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Business Basic

Business Basic is the name given collectively to variants of the BASIC computer programming language which were specialised for business use on minicomputers in the 1970s and 1980s. Business Basics added indexed file access methods to the normal set of BASIC commands, and were optimised for other input/output access, especially display terminal control.

The two major families of Business Basic are MAI Basic Four, and Data General Business Basic. In the 1980s, Business Basics were ported from their original proprietary environments to many Unix platforms, and to DOS. In the 1990s, some Business Basics were ported to Linux and Windows, and Business Basic integrated development environments became available. Business Basic continues to be widely used due to the very large base of application software.

See also

  • Apple Business BASIC (Apple ///)
  • AlphaBasic (Alpha Microsystems, AMOS)
  • B32 Business Basic (Data General Eclipse MV, UNIX, MS-DOS)
  • BBx
  • BBj
  • Rexon
  • Dartmouth BASIC (see also True BASIC)
  • Data General Business Basic (Data General Nova and later DG minicomputers)
  • Hewlett-Packard Business Basic (HP 3000 minicomputers)
  • MAI Basic Four
  • ProvideX
  • Thoroughbred BASIC
  • Production BASIC
  • My Business Basic

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