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Encyclopedia results for dyczkowski


Encyclopedia results for dyczkowski

  1. Bhaskara (Kashmiri)

    Bhaskara was a notable writer on the Kashmir Shaivism sect of Hinduism . He wrote an important commentary on the Shiva Sutras of Vasugupta . ref name ssutra Vasugupta and Bh skarabha a n.d. 1992 http books?id o6 n4ulAsdIC&printsec frontcover&dq 0791412644&cd 1 v onepage&q&f false The aphorisms of iva the ivaS tra with Bh skara s commentary, the V rttika Mark S. G. Dyczkowski, trans. . SUNY Press. ISBN 0791412644, ISBN 9780791412640 ref According to Dyczkowski, We know nothing about him except that he was the son of one Divakarabhatta and was, therefore, like the other Kashmiri Saiva authors, a Brahmin by caste, as Bhatta was a title bestowed to learned Brahmins in Kashmir at that time p.  2 ref name ssutra . References Reflist 1 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Bhaskara ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Bhaskara Category Indian Hindus Category Year of birth missing Hindu bio stub ...   more details

  1. Alice Wadowski-Bak

    Infobox artist bgcolour silver name Alice Wadowski Bak image Alice Wadowski Bak circa 1960s with 6 Blind People on a Tight Rope painting.jpg imagesize caption Alice Wadowski Bak at an art show with her painting, 6 Blind People on a Tight Rope , in the background birth name Alice T. Wadowski birth date Birth date 1935 8 8 mf y birth place Niagara Falls, New York death date death date and age 2008 6 14 1935 8 8 mf y death place Niagara Falls, New York nationality United States American field Painting Painter training movement works Wigilia, Sleeping Beauty, Broadway Fillmore 1982 patrons awards Am Pol Eagle Citizen of the Year Award Alice T. Wadowski Bak August 8, 1935 June 14, 2008 was a noted Polish American artist and creator of wycinanki paper cutting . Her most famous work is Wigilia , which has been the cover art of Oplatek sold across the U.S. Ms. Wadowski Bak s work has been exhibited at the Albright Knox in Buffalo, the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Life Trained in Buffalo NY, Alice s art caught the eye of Buffalo Society of Artists president, Polish Arts Club of Buffalo founder and esteemed artist Eugene Dyczkowski. Mr. Dyczkowski offered the young artist a scholarship. Unfortunately for Alice she was not able to accept it at the time. Ms. Bak was able to attend Syracuse University for her master s of fine art, and completed her studies at the University at Buffalo . She moved to New York City and worked as a book illustrator and fabric designer. Ms. Bak was the art instructor to Caroline Kennedy in the 1960s. The late actor Vincent Price was a fan of her artwork. Ms. Bak, a devout catholic, also created a painting that was presented to the late Pope John Paul II, and hangs in the Vatican on permanent exhibition. After working in New York City, Ms Bak returned to Niagara Falls. She worked with the Polish School at Holy Trinity Church. In 1996 Ms. Bak won the Am Pol Eagle Citizen of the Year Award for Media. On J ...   more details

  1. Kapalika

    to represent the begging bowl of Shiva Meyer 1986 . Literary mentions Dyczkowski 1988 p.  26 ... in Sanskrit  ... ref Dyczkowski, Mark S. G. 1988 . The canon of the aiv gama and The Kubjik ... February 4, 2010 ref blockquote Dyczkowski 1988 p.  26 relates how Krishna Mishra K a Mi ra ... human sacrifices from whose severed throats blood flows in currents. ref Dyczkowski, Mark S. G. 1988 ...   more details

  1. Shiva Sutras of Vasugupta

    Refimprove date December 2006 Shiva Sutras are a collection of seventy seven aphorism s that form the foundation of the tradition of spiritual mysticism known as Kashmir Shaivism . They are attributed to the sage Vasugupta of the 8th century C.E. Vasugupta is said to have lived near Mahadeva Mountain in the valley of the Harvan stream behind the what are now the Shalimar Gardens near Srinagar . One myth is that he received the aphorisms in a dream visitation of a Siddha or semi divine being. Another is that Lord Shiva came to him in a dream and instructed him to go to a certain rock on which he would find the teachings inscribed. This rock called Shankaropala is still visited by devotees. The other theory is that Lord Shiva taught the Siva Sutras to Vasugupta in a dream. Whatever the truth is these myths point to the traditions belief that the Shiva sutras are of divine origin or revelation and are not considered the product of the human mind. Historically the Shiva Sutras and the ensuing school of Kashmir Shaivism are a Tantra Tantric or Agamic tradition. The Tantrics saw themselves as independent of the vedic period Vedic mainstream schools of thought and practice, and as beyond the rules that had been put in place by them. A number of commentaries were written by Vasugupta s contemporaries or successors. Most famous of them is Kshemeraja s Vimarshini 10th Century C.E. which has been translated into English by Jaideva Singh and Swami Lakshman Joo . Another is a commentary called the Varttika by Bhaskara 11th century C.E. which has been translated into English by Mark Dyczkowski . There are many translations of the Shiva Sutras in to English. A translation by Swami Shankarananda Shiva Yoga Swami Shankarananda can be found on Wikisource s Shiva Sutras of Vasugupta . It is also available a painstaking Italian translation of the Sutras and the Kshemaraja s Vimarshini by Raffaele Torella. kriya yoga Kriya yogi Shailendra Sharma Shri Shailendra Sharma translated Shiva S ...   more details

  1. Roman Catholic Diocese of Zielona G�ra-Gorz�w

    Infobox diocese jurisdiction Diocese name Zielona G ra Gorz w latin Dioecesis Viridimontanensis Gorzoviensis country Poland metropolitan Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Szczecin Kamie Szczecin Kamie rite Latin Rite cathedral Katedra pw. Wniebowzi cia br Naj wi tszej Maryi Panny, Gorz w Wielkopolski cocathedral Konkatedra w. Jadwigi in Zielona G ra area km2 10,805 population 1,150,063 population as of 2004 catholics 1,099,830 catholics percent 95.6 bishop Stefan Regmunt coadjutor auxiliary bishops Pawel Socha , Congregation of the Mission C.M. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Zielona G ra Gorz w lang la Viridimontanensis Gorzoviensis is an diocese located in the cities of Zielona G ra and Gorz w Wielkopolski in the Ecclesiastical province of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Szczecin Kamie Szczecin Kamie in Poland . History June 28, 1972 Established as Diocese of Gorz w from the Diocese of Berlin , Germany March 25, 1992 Renamed as Diocese of Zielona G ra Gorz w Special churches Image Dom Gorzow Wielkopolski.jpg thumb Katedra pw. Wniebowzi cia br Naj wi tszej Maryi Panny br Gorz w Wielkopolski cathedral Minor Basilica Bazylika Matki Bo ej Rokitnia skiej, Rokitno Leadership Bishop s of Zielona G ra Gorz w Roman rite Bishop Stefan Regmunt since 2007.12.29 Bishop Adam Dyczkowski 1993.07.17 2007.12.29 Archbishop J zef Michalik 1992.03.25 1993.04.17 Bishops of Gorz w Roman rite Archbishop J zef Michalik 1986.10.01 1992.03.25 Bishop Wilhelm Pluta 1972.06.28 1986.01.22 See also Roman Catholicism in Poland Source http dioceses diocese ziel0.htm Giga Catholic Information http diocese dziel.html Catholic Hierarchy http www.diecezja.zgora Diocese website coord missing Poland Template Roman Catholic dioceses in Poland DEFAULTSORT Zielona Gora Gorzow Category Roman Catholic dioceses in Poland Category Religious organizations established in 1972 Category Roman Catholic dioceses and prelatures established in the 20th cent ...   more details

  1. Hindu idealism

    no footnotes date November 2011 Hindu philosophy There are currents of idealism in both ancient and classical Hindu philosophy . Like Absolute idealism of Hegel , Hindu idealism is essentially monism monistic , espousing the view that consciousness , is the essence or meaning of the Maya illusion phenomenal reality . The presence of idealist concepts in Indian thought has been emphasized by Rupert Sheldrake Citation needed date April 2012 and Fritjof Capra Citation needed date April 2012 . Idealism in Ancient philosophy The oldest reference to Idealism in Hindu texts is in Purusha Sukta of the Rig Veda . This sukta espouses panentheism by presenting cosmic being Purusha as both pervading all universe and yet being transcendent to it. ref Krishnananda, Swami. http www.swami invoc in pura.html Daily Invocations . Divine Life Society, The Purusha Sukta, Verses 4 5. ref Absolute idealism can be seen in Ch ndogya Upani ad , where things of the objective world like the five elements and the subjective world such as will, hope, memory etc. are seen to be emanations from the tman Hinduism Self . ref Nikhilananda, Swami. The Upanishads A New Translation. http spiritual upanishads chandogya upanishad.php Chhandogya Upanishad , Parts 5 8. ref Idealism in Classical philosophy Idealist notions have been propounded by the Vedanta and Yoga schools of thought. Idealism was opposed by dualists Samkhya , the atomists Vaisheshika , the logicians Nyaya , the linguists Mimamsa and the materialists C rv ka . Kashmir Shaivism is also categorized by scholars as realistic idealism. ref S. G. Dyczkowski, Mark. The Doctrine of Vibration An Analysis of Doctrines and Practices of Kashmir Shaivism. P. 51 ref Idealism in Contemporary philosophy The essence of Hindu Idealism is captured by such modern spiritual teachers as Nisargadatta Maharaj Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj , Sri Aurobindo and P.R. Sarkar Sri Anandamurti , also known as P.R. Sarkar. Sri Nisargadatt ...   more details

  1. List of Kashmiri Pandits

    orphan date June 2010 Refimprove date June 2007 List of persons of Kashmiri people Kashmiri Kashmiri Pandit pandit lineage Philosophers and historians Anandavardhana , Philosopher Bhatta Kallata Abhinavagupta , Philosopher Kshemaraja Utpaladeva , wrote a commentary on the book Samhita Bhaskara Kashmiri Bhaskara ref cite book url http books?id o6 n4ulAsdIC title The aphorisms of iva the ivaS tra with Bh skara s commentary, the V rttika first Mark S. G. last Dyczkowski publisher SUNY Press isbn 9780791412640 page 2 ref Lalleshvari , mystic and poet, 14th century Jonaraja , Historian, 15th century Shrivara , Historian, 15th century Prajna Bhatta , Historian, 16th century Swami Lakshman Joo Raina Administrators and diplomats Birbal Dhar ref cite book title Kashmir history and people first S. R. last Bakshi publisher Sarup & Sons year 1997 pages 116, 144 isbn 9788185431963 url http books?id U1LEY1yWmagC accessdate 2012 01 30 ref P. N. Haksar Purushottam Narayan Haksar ref cite news url http news 1998 dec 12mitra.htm first Ashok last Mitra title The P N Haksar story date 12 December 1998 publisher Rediff accessdate 2012 01 30 ref Rameshwar Nath Kao , ref cite web url http www.bharat MONITOR ISSUE4 5 sainis.html accessdate 2006 05 14 title Rameshwar Nath Kao 1918 2002 first Sunil last Sainis publisher Bharak Rakshak ref Intelligence chief Triloki Nath Khoshoo , ref cite journal url http cs 1 1 memoriam.pdf title In Memorium T.N. Khoshoo 1927 2002 archiveurl http web 20070615000000 http cs 1 1 memoriam.pdf archivedate 2007 06 15 first S. Ved last Brat journal Conservation and Society volume 1 issue 1 year 2003 ref Administrator and environmentalist Politicians & Prominent Lawyers Motilal Nehru , Politician and lawyer. Dewan Nand Ram Tikoo , Former Dewan and Ruler of Kabul, Afghanistan ref http reviews review lucknowp ...   more details

  1. Svatantrya

    creative force ref The Stanzas on Vibration M.S.G. Dyczkowski, p. 345 ref . In Relation to Consciousness ... Dyczkowski, p. 72 ref . His mantras have spiritual efficacy ref The Aphorisms of Siva M.S.G. Dyczkowski ...   more details

  1. Kashmir Shaivism

    Shaivism, By Mark S. G. Dyczkowski, pp. 4 ref in Kashmir and made significant strides, both ... in the early ninth century CE. ref Dyczkowski, p. 4. ref As a monistic Tantras tantric system ... University Press location New York isbn 0 19 507349 5 cite book series last Dyczkowski first Mark ...   more details

  1. Expanded orgasm

    and Practices of Kashmiri Shaivism , Mark S. G. Dyczkowski 1987 Silent Orgasm, From Transpersonal to Transparent ...   more details

  1. Strictly Berlin

    Dyczkowski, Hanna Frenzel, Ingeborg F lepp, Monika Funke, Archi Galentz, Walter Gramming, GUP py, Heike ...   more details

  1. Bishop of Wroc?aw

    Wincenty Urban 1973 1978 J zef Marek 1977 1992 Tadeusz Rybak 1978 1992 Adam Dyczkowski 1985 2000 ...   more details

  1. Charnel ground

    Brown 2001 p.127 Poetry, song and literature Dyczkowski 1988 p.  26 holds that H la s Prakrit ... Dyczkowski, Mark S. G. 1988 . The canon of the aiv gama and The Kubjik Tantras of the western ... associated with Shiva who applies it all over His body. Dyczkowski 1988 p.  26 relates how ...   more details

  1. Culture of Gujarat

    of Indian Philosophy ref another that it was Ulkapuri modern Avakhal ref Dyczkowski, P. 23 Canon ...   more details

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