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Fremont may refer to:



  • Fremont, California - Largest city with the name
  • Fremont, Yolo County, California
  • Fremont Landing, California
  • Fremont County, Colorado
  • Fremont County, Idaho
  • Fremont Township, Lake County, Illinois
  • Fremont, Indiana
  • Fremont, Iowa
  • Fremont County, Iowa
  • Fremont, Michigan
  • Fremont Township, Isabella County, Michigan
  • Fremont Township, Saginaw County, Michigan
  • Fremont Township, Sanilac County, Michigan
  • Fremont Township, Tuscola County, Michigan
  • Fremont, Missouri
  • Fremont Hills, Missouri
  • Fremont, Nebraska
  • Fremont, New Hampshire
  • Fremont, Steuben County, New York
  • Fremont, Sullivan County, New York


Other uses

  • The Fremont Bridge (Portland), in Portland, Oregon
  • The Fremont Bridge (Seattle), in Seattle, Washington
  • Fremont River (Utah), a tributary of the Colorado River
  • Mount Fremont, Washington, in maximum elevation
  • Fremont High School (disambiguation)
  • Fremont Hotel and Casino, a hotel/casino on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Fremont Pass (disambiguation), several mountain passes in the United States
  • "Fremont," codename for a Microsoft project in classified advertising
  • Fremont culture, an archaeological Native American culture
  • Fremont Unified School District, Fremont, California

See also

  • Fr mont (disambiguation)

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