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Business education

Business education involves teaching students the fundamentals, theories, and processes of business. Education in this field occurs at several levels, including secondary education and higher education or university education. Approximately 38% of student enroll in one or more business courses during their high school tenure. A majority of student at the university level engage in a business-related major. These majors prepare students for an occupation in business or a business-related field, or a teaching career in academia.


Undergraduate education

At the university level, students have the opportunity to take general business courses, or to seek a specific degree in business studies. Courses offered vary by school, but typically include basic selections such as Accounting, Marketing, Finance, and Operations Management. Specific curricula and degree-granting procedures differ somewhat by program and by region. For a comparison between the various undergraduate degrees in business and management, see further under Bachelor's degree. Degrees offered here include:

  • Bachelor of Accountancy, a specialized accountancy degree
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Education, an undergraduate degree in the teaching of business
  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc), a business degree with a focus on management theory and a quantitative underpin
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BComm or BCom), an undergraduate degree in commerce
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA) an alternate title for the BComm
  • Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA), an undergraduate degree in public administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), a quantitative variant on the BBA

Postgraduate education

At the graduate school level, students seek a variety of master's degrees, either in general management very commonly the MBA or in a specific area, such as marketing or finance. Students pursuing postgraduate degrees often have some business experience, although this is not always a program requirement. Degrees offered here include:

  • Master of Accountancy (MAcc or MAcy, or Master of Professional Accountancy—MPA), a postgraduate degree in accounting
  • Masters in Business and Management (MBM), a postgraduate business degree
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Master's Degree in Business Administration
  • Master of Commerce (MCom), a postgraduate business degree usually focused on a particular area
  • Master of Enterprise (MEnt), a postgraduate, technology & enterprise-based qualification
  • Master of Finance (MFin), a postgraduate degree in finance
  • Master of International Business (MIB), an emerging alternative to the MBA degree
  • Master of Management (MM), a postgraduate business degree
  • Master of Marketing Research (MMR) a postgraduate degree focusing on research in the field of marketing
  • Master of Nonprofit Organizations (MNO or MNPO), the postgraduate degree for philanthropy and voluntary sector professionals
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA), a postgraduate public administration degree
  • Master of Science in Management, a postgraduate business degree
  • Master in Sustainable Business (MSB)


At the doctoral level, degrees offered will differ as regards their relative focus on theory versus practice. Entrance is typically on the basis of a relevant master's degree, and for practice oriented degrees, relevant managerial experience. Degrees offered here include:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Doctor of Commerce (DCom)
  • Doctor of Health Administration (D.H.A.)
  • Doctor of Management (D.M., D.Mgt)
  • Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)
  • PhD in Management (PhD)
  • Ph.D/M.B.A (joint degree)

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