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Business technology

Business Technology [1] is a term that describes the business practice of converging technology and business strategy. As an emerging evolution of information technology, business technology attempts to use hardware and software as more than tactical support systems; using technology as a strategic development tool.

The increasing use of the term business technology in IT forums and publications is due to an emerging school of thought that the potential of information technology, its industries and experts, has now moved beyond the meaning of the term. Specifically information is seen by some as a descriptor not broad enough to cover the contribution that technology can make to the success of a business or organization.

Business technology is implemented by business technologists. These professionals have an understanding of business strategy and the capabilities and availability of contemporary technology and look for ways to enable the successful implementation of business strategy through the implementation of that technology.

Business technology is being openly adopted as a way to describe the practice of several companies and organisations in the IT arena. CIO magazine describes its content as business technology leadership. Business technology management has several associated organisations that promote the convergence of business and technology and describes business technology management as a management science that seeks to unify business and technology decision-making at every level in an enterprise. Siemens IT Solutions and Services has positioned itself as the business technologists.

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