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Chris Wade

Christopher "Chris" Wade is a former Whitewater real estate broker. He is currently retired, and his son Chris Wade, Jr. is the broker/owner of Ozarks Realty Company in Flippin, Akansas.

Chris Wade was the real estate broker for Jim McDougal and Bill Clinton for the Whitewater Development Corporation. He sold the lots for the Clintons and McDougals. He ended up buying some of the land from them. In 1985, Jim McDougal traded the few remaining Whitewater lots to Chris Wade for an airplane and the assumption of $35,000 in bank debt to 1st Ozark. The Clintons and McDougals were still personally obligated on the note. He came into front page national news as a result of the Whitewater investigations.

Guilty plea

Chris Wade entered a guilty plea of one felony violation for making a false report to overvalue property influencing a Bank, S&L, or a federal agencies-bankruptcy fraud to the Whitewater special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison for the loan fraud.


With just hours to go in his presidency, Bill Clinton issued pardon to Chris Wade. See: Bill Clinton pardons controversy.


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