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data recovery

Encyclopedia results for data recovery

  1. Vapor recovery

    Image Vapor Recovery Device.JPG thumb right Gas nozzle with vapor recovery Vapor or vapour recovery is the process of wikt recovery recovering the vapor s of gasoline or other fuel s, so that they do not escape into the atmosphere . This is often done or required by law at filling station s, in order to reduce noxious and potentially explosive fumes and pollution . The negative pressure created in the underground tank by the withdrawal is usually used to pull in the vapors. They are drawn in through holes in the side of the nozzle and travel through special hose tubing hose s which have a return path. State requirements Illinois http air stage ii vapor recovery.html Other industries Vapor recovery is also used in the chemical process industry to remove and recover vapors from storage tanks. The vapors are usually either environmentally hazardous, or valuable to be recovered. The process consists of a closed venting system from the storage tank ullage space to a vapor recovery unit VRU which will recover the vapors for return to the process or destroy them, usually by oxidation. Vapor recovery units are also becoming commonly used in the oil and gas industry as a means of recovering natural gas vapor and making it a usable and profitable product. Specifically a newer form of vapor recovery technology, Ejector Vapor Recovery Units create a closed loop system which not only recovers valuable vapor, but also reduces methane and VOC emissions. ref cite url http vapor recovery.html author Comm Engineering publisher Comm Engineering ref See also Automobile emissions control Onboard refueling vapor recovery References reflist DEFAULTSORT Vapor Recovery Category Gases ca Recuperaci de vapors de Gasr ckf hrung es Recuperaci n del vapor ...   more details

  1. Bridges To Recovery

    Bridges To Recovery is a residential treatment center for patients suffering from psychiatric disorders located on the outskirts of Los Angeles , California . The center was opened to fill a gap in psychiatric treatment while patients needing substance abuse treatment have a wide variety of residential programs to choose from, patients suffering from psychiatric disorders like anxiety and major depressive disorder depression usually can only find inpatient treatment in hospitals . By combining the highest quality care in comfortable, home like surroundings, Bridges to Recovery s founders hoped to lower the barrier to treatment, as many patients would not consider an inpatient stay in a hospital, but are much more amenable to a stay in a residential environment. Bridges To Recovery has seen a large increase in media exposure over the past year as a result of their expansion of new treatment centers. References See Wikipedia Footnotes on how to create references using ref ref tags which will then appear here automatically Reflist External links http article bridges to recovery book 3797 Alternative Health Journal Article about Bridges To Recovery http s12 1564 bridges to recovery.html Westside Today Article about Bridges To Recovery http releases 2009 10 prweb2925724.htm PR Web Release about Bridges to Recovery most recent expansion http bridges to recovery 868 Los Angeles Public Relations Article about Bridges To Recovery http home.html Official Bridges To Recovery website http story bridges to recovery opens bel air residential mental health treatment facility 2011 08 30 Bridges To Recovery Opens New Location Categories Category Mental health ...   more details

  1. Asset recovery

    . Investment Recovery Specialists Companies in the asset recovery business can sometimes be referred to as liquidators or as asset recovery specialists or a similar name. An asset recovery ... 2010 DEFAULTSORT Asset Recovery Category Financial accounting ...   more details

  1. Recovery Console

    Infobox Windows component name Recovery Console logo logo size screenshot Windows 2000 Recovery Console.png screenshot size 300px caption The Windows 2000 Recovery Console selection, login, and command prompts included with Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows Server 2003 replaces replaced by Windows Recovery Environment related components The Recovery Console is a feature of the Windows 2000 , Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. It provides the means for administrators to perform a limited range of tasks using a command line interface . Its primary function is to enable administrators to recover from situations where Windows does not booting boot as far as presenting its graphical user interface . The recovery console is used to provide a way to access the hard drive in an emergency through the command prompt. As such, the Recovery Console can be accessed either through the original installation media used to install Windows, or it can also be installed to the hard drive ... can boot to the point that NTLDR loads. Abilities The recovery console has a simple command ... del command del code , and so forth. From the recovery console an administrator can create and remove ... be started properly Filesystem access on the recovery console is by default severely limited. An administrator using the recovery console has only read only access to all volumes except for the system ... help command help code command, and in many articles about the Recovery Console including those authored ... XP Recovery Console work KnowledgeBase author Microsoft cite web url http kb 229716 title Description of the Windows 2000 Recovery Console work KnowledgeBase author Microsoft cite web url http reading 20060816iwc1.html title Primer Creating A Windows XP Recovery ... of the Recovery Console Category Windows NT Category Windows components Category Command shells Windows Components ko id Windows Recovery Console ja zh ...   more details

  1. Personnel recovery

    The United States Army defines personnel recovery as The sum of military, United States Department of Defense DOD civilian, DOD contractor personnel, or other personnel designated by the President of the United States President or United States Secretary of Defense Secretary of Defense , who are isolated, missing, detained, or captured IMDC in an operational environment. Also called PR. The five PR execution tasks Report Begins with the recognition of an isolating event. It must be both timely and accurate. Locate Involves the effort to find and authenticate isolated personnel. Accurate position and positive ID are generally required prior to committing forces. Support Involves support for isolated personnel and their families. It can include establishing two way communications, dropping supplies, or suppressing enemy threats. Recover Involves coordinated actions of commanders and staffs, recovery forces and the isolated individual. Reintegrate The primary consideration is the physical and mental health of the recovered personnel. See also https suite page 373835 Official Army Personnel Recovery Home Manhunt military DEFAULTSORT Personnel Recovery Category Military science de Personnel Recovery sv Personnel Recovery ...   more details

  1. Civil recovery

    United Kingdom In the legal systems of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom , civil recovery also named civil recovery scheme or civil recovery regime is claimed by retailers to a enable the retailer s claims handling agent to recover, in civil law common law civil proceeding s before the High Court of Justice High Court or Court of Session , property which is, or represents, property including intellectual property obtained through unlawful conduct, and b enable cash which is, or represents, property obtained through unlawful conduct, or which is intended to be used in unlawful conduct, to be Asset forfeiture forfeit ed in civil proceedings before a county court or in Scotland the sheriff . Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 http acts acts2002 20029 f.htm 2002 c. 29 s 240 et seq. . However the Citizen s Advice Bureau advises that in many cases, the process may constitute deceitful , unfair and improper business practice, as defined by the OFT http index pressoffice press index press 20090812.htm United States In the United States , civil recovery laws allow store and retailers to prosecute alleged shoplifters in civil court. All 50 states have some form of civil recovery law. In some jurisdictions, both a civil recovery demand and a ticket or arrest for stealing is initiated by the retailer. See also Assets Recovery Agency Shoplifting Civil Recovery Demands Shoplifting Further reading Zimmerman, Ann The Wall Street Journal , February 20, 2008 A1 Big retail chains dun mere suspects in theft http article SB120347031996578719.html?mod rss law page Landro, Laura The Wall Street Journal September 20, 2007 A1 The Accidental Thief http article SB119024912866933218.html DEFAULTSORT Civil Recovery Category Civil procedure Category Criminal procedure Category Law in the United Kingdom law term stub ...   more details

  1. Rational Recovery

    Refimprove date July 2007 Rational Recovery and Rational Recovery Systems, Inc. is a commercial vendor ... Recovery Systems, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Jack Trimpey, a California licensed clinical social ... drug addictions. Rational Recovery is a commercial trade mark, along with the Addictive Voice Recognition ..., and lectures. The Rational Recovery program is based on the premise that the addict both desires and is capable of permanent, planned abstinence . However, the Rational Recovery program recognizes ... Recovery definition of addiction. According to this paradigm, the primary force driving ... voice, not the other way around. In his book, Rational Recovery , Trimpey calls the addict s addictive ..., as well as for substance abuse. While Rational Recovery and AA promote abstinence, the programs use radically different strategies. Rational Recovery repeatedly claims that there is no better time ... is contradictory to never using again. That is, Rational Recovery says, AA proposes that if you ... 2011 . Rational Recovery does not regard alcoholism as a disease , but rather a voluntary behavior. Rational Recovery discourages adoption of the forever recovering drunk persona. There are no Rational Recovery recovery groups although meetings were held throughout the country during the 1990s . Great ... alternatives including RR also SMART Recovery , Women for Sobriety , Secular Organizations for Sobriety , and Moderation Management p. 22 . Trimpey asserts that some have accused Rational Recovery of being anti religious. The Rational Recovery FAQ states Quotation Rational Recovery has voiced the conscientious ... What is Rational Recovery? archiveurl http web 20080107024602 http faq.html Bot retrieved archive archivedate 2008 01 07 ref Rational Recovery claims to remain neutral on the subject of religion and sobriety. Rational Recovery founder Jack Trimpey explains, ...Rational Recovery is not interested in having people give up any of their religious beliefs it s just none ...   more details

  1. Economic recovery

    Unreferenced date May 2011 , An economic recovery is the phase of the business cycle following a recession , during which an economy regains and exceeds peak employment and output levels achieved prior to downturn. A recovery period is typically characterized by abnormally high levels of growth in real gross domestic product , employment, corporate profits, and other indicators. econ stub Category Macroeconomics Category Business cycle bg ...   more details

  1. Recovery housing

    living quarters is key to efficient recovery from natural or other disasters. After the 2005 Hurricane Katrina and 2010 Haiti earthquake , recovery housing played key roles in the ongoing return to normalcy ... home.html Refend DEFAULTSORT Recovery Housing Category Development charities Category Social ...   more details

  1. Stroke recovery

    maximum patient recovery. Rapid detection and appropriate emergency medical care are essential for optimizing ... T. pmid 19008467 ref Once a patient is medically stable, the focus of their recovery shifts to rehabilitation ... goals of this sub acute phase of recovery include preventing secondary health complications, minimizing ... . ref name Duncan2 In the later phases of stroke recovery, patients are encouraged to participate ..., such as motivation, social support, and learning ability, are key predictors of stroke recovery ... May 2011 ref Responses to treatment and overall recovery of function are highly dependent on the individual. Current evidence indicates that most significant recovery gains will occur within the first ... and the process of recovery after stroke has developed enormously in the late 20th century and early ... was improving. In the early 1950s, Twitchell began studying the pattern of recovery in stroke patients. He reported on 121 patients he had observed. He found that by four weeks, if there is some recovery of hand function, there is a 70 chance of making a full or good recovery. He reported that most recovery happens in the first three months, and only minor recovery occurs after six months. ref .... Around the same time, Brunnstrom also described the process of recovery, and divided the process into seven stages. As knowledge of the science of brain recovery improves, methods of intervening ... recovery. Current perspectives and therapeutic avenues Motor re learning Neurocognitive Rehabilitation .... This challenged the belief held at that time that no recovery will occur after one year. The therapy ... shown to be an effective rehabilitation technique at varying stages of stroke recovery to improve ... shown in many studies to be effective in promoting recovery of both arm and leg function after a stroke ... sources both in vitro and in vivo. Initial clinical data suggests that transplantation is technically feasible and can be performed safely, but the data are too preliminary and insufficient to assess ...   more details

  1. Spontaneous recovery

    Spontaneous recovery is a phenomenon first seen in Pavlovian conditioning and then later discovered in memory functioning. The general pattern of spontaneous recovery found in Pavlovian conditioning in animals ... habit 2. This is parallel to learning in human memory. Spontaneous recovery in Pavlovian conditioning Spontaneous recovery is a term that is commonly associated with learning and conditioning. It is commonly referred to as one of the basic phenomena of Pavlovian conditioning however spontaneous recovery ... a decline in conditioned behavior. ref name Domjan2010 Spontaneous recovery is just one of many ... a conditioned behavior from an organism. Spontaneous recovery typically occurs during a rest period between extinction training sessions. It is defined as increased recovery of a conditioned behavior ... spontaneous. A classic experiment that demonstrates spontaneous recovery was conducted by Rescorla ... days. Spontaneous recovery may help explain why it is so hard to overcome drug addictions. For example ... 2011 DiCano & Everitt, 2002 full date July 2011 ref Spontaneous recovery in human memory Initial discovery Retroactive interference The phenomenon of spontaneous recovery and as it pertains to human ... or to unlearning, Briggs subsequent delay testing 1 day , led to the discovery of spontaneous recovery in human memory. Spontaneous recovery in Briggs study Although responses from list B decreased ... list B. Proposed explanations Since the aforementioned spontaneous recovery was initially shocking ... the learning of A C items. Models that predict spontaneous recovery Estes 1955 was the first to explore the processes underlying spontaneous recovery. He investigated the changes and hypothesized that spontaneous recovery may be accounted for by random fluctuations in stimulus conditions. His findings ... term retention. Estes 1955 focused on contextual cues as the condition which initially challenged recovery ... proposed as a building block of spontaneous recovery. Since contextual drift is theorized to affect ...   more details

  1. Energy recovery

    Refimprove date May 2008 Energy recovery includes any technique or method of minimizing the input of energy .... The energy can be in any form in either subsystem, but most energy recovery systems exchange ..., or in this case, recovery. Thermal energy is often recovered from liquid or gaseous waste streams ... and is mostly converted to heat or follows the product in the process as output energy. Energy recovery .... An energy recovery system will close this energy cycle to prevent the input power from being released back to nature and rather be used in other forms of desired work. Examples of energy recovery Heat recovery is implemented in heat sources like e.g. a steel mill. Heated cooling water from the process ... reduction valve and released. Energy recovery ventilation Energy recycling Water heat recycling Heat recovery ventilation Heat recovery steam generator Heat Regenerative Cyclone Engine ref http ... Thermal diode Thermal oxidizer Thermoelectric Modules Waste heat recovery unit s Environmental impact There is a large potential for energy recovery in compact systems like large industries and utilities ... and power which uses energy recovery in the U.S., ref Bruce Hedman, Energy and Environmental Analysis USCHPA, Combined Heat and Power and Heat Recovery as Energy Efficiency Options , Briefing to Senate ... to quantify the environmental impact of a global energy recovery implementation in some sectors. The main impediments are Lack of efficient technologies for private homes. Heat recovery systems in private ... infrastructure. Heat recovery in particular need a short distance from producer to consumer ... with regenerative breaking seems to be the best candidate for energy recovery. Wind systems on ships ... energy startsaving tech heat recovery introduction.htm energy recovery by Carbon ... 29&mode 2&in hi userid 200&cached true Energy Resources Recovery Idaho National Laboratory http pressroom detail 13575 26 Projects Funded Energy Recovery Methods Studied with ASHRAE ...   more details

  1. Recovery boiler

    Recovery boiler is the part of Kraft process of wood pulp pulp ing where chemicals for white liquor are recovered ..., much as in a conventional steam power plant . The invention of the recovery boiler by G.H. Tomlinson ... year 1993 ref Recovery boilers are also used in the less common sulfite process of wood pulping this article deals only with recovery boiler use in the Kraft process. Image SantaFeRecoveryBoiler.JPG thumb 500px CMPC Celulosa Santa Fe Recovery boiler is one of the newest boilers in South America Function of recovery boilers Concentrated black liquor contains organic dissolved wood residue in addition ... portion of chemicals produces heat. In the recovery boiler heat is used to produce high pressure steam ... for process heating. Combustion of black liquor in the recovery boiler furnace needs to be controlled ..., reduction of inorganic sulfur must be achieved in the char bed . The recovery boiler process has ... after being re dissolved Recovery of inorganic dust from flue gas to save chemicals Production of sodium fume to capture combustion residue of released sulfur compounds First recovery boilers Image EarlyTomlinsonRB.gif thumb 400px One of the first recovery boilers built, Sweden 1930 s Some features of the original recovery boiler have remained unchanged to this day. It was the first recovery ... by C. L. Wagner. Recovery boilers also improved the smelt removal. It is removed directly from the furnace through smelt spouts into a dissolving tank. Some of the first recovery units employed the use of Cottrell s electrostatic precipitator for dust recovery. Babcock & Wilcox was founded in 1867 ... the first black liquor recovery boiler in the world in 1929. ref name steam cite book author ... at Windsor Mills in 1934. After reverberatory and rotating furnaces the recovery boiler was on its way. The second early pioneer, Combustion Engineering based its recovery boiler design on the pioneering ... spraying and on work by Adolph W. Waern and his recovery units. Recovery boilers were soon licensed ...   more details

  1. Assistance in Recovery

    orphan date June 2010 Assistance in Recovery AiR is an international provider of addiction recovery assistance that focuses on treating addiction as a chronic disease, and provides services to reflect this. AiR has behavioral health case management services for chronic disease care and specializes in the treatment of chemical dependency , mental health and eating disorders . ref Carew, Emma. Eaten Alive, Minnesota Monthly, February 2007. ref AiR is an organization of professional Intervention counseling intervention specialists, recovery and addiction licensed counselors and consultants who provide crisis management services through education, action and healing alongside their behavioral health management services and aftercare recovery assistance programs. The implementation of case management improves outcomes for clients. This increase is a result of consistent support for the family ... States. History Assistance in Recovery AiR follows in line with the philosophy and practice of Dr ... goal in 2002. Wainwright s understanding of addiction recovery came not only from his experience working under Dr. Fearing, but also from his own personal recovery from heroin addiction in the mid 1990s. After his mother urged him to seek recovery while in a psychiatric ward in Washington D.C. .... ref The company was the first to implement both Dr. Johnson s model of recovery and the Family Systems .... In so doing, they increase the rates of recovery for those struggling to overcome addiction or behavioral ... in 2009, Wainwright re branded AiR, renaming it Assistance in Recovery and expanding the company. AiR has provided consulting, intervention and recovery management services in all US states and around the world. External links http www.a i Assistance in Recovery http NSDUH ... National Findings. http blog revolutionary recovery healing the addicted brain Urschel III, Dr. Harold C., Revolutionary Recovery Healing the Addicted Brain, Approaching Addiction ...   more details

  1. Recovery International

    Infobox Non profit Non profit name Recovery International Non profit logo Image RecoveryInternational.jpg ... Weller first Fred title Recovery International Merges With The Abraham Low Institute journal The Lakewood ... read news lakewood health recovery international merges with the abraham low institute ... in nervous patients. ref name RIHISTORY cite web title History of Recovery, Inc date 2005 06 17 accessdate ... attitudes toward symptoms and fears. ref name WHAT2009 cite web title What is the Recovery ... Recovery International Recovery International formerly Recovery, Inc. , often referred to simply as Recovery ref name IRELAND2008 cite web title History of Recovery International date 2008 07 15 publisher Recovery International, Ireland url http www.recovery inc Usahist.htm accessdate 2009 ... web title History of Recovery in Canada author Mackellar, Lana coauthors Whalen, Richardena Foley, Gerald Oliver, Joyce Matier, Diane publisher Recovery Canada date 2008 09 15 url http ... A. Low Abraham Low in Chicago, Illinois . Recovery s program is based on Self control self control , self confidence, and increasing one s determination to act. ref name SAGARINMENTAL1969 Recovery ... RECOVERYINC2007 cite web author Recovery, Inc title Welcome to Recovery, Inc date 2007 06 19 url ... Previous Recovery Logo In 1937 Abraham Low was on the faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago , and participants in Recovery were limited to those who had been hospitalized in the Psychiatric ... health field Recovery, Inc., a case study journal The Journal of nervous and mental disease ... Help as Practiced by Recovery, Inc. jstor 2785030 journal Sociometry volume 8 issue 3 4 year ... Recovery s methods to others and in 1942 Low began to teach members to lead groups in their homes. ref ... Low remained in close contact with all Recovery groups and received regular reports from group ... untenable. In 1952, Low allowed expansion of Recovery outside of Illinois, giving control ...   more details

  1. Fort Recovery

    about the fort in Ohio Infobox nrhp name Fort Recovery Site nrhp type image Fort Recovery site.jpg caption Walls at the reproduction of Fort Recovery location Ohio State Route 49 State Route 49 , Fort Recovery, Ohio lat degrees 40 lat minutes 24 lat seconds 50 lat direction N long degrees 84 long minutes 46 long seconds 51 long direction W coord display inline,title coord parameters region US type landmark locmapin Ohio built 1791 architecture added November 10, 1970 area convert 5 acre governing body State refnum 70000509 ref name nris NRISref 2009a ref Fort Recovery was a United States Army fort begun in late 1793 and completed in March 1794 under orders by General Mad Anthony Wayne . It was located on the site of the present day village of Fort Recovery, Ohio Fort Recovery , Ohio , United ... is now termed the Northwest Indian War or Little Turtle s War. Attack on Fort Recovery On 30 June 1794, a supply column left Fort Recovery for Fort Greenville , under the command of Major William McMahon ... 9 pages 108 110 ref Fort Recovery was a reference point used to define the boundary line established ... in 1803, the boundaries had been adjusted and Fort Recovery was not mentioned as a reference point for the boundaries of the state. Fort Recovery Memorial Image Fort Recovery obelisk.jpg thumb right Victory monument in Fort Recovery In 1891, the battlesites were excavated, and the remains of some ... and Anthony Wayne in Fort Recovery. In 1910, he gave Fort Recovery 25,000 to build the monument ... is part of a historical landmark known as Fort Recovery State Memorial that is maintained by the Ohio ... blockhouse s with a connecting stockade . The Fort Recovery State Museum , opened in 1938, features ... External links http Historic Fort Recovery http places ftrecovr info Fort Recovery on Ohio Historical Society site http Fort Recovery ... and structures completed in 1794 Category Forts in Ohio Recovery Category Buildings and structures ...   more details

  1. SMART Recovery

    SMART Recovery Self Management and Recovery Training is an international non profit organization which .... Meeting participants learn recovery methods derived from evidence based addiction treatments. ref ... accessdate 2007 12 11 ref Methodology SMART Recovery is based on scientific knowledge, and is intended ... Recovery Handbook publisher Alcohol & Drug Abuse Self Help Network,Inc. year 2004 location Mentor ... Points in the process of recovery Building Motivation, Coping with Urges, Problem Solving, and Lifestyle Balance. ref cite book last Shaw first BR authorlink coauthors et al. title Addiction & Recovery .... ref cite journal title Comparing treatments for dual diagnosis Twelve Step and Self Management and Recovery ... 2 ref ref cite book last Volpicelli first Joseph coauthors Maia Szalavitz title Recovery Options ... , it is also suggested as a possible supplement to twelve step programs in SMART Recovery s main program publication, The SMART Recovery Handbook. ref cite book last Steinberger first H. title SMART Recovery Handbook publisher Alcohol & Drug Abuse Self Help Network,Inc. year 2004 location Mentor Ohio pages Section 1 Page4 isbn 0 615 13135 2 ref The Stages of Change as a SMART Recovery Tool In the SMART Recovery program, there are seven stages of change ref name handbookS2P8 cite book last Steinberger first H. title SMART Recovery Handbook publisher Alcohol & Drug Abuse Self Help ... Recovery. ref name handbookS2P8 History and Organization Incorporated in 1992 as the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Self Help Network ADASHN , the organization began operating under the SMART Recovery name in 1994 ... Alternatives for Recovery accessdate 2007 12 12 last Lemanski first Michael J. year 2000 work ... Keith title Circles of Recovery Self help Organizations for Addictions publisher Cambridge University ... with the assistance of volunteer recovery professionals called Volunteer Advisors. A central office is currently maintained in Mentor, Ohio . SMART Recovery offers its services for free ...   more details

  1. Recovery (novel)

    notability books date November 2008 Infobox SW Books name Recovery orig title translator image Image Recovery novel .jpg center 200px author Troy Denning cover artist Cliff Nielsen editor country United States language English era List of Star Wars books New Jedi Order Era New Jedi Order series The New Jedi Order galactic year Dates in Star Wars 26 ABY subject Star Wars genre Science fiction novel publisher Del Rey Books Del Rey release date 1 October 2001 media type e book pages 108 pp isbn ISBN 0345452143 preceded by Balance Point followed by Edge of Victory Conquest Recovery is the first e book and seventh installment of New Jedi Order The New Jedi Order series set in the Star Wars Star Wars galaxy galaxy . This short story by Troy Denning sets the stage for much of the novel Star by Star and shows a slow reconciliation between Han Solo and his wife Princess Leia Organa Leia Organa Solo . The mass market paperback Star by Star begins with Recovery as essentially a lengthy prologue the hard cover however, does not. Plot introduction Following the savage Yuuzhan Vong conquest of List of Star Wars planets C D Duro Duro , Princess Leia Organa Leia Organa Solo barely clings to life, having endured the vicious torture of the alien invaders. Her husband, Han Solo , rushes her to safety, but in a galaxy ready to blame the Jedi for the alien scourge, finding a refuge is nearly impossible. With bounty hunters in close pursuit, Solo has little choice but to head to Coruscant , but even the New Republic Star Wars New Republic capital is no haven from anti Jedi sentiment and treachery. External links http webapps cargobay item detail 1245 Official CargoBay Listing NewJediOrder Category The New Jedi Order Recovery Category 2001 novels 2000s sf novel stub zh ...   more details

  1. Colour recovery

    about film colour recovery film colorization film colorization the Hewlett Packard technique HP Color recovery Colour recovery or colour restoration is a process which can restore lost colour, specifically to television programmes which were originally transmitted in colour, but for which only black & white copies remain archived. ref name techmind1 cite web url http colrec title PAL Colour Recovery from black and white telerecordings date 2008 05 08 accessdate 2009 05 18 publisher William Andrew Steer, ref Not to be confused with Film colorization colourisation , colour recovery is a newer process ref name guardian dw and is fundamentally different from colourisation for several reasons. ref name guardian dw Firstly, colour recovery can only be performed if the originally ... educated guesswork to manually choose a colour palette. Conversely, the goal of colour recovery is to reinstate ... first seen. Colour recovery reconstructs the colour information from actual recovered signals and theoretically without depending on guesswork. As of 2010, colour recovery has successfully been ... of colour recovery From off air recordings See The D mons During the 1970s, various off air NTSC ... suggested by BBC researcher, James Insell . ref name guardian dw In practice however, the recovery ... 2009 05 18 publisher Andrew Steer, Colour Recovery Working Group ref Distortions in the geometry of the telerecordings ... title The Unofficial Colour Recovery Wiki date 2009 01 21 accessdate 2009 08 13 publisher Richard Russell, The Unofficial Colour Recovery Wiki ref at the informal Colour Recovery Working Group ref name crwg1 cite web url http colour title Colour Recovery Working Group date 2007 03 06 accessdate 2009 06 18 publisher James Insell, Colour Recovery Working ... comparison showing the resulting differences between traditional colourisation and colour recovery ... DEFAULTSORT Colour Recovery Category Film and video technology ...   more details

  1. Resource recovery

    Resource recovery is the selective extraction of disposed materials for a specific next use, such as recycling, composting or energy generation. The aim of the resource recovery is to extract the maximum practical benefits from products, delay the consumption of virgin natural resources, and to generate the minimum amount of waste. Resource recovery differs from the management of waste by using LCA life cycle analysis to offer alternatives to landfill disposal of discarded materials. A number of studies on Municipal Solid Waste MSW have indicated that administration, source separation and collection followed by reuse and recycling of the non organic fraction and energy and compost fertilizer ... and baled for recycling Recycling is a resource recovery practice that refers to the collection and reuse ... eliminates the pollution from products of combustion. Examples of resource recovery through composting .... Recovery Methods In Australia, source separated curbside collection is one method of resource recovery. Every urban domestic household is provided with three bins one for recycling , another ... of reduced or no landfilling and the recovery of materials through recycling. In 2002 03 30 of materials ... debris was recycled. Energy is produced is part of resource recovery as well some landfill gas is captured for fuel or electricity generation. Sustainability Resource recovery a key component ... of managing wastes to a resource recovery system such as recycling glass, food waste, paper and cardboard, plastic bottles etc. Life Cycle Analysis Education and awareness in the area of resource recovery ... management and resource recovery programs. University and vocational education are promoted ... resource recovery What is Resource Recovery .htm What is Resource Recovery? http California Resource Recovery Association http Maine Resource Recovery Association http Northeast Resource Recovery Association http Recology http ...   more details

  1. Recovery (metallurgy)

    inline date July 2009 Recovery is a process by which deformed grains can reduce their stored energy by the removal or rearrangement of defects in their crystal structure. These defects, primarily dislocations , are introduced by plastic deformation of the material and act to increase the yield strength of a material. Since recovery reduces the dislocation density the process is normally accompanied by a reduction in a materials strength and a simultaneous increase in the ductility. As a result recovery may be considered beneficial or detrimental depending on the circumstances. Recovery is related to the similar process of Recrystallization metallurgy recrystallisation and grain growth . Recovery competes with recrystallisation, as both are driven by the stored energy, but is also thought to be a necessary prerequisite for the nucleation of recrystallised grains. Definition The physical processes that fall under the designations of recovery, recrystallisation and grain growth are often difficult to distinguish in a precise manner. Doherty et al. 1998 stated blockquote The authors have agreed that ... recovery can be defined as all annealing processes occurring in deformed materials that occur without the migration of a high angle grain boundary blockquote Thus the process can be differentiated from recrystallisation and grain growth as both feature extensive movement of high angle grain boundaries. If recovery occurs during deformation a situation that is common in high temperature processing then it is referred to as dynamic while recovery that occurs after processing is termed static . The principal difference is that during dynamic recovery stored energy continues to be introduced even as it is decreased by the recovery process resulting in a form of dynamic equilibrium . Process Image Polygonization.png thumb right Fig 1. The annihilation and reorganisation of an array ... structure with walls consisting of dislocation tangles. As recovery proceeds these cell walls will undergo ...   more details

  1. Recovery (ship)

    The Recovery was a ship that was wrecked near Port Stephens , New South Wales , Australia in 1816. The Recovery was a sloop of 14 tons, owned by George Hibbs of Sydney . In early June 1816 it headed from the Hawkesbury to Port Jackson with a cargo of grain. A storm came up and the Recovery was blown out to sea. On turning the ship around it was wrecked near Port Stephens. The crew of two men and a woman passenger struggled ashore and walked a distance of 50 miles to Newcastle, New South Wales Newcastle . On the way they were stripped of all their clothes by some aborigines. At Newcastle they were given passage to Sydney on the sloop, Windsor sloop Windsor which was also wrecked. ref Australian Shipwrecks vol 1 1622 1850 , Charles Bateson , AH and AW Reed, Sydney, 1972, ISBN 0 589 07112 2 p53 ref References Reflist Navbox shipwrecks of New South Wales Wreckshunter coord missing New South Wales Category Shipwrecks of the Hunter Region Category Maritime incidents in 1816 Category 1816 in Australia Category 1788 1850 ships of Australia Category Ships built in Australia Category History of New South Wales Category Coastal trading vessels of Australia Category Port Stephens Council Category Sloops of Australia Category Individual sailing vessels ship stub ...   more details

  1. Recovery Child

    COI date February 2011 Infobox musical artist name Recovery Child image caption Recovery Child performing at the Metalworks Institute s 2010 Cancer Benefit background group or band origin Toronto, Ontario , Canada genre Alternative rock years active 2006 present website http Official Band Website current members Gord Davidson br Ryan McCambridge br Greg McEvoy br Ben Tran past members Logan Scott br Dave Palmer br Recovery Child is a four piece alternative rock band from Toronto , Ontario . Formed in early 2006, the band frequently played Southern Ontario before releasing their independent EP On Being And The Affect later that year. Produced by Brian Moncarz Moneen , Pilot Speed , Circa Survive , and mastered by acclaimed mastering engineer Greg Calbi at http www.sterling Stirling Sound , the EP gained Recovery Child notoriety due to its success on US and Canadian CMJ college radio. This gave the band the opportunity to compete for CHTZ FM 97.7 HTZ FM s acclaimed Rocksearch contest, with past winner like Finger Eleven and The Trews . The band ended up winning the Rockserach contest, ref Filer, Michael. http blog index.php? archives 38 CM On Judges Panel For 97.7 HTZ FM Rocksearch 2007.html Canadian Musician Magazine at HTZ FM Rocksearch ... needed date February 2011 Recovery Child continued to support the record with regional tours while ... the recording, Recovery Child s lead singer Ryan McCambridge organized http ... live photo section photos.php?id 2558 Recovery Child on Truth Explosion , Truth Explosion Magazine , 2010 12 10. ref Recovery Child s still untitled new album is due out in 2011. Band members ... Recovery Child Independent 2006 2007 On Being And The Affect Independent References references External links http Official Website myspace recoverychild Recovery Child http estorelayout1.asp?n 41860 Recovery Child at Categories Category Articles ...   more details

  1. Celebrate Recovery

    Celebrate Recovery was founded in 1991 by Pastor John Baker of Saddleback Church with the goal of overcoming life s issues with a twelve step program based on Christian principles. This recovery program addresses all types of habits, hurts and hang ups. Other churches and some prisons implemented the program, and as of March 2004 more than 150,000 people are said to have participated. ref name LP2004 cite web last Perry first Larry title President lauds church program at White House sponsored event publisher Baptist Press date 2004 03 11 url http bpnews.asp?ID 17831 accessdate 2007 11 03 ref At the faith based initiative Faith Based and Community Initiative Conference in 2004, U.S. President George W. Bush praised Celebrate Recovery as being able to change hearts where government cannot. ref cite web title President s Remarks at Faith Based and Community Initiatives Conference publisher Office of the White House Press Secretary date 2004 03 03 url http georgewbush ... Principles. Celebrate Recovery is conducted by Christians who have been through 12 step recovery. Program Although Celebrate Recovery meetings are similar to those of other twelve step programs ... ref Another difference is that Celebrate Recovery does not require one to conform to a singleness ... Recovery teaches the Twelve Steps by relating them to Chapters and verses of the Bible Biblical ... Recovery, NIV url http twelve.shtml accessdate 2007 11 03 archiveurl http ... yourself, or you also may be tempted. Eight Recovery Principles based on the Beatitudes Saddleback Senior ... first Rick title Eight Recovery Principles based on the BEATITUDES publisher Celebrate Recovery ... power are more effective in bringing about recovery. ref name BIGBOOKCHAPTER4 Celebrate Recovery also ... http Celebrate Recovery official website http Celebrate Recovery UK http Bridge of Faith Celebrate Recovery Category Twelve ...   more details

  1. Recovery amount

    Unreferenced date April 2008 Orphan date November 2006 When a Bond finance bond or other derivative finance financial derivative Default finance defaults , the recovery amount is the amount that the underlying company can afford to pay. This is usually a result of a liquidation of the company s assets and generally results in a lower amount than the Par value Bonds par value . Category Finance ...   more details

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