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E107 (CMS)

e107 is a free software/open source content management system (CMS) for creating and managing websites through a simple web interface.

The e107 software is published as open source under the GNU GPL licence v2.


Built in Features

e107 includes advanced features for publishing web pages, interactive portals and other website content easily through the integrated secure Administrator Area. It is a good choice for sites serving communities and offering social networking.[1] Content can be built easily, with no express requirement for technical knowledge in a self-service on line interface. The system provides two editors, a BB Code editor and a WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE). The base package supplies the following types of content:

  • News, Blogs, Newsletter Mailout, Content Pages, Menus, Banner & Link Management.
  • What's New listing, Google Sitemap and built-in site-search.
  • Portal/interactive content includes a forum system, a private messenger, opinion polls and an Events Calendar.
  • Advanced content feature include a File Publishing Management tool and powerful Content Management Publishing tool.
  • Both outgoing RSS feeds and an incoming RSS Reader are provided for easy content syndication.
  • Main content types support the built in PDF Export & printer friendly versions of pages and "e-mail-to-friend" features.
  • Administrator and configuration features are automated in some areas such as web indexing of static pages, meta tag generation in some areas and visitor statistics.
  • Advanced user class system which administrators can fully control

Visibility and User Access

Visibility of all content types can be controlled using the built in User Management features, which includes a self service on line registration a facility. It also supports (user login sharing) and external authentication protocols such as LDAP.

e107 has a robust, easy to use, user class system available, which allows site administrators to allow access to certain parts of a site to limited user groups

Performance and System Security

e107's caching facility reduces load on the MySQL database. All site content can also be zipped for transmission to the client to improve speed and reduce bandwidth. Open Source packages like e107 have historically been criticised for lack of performance.[2][3]

Security features include a Ban list feature which protects sites from attempts to flood the site and from failed login attempts. The eToken feature helps protect from XSFR. The administrator can also configure automated email messages when certain events are triggered, such as sign-up, login, content submitted. External security scripts can be incorporated easily such as ZB Block for example.

Multilingual Features

The system provides language internationalization features which allow the user interface and content to be managed in multiple languages. A subset of language packs is available for download in addition to the core English package. The language system can also provide system administrators with the ability to easily customise default system messages to use their own semantics without the need to overwrite core code.

Layout and Style

Look and feel of the Public, Private and Administration Area of the site is controlled by the Administrator through supplied examples themes. These are a set of files written in PHP and CSS. They can provide single or multiple layouts with configurable style options. Specific areas of the website content such as news, forum and comments can all be controlled by the theme. Further control over specific content types is provided via templates. Themes can be easily loaded into the standard package, without altering the base code.


The e107 system is provides extensibility via a robust API, which avoids the need for changing base code through a feature called Plugins. The Plugin system allows system administrators to easily add new features without compromising the base code, which mitigates problems at upgrade.

You can add:

  • Shopping Carts for e commerce
  • Image Galleries
  • Paid Membership with improved access via the inbuilt user class system

e107 Installation

Installing e107 is easy on a good hosting package with a control panel/file manager such as CPanel. When you know what you are doing, this should generally take less than 15 minutes. This is a quick overview of the install process.

  • Download and deploy the current e107 CMS Full Zip File to your webspace
  • Configure a Database Account for e107 to use, typically with phpMyAdmin.
  • Next navigate to your domain address which opens the 6 step install wizard
  • Remove the install file and secure your configuration file.

Most people will then be able to login the e107 Admin Area and start building their own website.

Community Ratings and Download Stats

There is an active community of third party plugin developers found at[4] The system has been rated 3.8 out of 5 stars on the independent Open Source CMS comparison website.[5] The system is downloaded around 47,000 times per annum.[6]

The content management system rating site[7] gives e107 a rating of 5-respectable on all rating categories: the same as Joomala receives.

Integrations and Interoperability

Installatron recently announced the availability of the e107 content management system within there deployment package for popular web site control panel tools such as cPanel and Plesk.[8]

E107 Debugger - Firefox Browser Add-On

The e107 debugger is useful Firefox browser add-on for e107 system administrators. The tool is used for troubleshooting installation and other e107 system problems.[9]

Timeline of e107 history

  • 2001: on July 1, developer jalist, after creating working on and Litestep, starts development of e107, a open source content management system.[10]
  • April 2002: the first official e107 was released on April 26, 2002.[11]
  • July 2002: e107 v2 was released on July 21, 2002.[12]
  • July 2002: e107 v3.0 was released on July 30, 2002.[13]
  • September 2002: e107 v4 was released on September 4, 2002.[14]
  • September 2002: e107 v5 was released on September 26, 2002.[15]
  • May 2003: First mention of current version numbering: v0.552beta on May 13, 2003.[17]
  • July 2003: e107 v0.600 was released on July 30, 2003.[18]
  • March 2004: e107 first dev team was established on March 11, 2004: Cameron, chavo, jalist, Lolo_Irie, McFly [19]
  • January 2006: e107 version 0.7 has been released on January 16, 2006 (after 1 year, 3 months, 3 weeks and 5 days of development).[20]
  • July 2006: e107 nominated for Packt Publishing Open Source CMS Award 2006 on 24 July 2006.[22]
  • September 2009: Release 0.7.16 [23]
  • August 2010: McFly resigns as active developer on August 2, 2010.[24]
  • September 2010: 0.7.24 released on September 22, 2010.[25]
  • April 2011: 0.7.25 released on April 6, 2011.[26]
  • September 2011: 0.7.26 released on September 14, 2011.[27]
  • December 2011: 1.0 released on December 28, 2011.[28]

Future development

The next major release of e107 (2.0) is scheduled for spring 2012 as major rework, and is going to be the 'bridge' between old and new in order to maintain a reasonable degree of backward compatibility and provide an upgrade path. This new release was previously known as 0.8. [29] [30]


  • "Top 5 Open Source CMS" - Packt Publishing Open Source CMS Award, 2006

See also

  • List of content management systems


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