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Debian bug tracking system
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Debian bug tracking system

The Debian bug tracking system, or Debbugs, is the bug tracking system used by the Debian project. Its unique feature is that it doesn't have any form of web-interface to edit bug reports - all modification is done through email. Debbugs was mainly written by Ian Jackson, former Debian project leader, from January 1998 to December 1998.

It consists of a set of scripts which maintain a database of problem reports. Most of the source code is written in Perl.

It is strongly recommended[1] that people use the reportbug program, when reporting bugs in Debian.



According to Ian Jackson, the Debian Bug tracking system has the following features:[2]

  • All input and manipulation of reports is done by email; developers do not need on-line web access or accounts on the host system.
  • Outstanding, recently closed and other listings of reports are made available via a webserver, and by an email request bot.
  • Each report has a separate e-mail address for submission of additional information.
  • Web listings of bugs can be mirrored by e-mail or HTTP.
  • Core functions do not require CGI scripts.

The scripts have been parameterised so that they can be used for other projects besides Debian. The system runs on Unix-like operating systems such as Unix and Linux.

Debbugs is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License.


The primary deployment of Debbugs is the Debian's main bug tracking system.[3]

As of January 1997, the Debian Project's instance of debbugs had handled 16000 reports over the past 3 4 years, and had a database of 5000 reports totalling 90Mb.

As of 2009, Debian's instance had consisted of a total of 277741 issues tracked.[4]

, the Debian debbugs instance had handled over 580,000 bug reports.[5]

The GNU Project has deployed a public instance of debbugs[6] that can be used by GNU and non-GNU projects alike.[7]


Ubuntu's Launchpad recognizes and integrates with Debian's debbugs instance.[8]

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  1. Ian Jackson about DBTS]

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