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Boeing Pelican

The Boeing Pelican ULTRA (Ultra Large Transport Aircraft) was a proposed ground effect fixed-wing aircraft under study by Boeing Phantom Works.



Intended as a large-capacity transport craft for military or civilian use, it would have a wingspan of , a cargo capacity of 1,400 tons (1,300 metric tonnes), and a range of about 10,000 nautical miles (18,000 km). Powered by four turboprop engines, its main mode would be to fly 20 50 ft (6 15 m) over water, though it would also be capable of overland flight at an altitude as high as albeit with a decreased range of about 6,500 nautical miles (12,000 km). It would operate from conventional runways, with its weight distributed over 38 fuselage-mounted landing gears with 76 wheels. There has not been any further information about this concept since 2002.


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