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Bangla College

Govt. Bangla College () is a college of Bangladesh established on 1 October, 1962 by Abul Kashem in order to promote the use of the Bengali language in higher education. [1]



Principal Abul Kashem, activist of the historic Bengali Language Movement, established Bangla College in 1962. The Bangla College, it was situated at Mirpur on 1964, used to hold its classes of the night shift in its formative years in the premises of the Nabakumar Institute.[2]

The present state of the college

The present principal of the college is Dr. Makfur Rahman. The intermediate or high school section has about 800 students and the Honors-Masters Graduate section has more than 21,000 students. The University College is regulated by National University, Bangladesh

Structure of the college

The college covered 19 acres area.The main five building are used for classes and examination. There is a library in the college.The library contains a huge books of various kinds.



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