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Commandry (feudalism)
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Commandry (feudalism)

Commandry (British English), or commandery (American English), was the smallest division of the European landed estate or manor under the control of a commendator, or commander, of an order of knights. The word is also applied to the emoluments granted to a commander in an order of knights.


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The word came from French commanderie, from medieval Latin commendaria, meaning "a trust or charge". It is also called "commend " in Latin.

Originally, commandries only existed for the Order of Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, but later also for the Order of Teutonic Knights and other orders. Commandries of the Teutonic Knights were known as Komturei. Equivalents for Knights Templar were preceptor and preceptory. In 1540, the possessions in England of the Knights Hospitaller were seized as crown property.



  • A territory of the Venerable Order of Saint John
  • A division of the Knights Templar, found within the York Rite of Freemasonry.
  • A chapter of the Military Order of Foreign Wars.


In the Near East and throughout Europe:

  • A manor of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, the Knights Hospitallers
  • A manor of the Order of Teutonic Knights and other orders
    • The Commandery, an historic building in the city of Worcester, England probably built by Knights Hospitallers

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  • Commandaria

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