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Bingo (film)

Bingo is the titular character and a 1991 American family comedy film, released by TriStar Pictures.

Bingo, a runaway circus dog saves the life of Chuckie (Robert J. Steinmiller Jr.), a young boy who is somewhat an outcast within his family. The two quickly become best friends - skateboarding, playing pinball, and doing math homework together. But Chuckie's parents discover the stowaway pooch and make no bones about the fact that Bingo will not accompany them on their cross-country move.



Bingo is an outcast circus dog whom his owners pay little attention to. Their star puppy, Lauren, develops an infection so they use Bingo for their next act - The Ring of Fire. But Bingo is afraid of fire (due to the fact that he experienced it as a young puppy) and chickens out. His master (Simon Webbe) gets ready to kill him, but his wife stops him and tells Bingo to start over and find a family. Bingo does so when the master's wife finally agrees to kill him.

The next day, Chuckie and his friends (including his brother, Chickie) go for a bike ride but Chuckie is too slow. To prove to his friends that he isn't scared, he attempts to jump a bridge (with sunglasses) but nearly kills himself in the process. Bingo sees the whole thing and jumps on Chuckie's stomach to get the water out of him. The next day after that, Chuckie wakes up to find himself naked and all his clothes have been hung up on the washing line (including Bingo's collar). He eventually finds Bingo and thanks him for saving his life, and that they'll be friends for life. Bingo finds a fish for Chuckie to eat but encounter a bear in the process.

Meanwhile Chuckie's parents (Natalie and Hal, the latter being a pitcher at the Denver Broncos) worry over their son. But the next morning, when Chuckie does return, they don't want to know where he was, instead telling him to take a shower as he smells like "wet dog". Chuckie has to leave for school but when he comes home Bingo pees up the tree (as if the waterbed earlier made him need to go. After that, the two spend more time together (skateboarding, reading magazines, video games, math homework) but Bingo causes trouble as well (getting into Natalie's cold cream, chewing Chickie's citizenship award, soiling the driveway which Hal had slipped in).

Chuckie returns home and his best friend is largely blamed for the incidents. Hal tells him to go upstairs and start packing as he has moved to a new club, Green Bay Packers. Chuckie makes a death-proof box for Bingo to sleep in so he can take him with him. But Bingo sneaks out in the middle of the night and goes to see next-door's dog (whom he met earlier) with flowers and a bottle of champagne. But he misses Chuckie's car as it drives of their new home. Chasing the car, Chuckie's parents spot


  • Lacey as Bingo
  • Cindy Williams as Natalie Devlin
  • David Rasche as Hal Devlin
  • Robert J. Steinmiller Jr. as Chuckie Devlin
  • David French as Chickie Devlin
  • Kurt Fuller as Lennie
  • Joe Guzaldo as Eli
  • Robert Thurston as Mr. Thompson
  • Sheelah Megill as Mrs. Thompson
  • Chelan Simmons as Cindy Thompson
  • Kimberley Warnat as Sandy Thompson
  • Glenn Shadix as Duke
  • Janet Wright as Emma Lois
  • Wayne Robson as Four Eyes
  • Suzie Plakson as Ginger
  • Simon Webbe as Steve

  • Tamsin Kelsey as Bunny
  • Betty Linde as Mrs. Wallaby
  • James Kidnie as Defense Attorney
  • Norman Browning as Prosecutor
  • Blu Mankuma as Motorcycle Cop
  • Jackson Davies as Vet
  • Antony Holland as Circus vet
  • Bill Meilen as Vic
  • Stephen E. Miller as Sheriff
  • Drum Garrett as Dishwasher
  • Howard Storey as Coach
  • Denalda Williams as Doctor's assistant
  • Gloria Macarenko as reporter
  • Sylvia Mitchell as Court reporter
  • Frank Welker as Special vocal effects

Animal Cast

Bingo .... Lacey, 3 years old at time of filming, part border collie

Bingo (Stand In) .... Maui, 2 years old, Lacey's son, part border collie

Bingo (Stunts) .... Max, 6 years old, part border collie

American Bulldog at Duke's .... Spike, 20 months old, weight: 120 pounds

Terrier at Duke's .... Magic, 2 years old, related to Higgins (dog) (Benji)

Border Collie/Newfoundland Terrier/Labrador X at Duke's .... Christmas, 7 years old, was saved from an L.A. pound and given to trainers Mark and Dawn Wiener as a wedding gift

Rough coated German Shepherd at Duke's .... Griz Bear, 4 years old, was rejected from International Guiding Eyes as a puppy due to the grooming required by his long coat

Terrier at Duke's .... Snickers, 2 years old, also related to Higgins

Grey and White Terrier/Border Collie X at Duke's .... Bosco, 11 months old, Snickers' son

Golden Retriever at Duke's .... Lady, 9 years old, about to retire at time of filming

Chihuahua at Duke's .... Tiki, 2 years old, borrowed from Abbotsford pet store

Alaskan Brown Bear .... Donna, 3 years old, Trained by Lloyd Beebe, form Olympic Game Park, Sequim, Washington

Marilyn, Betty and Lauren .... were played by former miniature poodle champions, all of them male from Braylane Miniature Poodles, Am. Can. Ch. Braylane Blitz UD, TP, TDI and his two sons, Ch. Braylane Bill of Fare and Am. Can. Ch Braylane Bugsby CD, TP,TDI[1]

Bloodhound(s) .... were supplied by Maple Ridge Search and Rescue, Vancouver.[2]

Soft Toy

The toy company Commonwealth Toy & Novelty Inc. produced toy Bingos to tie in with the film's release. The dog came with a blue backpack. Even though he is not seen wearing one in the film, number five of the collector card set has him wearing one.


The Washington Times gave Bingo a half-star out of four, and deemed it "The Problem Child of pet pooch movies."[3]

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