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Flash may refer to:



  • Flash (photography), instantaneous illumination for picture taking
  • Argon flash, a single-use source of very short and extremely bright flashes of light
  • Arc flash, an electrical explosion
  • Lightning, a natural phenomenon
  • Muzzle flash, the visible light of the muzzle blast when a firearm is discharged
  • Power flash, a flash of light caused by arcing electricity from damaged electrical equipment
  • Flashtube or flashlamp, a lamp for producing brief intense light



  • Flash (novel), a 2004 science fiction novel by L. E. Modesitt
  • Flash fiction, fiction of extreme brevity
  • The Flash (comic book), ongoing comic book featuring the titular DC Comics hero


  • Flash (comics), several speedy DC Comics superheroes
    • Flash (Jay Garrick), the first superhero
    • Flash (Barry Allen), the second superhero
    • Flash (Wally West), the first Kid Flash
    • Flash (Bart Allen), the second Kid Flash
  • Flash (Dukes of Hazzard), Sheriff Rosco's dog in The Dukes of Hazzard
  • Flash (G.I. Joe), a character in the G.I. Joe universe
  • Flash (Transformers), a member of the Turbomasters
  • Flash Gordon, the titular hero of science fiction comic strip
  • Flash Thompson, a Marvel comic book character
  • Flash, a character in the 2003 comedy film Daddy Day Care

Film and television

  • Flash (1997 film), a 1997 Disney Channel television film
  • Flash (2004 film), a 2004 American film starring Amanda Loncar
  • Flash (2007 film), a 2007 Malayalam suspense thriller film
  • Flash (Chuck), how Chuck retrieves data in the TV series Chuck
  • The Flash (TV series), a 1990 American superhero series


  • Flash (pinball), a 1979 Williams pinball game designed by Steve Ritchie
  • Teen patti or Flash, a three-card poker-style game, popular in South Asia


  • Flash (band), a 1970s progressive rock group
  • Flash (Moving Sidewalks album), 1968
  • Flash (Electric Food album), 1970
  • "Flash" (song), a song on Queen's 1980 album Flash Gordon
  • Flash (Jeff Beck album), 1985
  • "Flash" (St phanie song), a song Princess St phanie of Monaco's 1986 album Besoin
  • Flash (B.B.E. song), 1997 from the album Games
  • Flash (Towa Tei album), 2005
  • Flash (EP), a 2010 extended play album by Crystal Kay


  • M202 FLASH, a rocket launcher
  • Operation Flash, a May 1995 Croatian Army offensive in Western Slavonia
  • Tactical recognition flash, a coloured patch worn on the arm of combat clothing to distinguish their Regiment or Corps


  • Flash Airlines, a private charter airline operating out of Cairo, Egypt
  • Flash Engineering, a Swedish motorsports team
  • Utah Flash, an NBA Development League team
  • Western New York Flash, American women s soccer franchise


  • Flash (wrestler) (born 1957), masked professional wrestler
  • Adam Flash (born 1971), American professional wrestler
  • DJ Flash (born 1957), American DJ
  • Dwyane Wade (born 1982), basketball player
  • Flash Hollett (1912 1999), Canadian ice hockey defenceman
  • Gabriel Elorde (1935 1985), Filipino professional boxer
  • George Flash (1909 1990), Israeli politician
  • Grandmaster Flash (born 1958), American hip hop musician and DJ
  • Richard Flash (born 1976), English footballer
  • Sandy Flash (died 1778), highwayman
  • Flash Terry (1934 2004), American guitarist and singer
  • Lee Young-Ho (born 1992), South Korean professional Starcraft player also known as Flash


  • Flash, Staffordshire, England
  • Pennington Flash Country Park, England
  • The Flash (lake), a lake in Wales


  • FLASH, Free Electron LASer, a particle accelerator in Hamburg, Germany
  • FLASH MRI, a basic measuring principle for rapid magnetic resonance imaging


  • Flash (manufacturing), an excess material attached to a moulded product along a parting line
  • Hook flash, a telephone function


  • Adobe Flash (formerly Shockwave Flash and Macromedia Flash), multimedia platform software
    • Adobe Flash Player, web browser software viewer for Flash animation and video
    • Flash animation, animation created using Adobe Flash or similar
    • Flash Video, a container file format used for Internet video delivery
  • Flash memory, a form of non-volatile computer memory
    • USB flash drive, a storage device
  • Flash!, the bundled graphics package for the SAM Coup

Other uses

  • Flash, to expose a person's private parts to another person in Exhibitionism
  • Flash, a lightning bolt symbol, for example in Flash and Circle
  • Flash (cleaning product), the UK name of Mr. Clean
  • Flash (juggling), a type of throwing and catching
  • Flash (tattoo), a source pattern for body art
  • Eyebrow flash, body language

See also

  • Flash burn (disambiguation)
  • Flash fire, a sudden, intense fire
  • Flash flood
  • Flash paper (disambiguation)
  • Flashing (disambiguation)
  • Flashlight (disambiguation)
  • Flashpoint (disambiguation)

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