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EMC Corporation

EMC Corporation () is an American multinational that provide businesses to build Web-based computing systems with its data storage products and services.[1] It is headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA.[2]

Former Intel executive Richard Egan and his college roommate, Roger Marino, founded EMC in 1979. The company s name, EMC, stands for the initials of the founders, and an unknown third individual who has remained nameless. "EMC Corporation" is the company's full name.[3] The company's logo also incorporates exponent 2, a reference to Albert Einstein's mass energy equivalence theory.

EMC stock went public on April 06, 1986 at a price of $16.50 per share.[4]



Richard Egan, co-founder of EMC Corporation EMC, founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino (the E and M in EMC),[5] introduced their first 64-kilobyte memory boards for the Prime Computer in 1981,[6][7] and continued with the development of memory boards for other computer types. In the mid 1980s the company expanded beyond memory to other computer data storage types and networked storage platforms. The company started to ship its flagship product, the Symmetrix in 1990.

The Symmetrix has been developed by a team headed by Moshe Yanai. This product is the main reason for the rapid growth of EMC in the 1990s, both in size and value, from a company valued hundreds of millions of dollars to a multi-billion company.[8] Moshe Yanai managed the Symmetrix development from the product's inception in the late 1980s until shortly before leaving EMC in 2001, and his Symmetrix development team grew from several people to thousands. From 2001, Yanai was named a Founder and EMC Fellow, continuing to serve as a technical strategist. [9]

EMC remains the largest provider of data storage platforms in the world, competing with IBM, NetApp, Hewlett-Packard, and Hitachi Data Systems. Consulting and IT Services have been an increasingly important source of revenue. Joseph Tucci, CEO since 2001, was paid over $9 million in 2009.[10]

In July 2006 EMC opened a Research and Development office in Shanghai, China, to leverage the burgeoning Chinese labor pool and facilitate a further expansion into the Chinese market.[11]

On June 7, 2007, EMC announced it was investing $160 million in Singapore to set up a new development laboratory that would begin operations within the year.

A series of acquisitions and partnerships helped grow EMC to the largest provider of data storage platforms in the world. On November 12, 2007, EMC partnered with NetQoS to deliver the first integrated infrastructure discovery and performance monitoring solutions.[12]

Products and services

EMC's product line ranges from enterprise storage arrays to content management systems to storage area networks, backup, recovery and archiving solutions and information security. EMC also offers services, including consulting, technology deployment, customer service and support, and training and EMC Proven Professional certification services provided by the education services division.[13]

Product category EMC products
Storage Symmetrix VMAX, Symmetrix VMAXe, CLARiiON (discontinued), Celerra (discontinued)[14], VNX, VNXe, Iomega, Isilon
Virtualization VMware, VPLEX
Information Security RSA Security
Backup, Recovery and Archiving DataDomain, Avamar, DiskXtender, RecoverPoint, SRDF, NetWorker, Centera, SourceOne
Data warehousing/ Business intelligence Greenplum
Enterprise content management and Information governance Documentum, SourceOne, xDoc, Captiva
IT management Ionix, SMARTS, Pivotal Tracker
Cloud computing EMC Atmos, vBLOCK,
Services Consulting, Customer support, Education Services, Managed Services, Technology Services and Solutions

Major acquisitions

The following table includes the listing and timeline of EMC Corporation's major acquisitions of other companies since 1996.

Year Storage Services Information Security Enterprise Content Management & Information Governance IT Management Virtualization Backup, Recovery & Archiving Cloud Computing Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence
1996 2000 Data General[15]
2001 2005 Internosis[16] Documentum,[17] Ask Once,[18] Acartus,[19] Captiva Software[20] Astrum,[21] Smarts,[22] VMware,[23] Rainfinity,[24] Acxiom[25] Legato Networker,[26] Dantz/Retrospect,[27] Allocity[28]
2006 2010 Isilon Systems[29] Interlink,[30] Geniant,[31] Business Edge,[32] Conchango[33] RSA Security,[34] Authentica,[35] Network Intelligence,[36] Valyd,[37] Verid,[38] Tablus,[39] Archer[40] Pro Activity,[41] X-Hive,[42] Dokumentum, Document Sciences,[43] Kazeon[44] nLayers,[45] Voyence,[46] Infra Corporation,[47] Configuresoft,[48] Fastscale[49] Akimbi,[50] YottaYotta Kashya,[51] Avamar,[52] Indigo Stone,[53] Mozy,[54] WysDM,[55] Iomega,[56] Data Domain[57] Pi,[58] Source Labs[59] Greenplum[60]
2011 present XtremeIO[61] Pivotal Labs[62]

Corporate culture and work environment

EMC is a global company with over 47,000 employees worldwide.[63] In 2011, EMC was ranked 2nd on Fortune s list of the World s Most Admired Computer Companies, and it was 3rd in 2010.[64][65] EMC was recognized in 2010 for its IT Proven Project with a CIO 100 Award, which awards business that are creating new business value through innovation of technology.[66] EMC also tied for 16th on NetProspex s Social 50 List in May 2010, which scores based upon the social media activity of each company by measuring employees average activity across major social media channels.[67]

EMC has ranked on several best places to work including ones abroad. EMC was ranked 33rd in the Top 50 Best Places to Work of 2010 by[68] In Ireland, EMC was ranked 4th in the Great Place to Work Institute s Best Places to Work, where employees ranked companies.[69] EMC has also won awards for programs for interns and recent college graduates, including in 2008 EMC was ranked 44th in BusinessWeek s List of Top 50 Places to Intern[70] and also 66th ranked in BusinessWeek's List of Top 100 Places to Launch a Career.[71] In 2009 list of Top 50 Entry Level Employers.[72]

Corporate responsibility and sustainability

EMC supports a variety of corporate responsibility initiatives around the world and in 2010 EMC ranked 19th on Corporate Responsibility Magazine's 100 Best Corporate Citizens List.[73] EMC Ranked 66th on Newsweek s U.S. Green Rankings and 20th in the Technology Green Rankings in 2010.[74] In February 2010, EMC joined the Ceres Network, a non-profit organization that addresses sustainability challenges, such as global climate change.[75] In 2009, EMC was awarded the Enable the Eco-Enterprise by Oracle for its effort to support their green business practice and reduce environmental impact by utilizing Oracle applications and reporting.[76]

EMC sponsors programs in the U.S. that strive to improve education for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)[77] and 19,000 students have taken Information Storage and Management courses from 2006-2009.[78] EMC is a partner of the World Economic Forum s Global Education Initiative (GEI) whose charter is to raise awareness and support the implementation of relevant, sustainable and scalable national education sector plans on a global level.[79] EMC and its employees support a variety of local community foundations and programs in order to give back to their local communities.[80]

In support of its Supply Chain Sustainability initiative, EMC is a member of the Electronic Industry Citizen Coalition (EICC), which promotes an industry code of conduct for global electronics supply chains to improve working and environmental conditions.[81]

EMC is a board member of The Green Grid, a global consortium of IT companies and professionals seeking to improve energy efficiencies in data centers around the world.[82] The Green Grid s mission is to help promote the adoption of energy efficient standards, process, measurement method and technologies in order to reduce power consumption and waste globally.[83] EMC is also a member[84] of one of Green Grid s Alliance Partners, SNIA.[85] SNIA is a non-profit organization

A March 2011 TED lecture by Morgan Spurlock, creator of the documentary Supersize Me, was partly sponsored by EMC. The company bought the naming rights to the lecture, titled "The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold." The lecture covered the subject of transparency in modern advertising and marketing. The company bought these rights via an online auction on eBay for $7,100 USD. At the end of the lecture, a check for the amount EMC paid was donated to The Sapling foundation--the parent company of TED Conferences, LLC.[86]

SecurID Breach

On March 17, 2011, EMC's security division, RSA, was the target of an Advanced Persistent Threat.[87]

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