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Banner Health is a non-profit health system in the United States, based in Phoenix, Arizona. It operates 23 hospitals as well as specialized facilities. The health system is the 2 nd largest employer in Arizona, only second to Walmart, employing more than 35,000.[1]

The organization provides emergency care, hospital care, hospice, long-term/home care, outpatient surgery centers, labs, rehab services, pharmacies, and more recently has begun operating primary care physician clinics, which include Banner Arizona Medical Clinic and Banner Medical Group. In 2010, it reported assets of $6.4 billion and revenues of $4.9 billion.[2]

Banner Health was created in 1999 through a merger between Lutheran Health Systems, based in North Dakota, and Samaritan Health System, based in Phoenix.[3]

Banner also operates a Medicare Advantage insurance plan in the valley referred to as Banner MediSun.[4] Banner is in the process of undergoing organizational change and is in the innovation stage.

Banner Health is partnering with Houston's M.D. Anderson to build a $90 million cancer center 30 miles southeast of Phoenix.



  • 2011 Arizona's Most Admired Companies[5]
  • 2010 Arizona s Most Admired Companies[6][7]
  • Top 100 Hospitals to work for, 2009[8]
  • Banner Good Sam in Phoenix, AZ and North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, CO have reached magnet hospital status[8]


Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

The hospital's new tower opened in 1982.

"Built in downtown Phoenix, the Good Samaritan Hospital consisted of a twelve-story monolithic concrete bed tower, which rested on a lower, rectangular ancillary building housing support services. The ancillary building, a concrete framed structure with windowless walls of sprayed concrete, contained the functional support elements such as surgery, emergency, laboratory, labor-delivery, admissions and administration. A system of bridges connected the ancillary building support services with the appropriate bed floor.

Typical of Goldberg's health care facility designs, which placed the nurse at the heart of the design, he organized the 720 bed patient tower into patient "clusters." Each floor contained sixty beds, which were distributed in four separate fifteen-bed clusters organized around a nurse's station. A nurse administrator connected two clusters. The hospital was the first phase of a more extensive thirty-acre comprehensive health care and community development program, of which only parts were implemented."[9]

The Medical Center is also home to several residency training programs including Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, Orthopedic Surgery, Family Medicine and Pharmacy.[10]

Banner Health from partnering with Houston's M.D. Anderson to build a $90 million cancer center 30 miles southeast of Phoenix. This facility is now open.

Location List

Banner Health facilities can be found in seven states:


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