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Ashwani Thakur

Ashwani Thakur (born 7 June 1983) is an Indian filmmaker and composer.[1] His films won recognition at various national and international film festivals. He was awarded by Times Of India for a music video of the song "Tum chalo to hindustan chale" by Lead India. Ashwani directed a number of short films, documentaries and music videos. He authored the book "Inspirational Stories Of Enlightenment".


Early life

Ashwani was born in Delhi to businessman Satish Kumar and Premlata. He is the younger of two brothers. Ashwani finished his schooling in Hillwoods Academy. At age twelve he began writing poems and at sixteen began writing song lyrics and bhajans with his grandfather. He spent his initial years deciding between being a writer, a music composer or a singer.


Thakur's career began at an Information Technology company, but unsatisfied, he quit and began working as an assistant to film directors. He gained practical knowledge and found his calling in films. In his initial years he assisted directors making corporate films for Lloyd Group, PSL Engineering, Amrit Food, Yamaha Suzuki along with a Hindi Feature Film produced by CFSI.[1]


Ashwani made a documentary for Child Survival India, which premiered at the Cinemax Theatre in Mumbai on 5 August 2008. He made the video for the Lead India Anthem "Tum Chalo to Hindustan Chale" which won him a second place.[2] The video depicts how every citizen is responsible for the progress of the nation through simple contributions such as keeping the surroundings clean. Ashwani prefered to make short films because he believed that they portray reality and not fiction.


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