a combined city administration. The municipality of Gadag-Betageri has a population of 154,849 and an area of 54.56 km .

The twin city municipality is situated 80 km from Dharwad and 60 km from Hubli, and lies on the Gutti-Vasco National Highway.


Gadag style of Architecture

Gadag style Ornate pillars at Sarasvati Temple, Trikuteshwara temple (complex) at Gadag
Gadag style Ornate pillars at Sarasvati Temple, Trikuteshwara temple (complex) at Gadag
The Gadag style of Architecture [1] marked by Ornate pillars with intricate sculpture[2] originated during the period of the Western Chalukya (or Kalyani Chalukyas) king Someswara I, and it flourished for a period of 150 years (During 1050 to 1200 CE) during which about 50 temples were built. some of the examples are The Trikuteshwara temple (complex) at Gadag, Kasivisvesvara temple, Lakkundi, Doddabasappa Temple at Dambal, Amriteshwara temple at Annigeri.

Gadag inscription

  • The Gadag inscription[3] of Vikramaditya VI, records that Taila took the head of Panchala by the terror of the pride of his arm in battle.
  • The Gadag inscription[3] reveals that the battle was fought on the bank of the Godavari river and a certain Kesava (son of Madhava), fought in the battle and won Taila s admiration.
  • At the command of Sattiga (Satyasraya) in 1006 A.D., a Lenka Keta fell fighting at the battle of Unukallu, probably against the Cholas. A Gadag inscription,[3] dated in Saka 930 (1008 A.D.) of the reign of Satyasraya refers to the siege of the agrahara Kaldugu in the Belvola 300 by Desinga and the destruction of the forces because of the treachery of king Perggade.
  • The Gadag inscription[3] of Ballala recounts his victory as And by force, he, the strong one, defeated with cavalry only, and deprived of his sovereignty, the general Brahmana whose army was strengthened by an array of elephants and who acquired 60 tusked elephants with a single tuskless elephant, when, on account of an insult, he was tearing the royal fortune from the family of the Kalachuris.


Saraswati temple at Trikuteshwara temple complex Gadag, North Karnataka
Saraswati temple at Trikuteshwara temple complex Gadag, North Karnataka

  • Trikuteshwara temple complex has triple shrines, once housing Shiva, Brahma and Surya. The Saraswathi temple has the finest shining decorative pillars, and the Saraswathi image, and is one of the largest examples of Chalukya art.

Someshwara and Rameshwara temples, built in the Chalukya style, are also present.

  • Veeranarayana temple dates from the Chalukya era. The great Kannada poet Kumara Vyasa composed his famous Mahabharatha (known as Kumaravyasa Bharata or Gadugina Bharata) in this temple.
  • Gadag also has a mosque dating from the Adilshahi era and a church. Betageri has many artistic hero stones dating from the ninth and tenth centuries.
  • Visit nearest famous tourist places like Lakkundi, Mahadeva Temple (Itagi), Lakshmeshwar and Dambal.

Great Personalities of Gadag-Betgeri

  • Kumara Vyasa

Gadag immediately brings to mind the name of Naranappa, popularly known as Kumara Vyasa, the author of Karnata Bharata Kathamanjari. It is the classic Mahabharata in Kannada. Naranappa was born in the nearby village of Koliwada. He composed his work sitting before Lord Veera Narayana, his chosen deity. The temples of Veera Narayana and Trikuteshwara are places of religious and historic importance.

  • Ganayogi Panchakshari Gawayi

The visually challenged singer Ganayogi Panchakshari Gawayi hailed from Gadag. His music school Veereshwara Punyashrama is a renowned institution in north Karnataka. It was headed by Panchakshari Gawayi's disciple, Ganayogi Puttaraj Gawai till 2010, who was also visually challenged and died in late 2010.

  • Gadag has been an important seat of Hindustani music in North Karnataka, and is home to the Hindustani singer Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.
  • Cricketer Sunil Joshi was born in Gadag.
  • cyclist Neelamma Malligwad she also born in gadag Dist
  • Rajani Prakaash: ( Film Actor ), The welknown kannada film actor Mr. Rajani Prakaash is from Gadag city. He acted in many kannada serials and

afterwards he got an opportunity to act in kannada films like GOOLI ( Sudeep & Satya ), SHYLOO ( Ganesh & S. Narayan ), JANMAA ( Santosh & Chakravarty ), APPAYYA ( Srinagar Kitti & S. Narayan ). He is directed by famous kannada film directors like, P.N.Satya, S.Narayan, & Chakravarthy and many others. Rajani Prakaash is still acting in many films.

Mr. Rajani Prakaash was worked as PRESS reporter in 'Nagarika' kannada daily paper when Late Mr.Badrinath Hombali was its editor and also he worked as NEWS EDITOR in 'Samarthavaani' Kannada Weekly of Gadag district,Rajani Prakaash's Baarkolu regular weekly column was very famous articale in "Samarthavaani" weekly.

  • NGO:: HASANMUKHI MAHILA SAMSTHE :- In Gadag district so many NGO's are working,but in that some of NGO are working for benefit of poor peoples,formers,unemployed,school dropouts and students. Hasanmukhi Mahila Samsthe is registered in the year of 1999-2000. Smt. P. Sulochanabai is a founder President and she is giving free training in Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing.She is a Famous Beautician & Beautician Trainer in Gadag District. Hasanmukhi Mahila Samsthe is also registered as Vocational Training Provider (VTP)in Govt. of karnataka's Dept. of Employment & Training. This NGO, Hasanmukhi Mahila Samsthe is giving FREE TRAININGS in the fields of Beautician-Beauty Parlour related, Information & Communication Technology-Computer related, Car Driving- free training with Light Motor Vehicle(LMV) license,Garment-Ladies Tailoring, Printing-Basic Book Binding & Screen Printing,Electronics-Repair & Maintenance of Cell (Mobile)phones, etc, etc. This NGO running free training classes at its HASANMUKHI VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER,opp to Nimbannavar hospital,k c rani road of Gadag city.

Freedom Movement

  • This is also the land of great Freedom Fighters Like Narayan Rao Huilgon and Shankar Rao Kampli who along with other Freedom fighters founded "Azad Hind Seva Dal" which contributed a lot to the nations struggle for freedom.


  • Brinjol and Chilly Bhajji available opposite to Tontadarya Math.


India census,[4] Gadag-Betageri had a population of 154,849. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Gadag-Betageri has an average literacy rate of 71%; male literacy is 79%, and female literacy is 64%. 12% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Healthcare infrastructure

Advanced diagnostic facilities are now available in the cityleading to improved patient care. The Basel Mission started the hospital in Betageri in 1902. For decades afterwards the hospital provided the only healthcare available. The Hospital is fondly called the German hospital by the local people, because of the German doctors who served here. The hospital is today the busiest in the district and serves as a referral centre. It is now run by Indian doctors and continues to provide quality and affordable care to its patients, who are mainly from the poor farming community in the surrounding villages. The Hospital has ICU facilities and is equipped with the latest medical technologies including CT scanat very affordable price. Private sector Gadag Scan Centre has state of art diagnostic facilities like CT scan, ultrasound with colour doppler, endoscopy, radiography and pathology lab with 24 hours emergency service.

Gadag CSI Hospital turns 100 ON Feb 9, 2002, 10.10pm IST gadag: csi hospital, the 100-bed charitable and health referral institute of gadag, has entered the 100th of its service to humanity. when the missionaries of Switzerland's basel mission were sent to India in 1901 to proclaim the gospel, they noticed that the districts of north karnataka were writhing under the assault of epidemics like plague and cholera. besides, malaria and malnutrition had taken a heavy toll of the people who were struggling with famine-like conditions in the region.


Gadag is a junction station on Hubli-Hospet-Guntukal railway line. It connects to Hotgi junction on Pune-Solapur-Wadi railway line. Major tourist centres like Badami and Bijapur lie on the Gadag-Hotgi railway line. The Gadag-Hotgi railway track was converted from metre gauge to broad gauge in stages and completed in December 2008. Now broad gauge trains from Bangalore via Hospet and from Hubli run through Gadag to Bijapur and Solapur. It also connects the famous tourist centre of Hampi with other parts of the country.Rayalaseema express which run from Hyderabad, Tirupathi and Kolapur.


Gadag has been a renowned centre of learning, with many famous high schools, colleges These include:

  • Adarsh Sikshan Samiti Commerce College, Gadag - Betageri.
  • C.D.O Jain English Medium School
  • IID's Jaycee Primary and High School, Gadag Betageri.
  • St. John's primary & High School, Health camp, Gadag Betageri.
  • Rajasthan Jain English medium school . Gadag
  • Loyola Convent and High School, Health camp, Gadag Betageri.
  • Tontadarya College of Engineering (Est. 1997)
  • Municipal High School (Est. 1885)
  • Jagdguru Tontadarya Primary School
  • Puttaraj Gavais Institutions (For Blind)
  • VDSTC Boys High School Gadag
  • J.T.College Gadag
  • S. A. Manvi Law College
  • V.D.S.T.C
  • V.D.S.J.N.FINE ART COLLEGE, K.C.Rani road,Gadag.(Est. 1880)
  • B.A.V. Sarvoday primory School Kalasapur road,Gadag.(Est. 2000)
  • Anjuman - E - Islam Polytechnic, Mulgund Road (Est.1983)


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