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Fiat BGA

The Fiat BGA (Bombardamento Genio Aeronautico) was an airplane designed by Aldo Guglielmetti of the Italian Air Force.

It was built at Pisa by the Fiat subisdary Costruzioni Meccaniche Aeronautiche SA (CMASA),[1] hence it was also called the CMASA BGA. It was not ordered into production and only one was built.[1]


Designed by Aldo Guglielmetti to meet a 1934 Italian Air Force requirement for a medium bomber it first flew in 1936 powered by two Fiat A.80 radial engines.[1] It had a retractable tailwheel landing gear with the main gear retracting into the engine nacelles.[1] It had twin elliptical fins and rudders and had a cut-down fuselage to the rear of a ventral and dorsal gun positions.[1]

It did nor perform well during testing and was removed from the contest with only the prototype being built.[1]





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