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Flash CMS

A Flash Content Management System (Flash CMS) is a Content Management System specifically designed to create and manage Adobe Flash Content. The main purpose of a Flash CMS is to generate Flash content within a browser environment. To qualify as a Flash CMS an application must be able to manage text, images, sound, movies, animations and actions. All editing must be done in a way that no programming skills are needed to use the application. Output generated by a Flash CMS should require the Flash Player.

A Flash CMS is not a Flash based application that generates HTML pages.

A Flash CMS can be a standalone product or it could be an add on to an existing Content Management System.

There are different levels of Flash CMS and different targets

  • Simple Level or site builders, Predefined templates where users can use custom images and texts to generate slideshows.
  • Advanced Level, Users can start with a blank sheet and add media, animation and navigation within the flash.
  • Development oriented, set of Flash components or frameworks - i.e. set of classes.
  • Target Consumer or widgets generators, main purpose is to help people add flash content to their MySpace and Facebook sites.
  • Target Business, main focus is integration with or replacement of traditional Content Management System


Available Flash CMS solutions

Open source (free) solutions


Silex, the designer-friendly publishing platform, is a free and open source Flash CMS used to assemble multimedia content and publish it online or on the desktop.[1] As of version 1.6, it has a very easy to use drag and drop editor,[2] with simple yet powerful actions interpreter.[3][4] And Silex is also a very active community[5] federated by a non-profit organization: Silex Labs, which is also the official maintainer of AMFPHP, Oof and Flog.[6] Many themes and plug-ins are given for free on the Silex Labs exchange platform.[7]

  • Silex Flash CMS
  • license: gpl


This CMS real name is "Free Flash CMS" and it is maintained by FancyCMS, is an open source CMS engine, which means that it has no editing functionality, but it is a very powerful site "reader". This engine can empower any Flash site and provides huge layout customization abilities, different types of content, gallery layouts, SEO capabilities, a skin system and much more.[8]

To take full advantage of the "Free Flash CMS", one can use "Fancy Flash CMS Core", which is free for private non-commercial use, and "Fancy Plus" desktop based application, which is also free. This will turn the "Free Flash CMS" engine into a content management system which allows one to manage a website fast and easy without having any specific knowledge or software.[9]

Proprietary solutions

Rainbow Live

Rainbow Live is a simple Flash CMS developed by Code and Visual with a focus on ease of implementation, flexibility, and rapid development. Rainbow allows the user to add CMS functionality to XML-based swf files instantly to allow end users to edit the site content. Rainbow also incorporates with swfAddress to allow automatically generated Google-friendly sitemaps in XML format as well a simplified HTML/PHP version of the site data that contains the relevant content, images and links entered into the XML structure. This functionality allows search engines and devices without Flash enabled to have full access to the content of the site.

Moto CMS

Moto CMS (formerly FlashMoto CMS) is an advanced Flash CMS (Flash content management system) that allows users to update text, images and SWFs and all of the changes can be applied at runtime. MotoCMS enables users to update their websites with a WYSIWYG environment and provides a set of tools and built-in components for video and image galleries creation, image editing, video and MP3 player embedment and custom modules and widgets integration.

Moto CMS also offers a collection of Flash templates with the built-in content management system. These Flash designs are complete websites that are search engine friendly and allow deep linking.[10].


Rich media community, management system and flexible development framework[11]. Glu is an adobe solution partner[12]. This solution is very different from the WYSIWYG approach, and it the delivery part is very innovative. GLU s Rich Media Management System ( RMMS ) is a web-based administration interface which features: - MANAGEMENT, capabilities for rich media projects, - MODERATION, for user generated content, - MEDIA ENCODING, and publishing in real-time, and - DELIVERY, of content to end-users.

Fuzzle CMS

Fuzzle CMS obtains a visual content management feature that allows users to change website content by visual blocks moving on site pages and ensures site creation in WYSIWYG mode. The system provides tools for easy design integration, has an automated search engine optimization support and plenty of tools for rich media content creation[13].


Flashblocks is a Flash CMS for actionscript 1, 2 and 3. It is very innovative in the integration with Flash. You make your website in Flash and then define what part are dynamically editable online, by dropping Flash authoring components on the text fields, images, video, etc. So it is straightforward to convert any Flash website into Flashblok-enabled website.


Is a Free Flash content management system that use an intuitive WYSIWYG interface, working directly online SaaS. The Mosite Flex platform allow users to create flash contents and embed it in HTML pages or entire Flash websites with high definition effects. This CMS is no templates based and there are no restrictions on graphics design.


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