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Builder's tea

Builder's tea is an English colloquial term for the sort of strong, inexpensive tea supposedly drunk by construction workers taking a break. It is usually served in a mug, with milk and more than one heaped spoon of sugar, usually one of the common brands such as Tetley, PG Tips or store-brand red label teas.[1]

Characteristics and brands

In 1916 the Ministry of Munitions health committee pronounced in a document titled Hours of Work: 'An opportunity for tea is regarded as beneficial both to health and output.'[2] Builder's tea is typically robust and a rich brown colour. The leaves are often brewed for longer than usual. Brands high in tannin, caffeine and Assam leaves better suited to builder's tea include: PG Tips, Red Label (Brooke Bond, Tesco), Tetley, Lyon's Quickbrew. In 2007 a brand was put on the market called "Make Mine a Builders".


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