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Agnese Nano

Agnese Nano (born 5 November 1965 in Rome) is an Italian film, TV and theater actress. Her first appearance was in 1987 but she became famous after her role as the young "Elena" in Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore, in 1988.


  • 1988 It's Happening Tomorrow, Daniele Luchetti
  • 1988 Cinema Paradiso, Giuseppe Tornatore
  • 1990 Faccione, Christian De Sica
  • 1990 Adelaide, Lucio Gaudino
  • 1991 Steps On The Moon, Claudio Antonino
  • 1991 Baroque, Claudio Sestrieri
  • 1992 The Abdomen Of Maria, Mem Perlini
  • 1992 The Long Silence, Margarethe von Trotta
  • 1992 L'edera, Edera
  • 1993 Tired Men, Lucio Gaudino
  • 1994 The Summer Of Bobby Charlton, Massimo Guglielmi
  • 2001 Murderers in the festive days, Damiano Damiani
  • 2002 Do Like Us, Francesco Apolloni
  • 2003 Until I Make You Suffering, Francesco Colizzi
  • 2004 Luna And The Others, Elisabetta Villaggio

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