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Cany-Barville is a commune in the Seine-Maritime department in the Haute-Normandie region in northern France.



A farming and light industrial town situated by the banks of the river Durdent in the Pays de Caux, some southwest of Dieppe, at the junction of the D925, D10 and the D268 roads.



Places of interest

  • The church of St. Sim on, at Barville, dating from the sixteenth century.
  • The church of St. Martin, at Cany, dating from the thirteenth century.
  • The seventeenth century chapel of St. Gilles and St. Leu
  • The seventeenth century chateau de Cany, built between 1640 and 1656 by Fran ois Mansart, with its chapel and a park.
  • Remnants of a fortified manorhouse dating from the fourteenth century.
  • A feudal motte at Barville.
  • The fifteenth century watermill and museum.

Notable people

  • Louis Bouilhet, French poet, was born here.

See also

  • Communes of the Seine-Maritime department
  • Seine-Maritime
  • Normandy


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