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Create (!)

Create (!) is a free jazz or "free form" band formed in Long Beach, California in 1999.



Create (!) draw upon no wave, free jazz, progressive rock, freecore, hip hop R&B and the traditional music of America and Africa. Since their first fully improvised live performances in 1999 the group has engaged in a sometimes ragged, sometimes transcendent mixture of humor, skill and stream of consciousness.

Other groups related to Create (!) include Havalina, Ruins, The Mars Volta, Night of the Wrecking Ball, Castanets, L.A. Symphony, I Heart Lung and Soul Junk. Create (!) records on the Sounds Are Active label.


Create (!) began in the fall of 1999 at a birthday party for bassist Orlando Greenhill. The three founding members Orlando Greenhill, Steve Richardson and Chris Schlarb were all Long Beach, California natives and had discussed playing music together for almost a year. Since that first ad hoc performance with the three founding members and Ian Souter, the group has refused to hold rehearsal or practice sessions. The band immediately began adding and subtracting members with each performance and recording session.

Their first album, Moth Nor Rust, was a collection of the first four occasions the group assembled. In 2001, they released Patterns. Both albums were limited edition CD-R releases and never saw national distribution. Later in 2001, the group contributed three new studio tracks to Jazz A Compilation, a compilation of Long Beach, California artists. The compilation was released by Sounds Are Active and Pete Records and received a fair amount of attention and subsequently sold out of the first pressing on vinyl and CD.

The group began recording a full length studio follow up in 2002/2003 but numerous personnel changes, familial demands and group commitments hindered its completion. The open ended philosophy of the group has simultaneously seen them swell and shrink in local and national popularity as there is no particular driving force behind the ensemble's progression.

In 2004 Create (!) collaborated on releases with Castanets and folk/blues vocalist Liz Janes. On December 19, 2004 Create (!) also recorded their first album since 2001's Patterns, A Prospect of Freedom. A relatively subdued sextet recording containing one original composition and seven collective improvisations.

Beginning in March 2001 the group began teaching their Create (!) Workshops at MacArthur Park in Long Beach, California. The musical workshops are taught free of charge to both children and adults of utilizing video and audio recordings, live performances and interactive teaching methods. Create (!) has continued to perform the workshops in schools, parks and community centers throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties.


  • Orlando Greenhill upright and electric bass, voice, toys
  • Steve Richardson drums, voice, percussion
  • Chris Schlarb acoustic and electric guitar, electronics, clarinet
  • Richard Greenhill keyboards, electronics
  • Justice Constantine drums, percussion
  • Homeland Cultural Center
  • Vincent Reyes drums
  • Ian Souter trumpet, electronics, percussion, electronics
  • Danny Levin trombone, euphonium, percussion, electronics
  • Peter Chan baritone and tenor saxophone, clarinet
  • DJ ESP turntables, electronics
  • Andrew Pompey drums, percussion
  • John "Jack" Spencer bass
  • Karl Hofstetter drums
  • Robert Gutschow keyboard
  • Tim McMullen paints
  • Brandon Mitsunaga dance
  • Monica Levette Clark dance
  • Shea Gauer electronics
  • Harry Sumako conductor
  • Isaiah Ikey Owens keyboard, organ
  • Anthony Shadduck upright and electric bass
  • Temba drums
  • Naisha Walton upright and electric bass
  • Raymond Raposa electric guitar
  • Andy Bruntel electronics
  • Tom Steck drums
  • Kris Tiner trumpet
  • Lynn Johnston bass clarinet, clarinet, saxophones
  • Siamese Sisters electronics, production
  • Patagonian electronics
  • Deneir electronics
  • Jonathan Gulmatico bass
  • Sup Tha Chemist MC
  • Liz Janes voice, guitar
  • Galaxalag baritone saxophone, MC
  • Slo-Ro clarinet, vinyl record, electronics
  • Circus MC
  • Phoenix Orion MC
  • Be-Ond MC
  • Gajah MC
  • Olmeca MC
  • DJ Kenzo turntables
  • Dia Joy Silverstein saxophones
  • Dark Leaf MC
  • Bizzart MC
  • Omid producer, electronics, percussion
  • Firefly BeatSpeak
  • Mark Morrison (Palmdale, California) harmonium
  • Miike Coleman electronics
  • Brad Lindsay guitar
  • David Smytcamp (Ganglia) vocals
  • Deadbeat MC
  • J-Beits MC
  • Trendy MC MC
  • Solo MC
  • Millennium Krump Time dance
  • DJ Cylume turntables
  • David K. electronics, samplers
  • Beegs Alchemy keyboard, vocals


  • Moth Nor Rust (2001)
  • Patterns (2001)
  • Liz Janes & Create (!) (2005)
  • A Prospect of Freedom (2006)

Also appears on:

  • Jazz- A Compilation (2001)
  • Songs For Bethune (Album, 2004)
  • Soul-Junk- 1937 (2005)
  • Strata- A Young Person's Guide To Experimental Music (2005)

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