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Bangla Congress

The Bangla Congress was a regional political party in the Indian state of West Bengal. It was formed through a split in the Indian National Congress in the 1960s and later co-governed with the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) in two United Front governments, the first lasting from March 15, 1967 to November 2, 1967 and the second from February 25, 1969 to March 19, 1970. Ajoy Mukherjee was the Chief Minister in both governments. On March 19, 1970, the second United Front government fell as a result of the breakdown of the alliance between the Bangla Congress and the CPI(M). The Bangla Congress then went into rapid decline and was later reunified with the Indian National Congress.

Electoral results from the West Bengal state assembly elections:

1967] 80 candidates, 34 elected, 1,286,028 votes

1969: 49 candidates, 33 elected, 1,094,654 votes

1971: 137 candidates, 5 elected, 695,376 votes

Lok Sabha election results:

1967: 7 candidates, 5 elected, 1,204,356 votes

1971: 14 candidates, 1 elected, 518,781 votes


Split in a Predominant Party: The Indian National Congress in 1969

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