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Bangla Bhai

Siddique ul-Islam ( Siddikul Islam), known popularly as Bangla Bhai ( "Bengali Brother") ( 1970 – 30 March 2007), also known as Aziz ur-Rahman () Azizur R hman, was a Bangladeshi terrorist[1] and the military commander of the Al Qaeda affiliated [2] radical pseudo-Islamist organization Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh (Awakened Muslim Masses of Bangladesh), known in popular usage as the JMJB. Most active in the north-western section of Bangladesh around the Rajshahi region, Bangla Bhai gained a nationwide and worldwide notoriety for bombings and other terrorist activities.

Siddique ul-Islam fought in Afghanistan in the 1980s as a Mujahedin fighter against the USSR during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, where he was presumed to directly report to Osama Bin Laden. Upon his return to Bangladesh, he taught Bengali language for some time. Islam joined the ranks of the JMJB and became the commander of military affairs and an acting member of the Majlis-e-Sura, its decision-making committee. Bangla bhai became infamous for the torture and intimidation of the opponents of JMJB and the minorities. On August 17, 2005, JMJB, under Islam's leadership, launched a nation-wide attack by exploding 500 makeshift bombs. Along with Shaykh Abdur Rahman, Islam is alleged to have masterminded the bombing. In late 2005, a series of suicide bomb attacks rocked Bangladesh. JMJB and Jamaat-al-Mujahedin Bangladesh have claimed responsibility of these attacks.

The Government of Bangladesh proclaimed a large prize for the capture of Bangla bhai. On 6 March 2006, Bangla bhai was captured by police and Rapid Action Battalion in Mymensingh District [3] and was sentenced to death on 29 May.

Along with 5 other militants, Siddique ul-Islam was executed by hanging on 30 March 2007.[4]


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