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Ennominae is the largest subfamily of the geometer moth family (Geometridae) with some 9,700 described species in 1,100 genera. They are usually fairly small moth species, though some (such as the Peppered Moth) grow considerably larger. This subfamily has a global distribution. It includes some species that are notorious defoliating pests.

The status of several tribes is debated. For example, the Boarmiini are sometimes massively expanded to include the Bistonini, Bupalini, Erannini, Gnophini, Melanolophini, Phaseliini and Theriini. The Nacophorini and perhaps the Campaeini might need to be merged with the Lithinini, and all three might warrant merging into the Ennomini. The group sometimes separated as Cassymini is tentatively included in the Abraxini here. The Alsophilinae, usually treated as a small subfamily in their own right, might simply be a specialized lineage of Boarmiini. [1]

Selected genera

Tribe Baptini

  • Lomographa

Tribe Bupalini

  • Bupalus

Tribe Caberini

  • Cabera

Tribe Campaeini

  • Campaea

Tribe Colotoini

  • Colotois

Tribe Erannini

  • Erannis

Tribe Gnophini

  • Charissa
  • Gnophos

Tribe Gonodontini

  • Aethiopodes (sometimes in Odontopera)
  • Odontopera

Genera incertae sedis

Numerous genera have hitherto not been definitely assigned to a tribe.[2] These include:

  • Adalbertia
  • Anavitrinelia
  • Bichroma
  • Chelotephrina
  • Chemerina
  • Chesiadodes
  • Compsoptera
  • Cyclomia
  • Declana - Nacophorini?
  • Enconista
  • Eubarnesia
  • Geolyces
  • Hoplosauris - Ennomini?
  • Hulstina
  • Hypochrosis
  • Liodesina
  • Melanochroia
  • Mericisca
  • Metanema
  • Metarranthis
  • Miantochora
  • Nepterotaea

  • Neritodes - Macariini?
  • Onychora
  • Ortaliella
  • Orthocabera - Abraxini (Cassymini if distinct)?
  • Orthofidonia - Boarmiini?
  • Paraglaucina
  • Parapheromia
  • Prionomelia
  • Probole
  • Pseudocoremia - Boarmiini?
  • Pterotaea
  • Rhoptria
  • Slossonia
  • Sperrya
  • Synglochis
  • Toulgoetia
  • Tracheops
  • Tritocleis (extinct)
  • Xenoecista
  • Xylopteryx
  • Zamarada - Abraxini (Cassymini if distinct)?



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