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Aglar Baba

Aglar Baba (1880 1958) was a grandson of Irsadi Baba, who was one of the prominent mystics of his time in North Eastern Anatolia.

Aglar Baba's original name was Irsadi, but he used Aglar Baba as an appellation. Unlike his grandfather, he studied at Madrassas and learned Arabic as well as several other traditional Islamic Sciences. He finished his grandfather's "Stories of Prophets" (Kissas-ul Embiya). However he lost the only manuscript of the book during the World War I.

He became the Master of his grandfather's Sufi Order after the War and held the position until his death. He received many visitors from the neighboring cities like Gumushane and Erzincan.

He taught his pupils the Sufi way of abstaining from the evil of worldliness. The themes of his poems shows many similarities with other Anatolian mystics like Yunus Emre.

His poems were published by his son Ahmet Battal under the title of "Mystical Poems of Aglar Baba" (Ebyat-i Aglar Baba).

Aglar Baba had 4 sons, Necati Battal, Ahmet Battal (Ahmet Baba), Selim Battal and Halil Baba Battal.

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