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Dreamweaver (disambiguation)
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Dreamweaver (disambiguation)

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development tool.

"Dream Weaver" is a song by Gary Wright from the album The Dream Weaver.

Dreamweaver or Dream Weaver(s) may also refer to:



  • Dream Weavers (anthology), a 1996 fantasy anthology
  • Dream Weaver (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Dreamweaver, a type of fictional character in the fantasy novel trilogy Age of the Five


  • The Dream Weavers, a 1950s pop music singing group
  • The Dream Weaver, an album by Gary Wright
  • Dream Weaver (album), an album by Charles Lloyd
  • Dreamweaver (Sabbat album)
  • Dreamweaver, an album by Golem
  • "Dreamweaver", a song by Stratovarius from Elements, Pt. 2
  • "Dream Weaver", a song by REO Speedwagon from This Time We Mean It

Television episodes

  • "Dream Weaver" (King of the Hill)
  • "Dream Weaver" (seaQuest DSV)

Other uses

  • Dream Weavers, a home world in the video game Spyro the Dragon
  • Dreamweaver, a wheat beer brewed by Tr egs Brewing Company

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