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Encyclopedia results for create blog CMS

create blog CMS

Encyclopedia results for create blog CMS

  1. Blog:CMS

    and plugins. Further issues are raised by the fact that because Blog CMS branched the wiki, forum and photo gallery components to create Blog CMS when these get a problem these components will carry ... CMS latest release version 4.2.1.g latest release date release date 2011 06 06 latest preview version latest preview date platform PHP genre Blog license GNU General Public License website http Blog CMS website Blog CMS formerly Nucleus XE is a content management system written ... fight and solutions. on the Nucleus CMS support forum ref Blog CMS has suffered from some prominent ... http 76 blog cms and wordpress title Powered by BLOG CMS? No Way publisher TechWhack ... wiki index.php All About BLOG CMS Problems List of outstanding issues with Blog CMS ref A project called Blog Hack CMS exists to convert Blog CMS blogs to Nucleus CMS. ref http nu cms Blog Hack CMS website ref Blog CMS is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. Criticism Criticism section date May 2010 Blog CMS has suffered from a recurring ... X Force Database blogcms index sql injection 27435 BLOG CMS index.php SQL injection Bot generated ... standing of Blog CMS under the GNU GPL. Including examples ref http tmp diff blogcms ... Blog CMS website http Blog CMS support forum http wiki start Blog CMS documentation DEFAULTSORT Blog Cms Category Free software programmed in PHP Category Free content management systems Category Blog software cms software stub web software stub fr Blog ... software development fork ed version of Nucleus CMS , including DokuWiki , PunBB, and an image ... considered Who date March 2008 a pre modded version of Nucleus CMS, rather than a full product in its own right. The Blog CMS home page claims that it is used on thousands of websites worldwide. History Hul n started the project after several debates with the rest of the Nucleus CMS development ...   more details

  1. Create

    pp semi indef Create may refer to wiktionary create Create TV network , an American public television network consisting of lifestyle and human interest programming from the libraries of PBS and American Public Television Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program , a proposed improvement to the rail lines in the Chicago area Data Definition Language Create SQL , a statement in SQL Create , a free jazz band iRobot Create , a hobbyist robot based on the iRobot Roomba platform Create New Student Orientation , UBC s Okanagan campus new to UBC student orientation program Create video game Create video game , a 2010 video game published by EA See also Creation disambiguation disambig ...   more details

  1. Create (!)

    thumb right 200px Cover of Create s 2006 full length album A Prospect of Freedom album A Prospect of Freedom In 2004 Create collaborated on releases with Castanets band Castanets and Folk music folk blues vocalist Liz Janes . On December 19, 2004 Create also recorded their first album since 2001 ... in March 2001 the group began teaching their Create Workshops at MacArthur Park in Long Beach, California ... video and audio recordings, live performances and interactive teaching methods. Create has continued ... & Create album Liz Janes & Create 2005 A Prospect of Freedom album A Prospect of Freedom 2006 Also ... Sounds Are Active DEFAULTSORT Create Category American experimental musical groups Category American ...   more details

  1. CMS

    wiktionary CMS CMS may refer to TOCright Education Colleges CMS College of Science & Commerce Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India CMS College Kottayam , in Kottayam, Kerala, India Chicago Medical School , in North Chicago, Illinois City Montessori School , in Lucknow, India Middle schools Church Mission Society High School , CMS High School, Thrissur, Kerala, India Calexico Mission School , a private school in Calexico, California, USA Centennial Middle School , a public school in Snohomish, Washington, USA Central Middle School Quincy, Massachusetts , a public school in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA Colina Middle School , in Thousand Oaks, California, USA Colonia Middle School In Colonia, New Jersey, USA Community Middle School , a public school in Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA Creekwood Middle School , a public school in Kingwood, Texas, USA Cardigan Mountain School , a junior boarding school in Caanan, New Hampshire, USA Clarksville Middle School , a public school in Clarksville, Maryland, USA Other Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools , local school district in North Carolina, USA Organizations Mathematics Calcutta Mathematical Society or CalMathSoc, a professional society for mathematicians at Kolkata, India Canadian Mathematical Society , a professional society for mathematicians Centre for Mathematical ... profit society in Cyprus Other CMS Cameron McKenna , an international law firm based in London CMS ... Sommeliers , an organisation educating and certifying sommeliers Computing CMS 2 programming language , used by the United States Navy CMS protocol , a financial information exchange protocol Client ... by high altitude Cms angel , a minor angel in Enochian occult tradition Constant maturity swap ... Department of Central Management Services , a state agency disambig ca CMS da CMS flertydig de CMS es CMS desambiguaci n fa fr CMS ko CMS it CMS he CMS hu CMS egy rtelm s t lap nl CMS ja CMS pl CMS pt Cms desambigua o ru CMS fi CMS sv CMS th CMS zh CMS ...   more details

  1. Blog

    blog fake blogs in which a company will create a fictional blog as a marketing tool to promote ... Dream blog Edublog Glossary of blogging Blog software How to create a blog Internet forum Forums ...pp vandalism expiry 21 May 2012 small yes For the Polish band Blog 27 Journalism A blog a portmanteau ... individual, occasionally of a small group, and often are themed on a single subject. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog . The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of Blog software web publishing tools that facilitated ... brand advertising of a particular individual or company. A typical blog combines text, images, and links ... textual, although some focus on art art blog , photographs photoblog , videos video blogging or vlogging , music MP3 blog , and audio podcast ing . Microblogging is another type of blogging, featuring ... of a diary style blog consisting of text and images transmitted wirelessly in real time from a wearable ... 12 blog anniversary title After 10 Years of Blogs, the Future s Brighter Than Ever accessdate 2008 06 05 work Wired date 2007 12 17 ref on 17 December 1997. The short form, blog, was coined by Peter Merholz , who jokingly broke the word weblog into the phrase we blog in the sidebar of his blog ... Labs used blog as both a noun and verb to blog, meaning to edit one s weblog or to post to one ...&L ADS L&P R16795&I 3 Origins of Blog and Blogger , American Dialect Society Mailing List Apr. 20, 2008 ... corkboard. The modern blog evolved from the online diary , where people would keep a running ... I can make some claim to this being The Original Blog and Daybook. I certainly started keeping a day book well before most, and long before the term blog or Web Log was invented. BIX, the Byte ... 9E0DE3DE103DF933A25755C0A9649C8B63 ref Another early blog was Wearable Wireless Webcam, an online shared ... a typical aspect of blogging . Blogs can be hosted by dedicated blog hosting service s, or they can ...   more details

  1. On the Blog

    refimprove date May 2009 review date May 2009 On the Blog is a BBC Radio comedy series starring Caroline Quentin Men Behaving Badly , Simon Greenall I m Alan Partridge and Andy Taylor Red Dwarf . It is written by Kris Dyer , Dave Marks and Andy Taylor and is an Above The Title Production for BBC Radio 2 . Series One 2007 First broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in the summer of 2007. It was also featured on BBC Radio 4 s Pick of the Week programme. blockquote Original and twisted the don t miss comedy appointment of the week Radio Times ref Jane Anderson, Radio Times Issue 5 10 May 2007 ref br That rare thing a funny new radio sitcom Guardian ref Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian 04 05 07 ref br The funniest sitcom since Ed Reardon s Week Sunday Times ref Paul Donovan, Sunday Times 29 04 07 ref br blockquote class wikitable border 1 Show Title Show Description TX Date 1 1. You Can t Hurry Love When military war gaming blogger Andrew Glasgow seeks true love online, he ends up with a few rather nasty surprises... 03.05.07 1 2. The First Casualty of War Andrew Glasgow fights to clear his name after a series of controversial rumours about him are posted online. 10.05.07 1 3. An Englishman s Home Andrew s mother puts the house on the market, but Andrew does his best to put off the prospective buyers. 17.05.07 1 4. Incest to Infamy War gaming blogger Andrew Glasgow does some online research into his family history and is reunited with an old school flame. 24.05.07 1 5. Into the Valley of Debt Andrew faces a frantic battle to earn some money after mistakenly ordering a full size Napoleonic era cannon piece from the website E buy. 31.05.07 1 6. The Long March Home Seasonal transport chaos leaves blogger Andrew Glasgow stuck on a train with only his laptop and the great British public for company. 07.06.07 Series One starred Caroline Quentin, Simon Greenall and Andy Taylor. The scripts were ... radio on the blog myspace ontheblog On the Blog DEFAULTSORT On The Blog Category BBC radio comedy ...   more details

  1. Webnodes CMS

    advert date August 2011 Infobox Software name Webnodes CMS logo File Webnodes logo small.jpg center 250px screenshot Image Webnodes CMS editmode.png center 300px caption Administration interface of Webnodes CMS. author Ole Gulbrandsen, Vidar Langberget developer Webnodes AS status Active programming language C Sharp programming language C platform ASP.NET language English language English genre Content Management System CMS , Web content management system WCMS , Electronic commerce E commerce license Proprietary software Proprietary , Free software licence Free Edition website http Webnodes CMS is a Semantic technology semantic content management system CMS for publishing content to Web site web sites , Webshop web shops , Intranet intranets , Extranet extranets and Community site community sites . History Webnodes Content management system CMS is developed by http Webnodes AS . The company holds offices in Oslo , Norway , and was founded in 2010 through a demerger from http Webscape AS Webnodes has received R&D grants ... The Research Council of Norway , for its efforts in developing a Semantic technology semantic CMS based on the ASP.Net technology. Webnodes CMS and semantics Webnodes CMS is designed around semantics ... accessdate 2011 2 9 ref and Microdata . The CMS Application framework framework then uses the ontology to create an object model that developers can work against. The built in Object ... of content. Technology Webnodes CMS is written in C . It runs on Microsoft s .NET Framework and utilizes ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server . Webnodes CMS has a built in Object relational mapper ORM . Design philosophy In Webnodes CMS content is organized by topics rather than by physical pages in a tree ... to design a semantic CMS. The CMS framework is designed to be a platform for building customized web ... Blog software Category Internet forum software ...   more details

  1. Wolf CMS

    . Development Status Wolf CMS, seems to be thriving, with a growing community ref cite web url http repository title Wolf CMS Plugin Repository accessdate 2011 01 04 ref ref cite web url http forum title Wolf CMS Forums accessdate 2011 01 04 ref and active development. ref cite web url https wolfcms wolfcms commits master title Wolf CMS GitHub repository commits accessdate 2011 01 04 ref On the 28th of December 2010, the Wolf CMS code repository was moved from Google Code to Github. ref cite web url http blog 2010 12 28 wolf cms on github.html ...Infobox software name Wolf CMS logo Image Wolf logo 250.png 200px Wolf CMS Logo latest release version ... Wolf CMS is a content management system and is Free Software published under the GNU General Public License GNU General Public License v3 . Wolf CMS is written in the PHP programming language. Wolf CMS is a fork of Frog CMS . The project was a finalist ref name finalist cite web url http .... accessdate 2011 01 04 date 2010 09 24 ref ref cite web url http blog 2010 09 24 wolf cms nominated most promising open source project.html title Wolf CMS nominated blogpost accessdate ... Open Source Project category. As of the 28th of December 2010, the Wolf CMS code repository was moved from Google Code to Github. ref cite web url http blog 2010 12 28 wolf cms on github.html title Wolf CMS on GitHub blogpost accessdate 2011 01 04 date 2010 12 28 ref Core Plugins Wolf CMS can be extended through its plugin system. A few of them, called core plugins, are available with the default installation. Archive This plugin provides an easy to use, blog style articles setup to your Wolf CMS installation. Comments Provides out of the box commenting functionality for Wolf CMS. . File Manager Simple file manager to provide a web interface for your public directory. Textile To allow more flexibility for site administrators and content editors alike, Wolf CMS provides ...   more details

  1. Exponent CMS

    Notability date September 2011 Infobox software name Exponent CMS logo Image Exponent CMS logo.png developer ... Content Management ECM and Blog software license GNU General Public License GPL website http screenshot Image with unknown copyright status removed Image Exponent CMS screenshot default.png 200px caption Admin interface of default Exponent CMS website. Exponent CMS is a free ... and content management system CMS written in the programming language PHP . Exponent uses an intuitive ... developers and can be installed via a web browser. Exponent CMS can be installed in a Linux , Unix ... Server Apache web server and the PHP language version 5.2.1 . Exponent CMS currently requires a MySQL 4.1 , 5 Recommended to store content and settings. History Exponent CMS was originally written ... member of the Exponent CMS Open Source community. With Phillip on board OIC was able to quickly ... Adam and Phillip started on new version of Exponent CMS. Adam wrote the new Exponent Framework and Phillip ... http Eric Boermsa took over the project ref http cms digital ... under the GNU General Public License GPL . ref cite web url https exponent cms ... January 27 2012 ref The core functionality of Exponent CMS and Exponent Framework is still managed .... cn date January 2012 Themes The Exponent CMS was designed from the ground up with designers in mind. As such, it is incredibly simple for someone with a little knowledge of html and css to create an Exponent CMS theme. Themes for Exponent CMS are written using html xhtml and css . You just have to place a some hooks in your theme file to integrate Exponent CMS into your theme. That makes Exponent CMS highly flexible for designers. Any html based design can be easily converted into an Exponent theme. In Exponent CMS content and presentation have been separated. To accomplish this the Smarty ... looks and customized to match a sites theme. Translations Translations for Exponent CMS s 0.9x ...   more details

  1. Flash CMS

    Content Management System Flash CMS is a Content Management System specifically designed to create and manage Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Content . The main purpose of a Flash CMS is to generate Flash content within a browser environment. To qualify as a Flash CMS an application must be able to manage ... skills are needed to use the application. Output generated by a Flash CMS should require the Flash Player . A Flash CMS is not a Flash based application that generates HTML pages. A Flash CMS can ... levels of Flash CMS and different targets Simple Level or site builders, Predefined templates ... Flash CMS solutions Open source free solutions Silex Silex, the designer friendly publishing platform, is a free and open source Flash CMS used to assemble multimedia content and publish it online ... the blog en 2010 03 silex exchange plateform Blog post about Silex Labs exchange platform ref Links Silex Flash CMS license gpl fancyCMS This CMS real name is Free Flash CMS and it is maintained by FancyCMS, is an open source CMS engine, which means that it has no editing functionality ..., SEO capabilities, a skin system and much more. ref http free flash cms FancyCMS OS engine home ref To take full advantage of the Free Flash CMS , one can use Fancy Flash CMS Core , which ... free. This will turn the Free Flash CMS engine into a content management system which allows one to manage ... fancyplus desktop flash cms FancyPlus freeware home ref Proprietary solutions Rainbow Live Rainbow Live is a simple Flash CMS developed by http Code and Visual with a focus on ease of implementation, flexibility, and rapid development. Rainbow allows the user to add CMS functionality ... Flash enabled to have full access to the content of the site. Moto CMS Moto CMS formerly FlashMoto CMS is an advanced Flash CMS Flash content management system that allows users to update text, images ... integration. Moto CMS also offers a collection of Flash templates with the built in content ...   more details

  1. LJ Create

    BBC Television News LJ Create 30 years On , BBC1 September 24th 2009. ref ref cite web url http 2009 09 bbc visit lj create 30 years on.html title BBC Visit LJ Create 30 Years On. work LJ Create Blog accessdate 19 March 2010 ref . LJ Create specialises in blended learning solutions ...Notability 1 Org date March 2010 Infobox company company name LJ Create Ltd. company logo type Privately ... LJ Create Ltd is a UK based company that produces interactive educational technology for the global market. Currently the company operates in over 60 countries. About LJ Create LJ Create Ltd was established 6 June 1979 ref cite web url http News article.asp?id 203 title Celebrating 30 Years of Success in Education 1979 2009 work LJ Create News accessdate 19 March ... page.aspx?o 262032 title Jisc Report Swale Skills Centre, Engineering apprentices use LJ Create ... accessdate 19 March 2010 ref . LJ Create produce hardware, software , E learning , learning management ... 2009 ref and curriculum development tools. In addition to hardware and software, LJ Create provides professional development and training services to educators. LJ Create s range of products and services ... of LJ Create in 2006 ref cite web url http News article.asp?id 307 title LJ Group Appoint Charles Clarke, M.P. work LJ Create News accessdate 19 March 2010 ref ref cite news url http ... work Labout Party Website accessdate 19 March 2010 ref . LJ Create was sold to Infinitas Learning ... releases 2012 1 prweb9133315.htm title Infinitas Learning completes the acquisition of LJ Create ...?id 344 title Norwich based LJ Create Ltd is acquired by Infinitas Learning work LJ Create News accessdate 30 January 2012 ref . Company locations LJ Create have their Head Office and product development ... links http LJ Create s Website http User Community Site for teachers of the Engineering Diploma References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Lj Create Category Companies ...   more details

  1. Pixie (CMS)

    Open Source CMS. ref cite web url http most promising open source cms finalists ..., Pixie CMS and its website was sold ref cite web url http title Lucid Crew work ... of Individuals with a wish to create their own homepage. Clubs and groups. Small and medium sized ... blog col4 User privileges Valid XHTML output Setting of time zones, language determination, time ... systems Notes Reflist 2 External links http Official Pixie CMS Site http ... group pixie cms Pixie Support Forums DEFAULTSORT Pixie Cms Category Content management systems ...   more details

  1. IRobot Create

    lowercase Image IRobotCreate.jpg thumb This is an unmodified iRobot Create with Command Module the small green attachment . iRobot Create is a hobbyist robot manufactured by iRobot that is based on the Roomba platform and was introduced in 2007. However, iRobot Create is explicitly designed for robotics ... hardware of the Roomba, the Create includes a cargo bay which houses a 25 pin port that can be used for digital and analog input and output. The Create also possesses a serial port through which sensor ... to utilize an external computer in controlling the Create robot. Since the built in serial port supports ... interface server simulators support the iRobot Create. Most notably, the Player Project have long included a device interface for the Roomba , and has recently developed a Create interface in Player 2.1. The Universal Real time Behavior Interface URBI environment also contains a Create interface. The Microsoft Robotics Studio and the Webots simulation environment contain IRobot Create models. Community Image IRobot Create team.jpg thumb A team of iRobot Create robots at the Human Automation Systems ... File Simulation of an iRobot Create in Webots.png thumb Simulation of an iRobot Create in Webots Due to its small size and low cost, the iRobot Create is popular in the robotic research community. In particular, research projects in the area of multi robot networks favors the Create robot. Examples .... http movies create Website Human Automation Systems Laboratory ... Create was given out in parts kits for the International Botball Competition between 2007 and 2009 The iRobot Create is used as the main platform for the Autonomous Robotics course at Brown University . The iRobot Create and a simulator developed in MATLAB are used in the Autonomous Mobile Robots course ... 2591511&cp 2174940 iRobot s Create home page https projects createoi C CreateOI Framework , Open Source C Programming Framework for iRobot Create http emss iRobot ...   more details

  1. Pulse CMS

    Infobox software name Pulse CMS developer Mark Fick latest release version 1.7 latest release date Start date and age 2011 9 19 operating system Cross platform programming language PHP genre Content management system , Community license Proprietary software Proprietary website http Pulse CMS is simple software designed for small websites that enables a web developer to add web content management system capabilities to an existing site easily and quickly . ref http tag functionality cms website ref Define the blocks on the website that are to be editable and Pulse CMS provides an easy to use backend to make edits right from your browser. Features PulseCMS has a WYSIWYG content editor, gallery function, blog, backup and simple one step, no database install. Software Requirements Web server with Apache and PHP 5. No database required, Pulse uses flat files. Support Pro users can get direct support from the developer, free version users can use the forums and help files. Reviews http tag functionality cms website How To Have The Functionality Of A CMS On Any Old Website , http simple cms for static websites pulse cms Simple CMS For Static Websites Pulse CMS , See also Content management system List of content management systems References Reflist External links http Official site of Pulse CMS http group pulse cms Official Support Forum cms software stub Category Content management systems ...   more details

  1. WebMaker CMS

    WebMaker WebMaker CMS is a United Kingdom UK based company which markets an online website builder package called WebMaker CMS, a website builder that makes website creation straightforward for people who do not have the technical knowledge required to develop a website using technical code and want ... cms webmaker website builder title WebMaker CMS Website Builder Offers Free Plug Ins work The Insight ... CMS a starter level website builder br WebMaker PRO professional level with all features included ... Group launched WebMaker CMS in 2011, having already been a designer and builder of websites using higher level website building solutions such as the Kameleon content management system . WebMaker CMS ... news url http releases rel display.php?relid 68407 title WebMaker CMS Website Builder ... Standard Features class wikitable sortable style text align center Standard Features WebMaker CMS WebMaker ... de la connaissance Solution CMS pour sites Internet ref cite news url http produits webmaker apercu title Solution CMS pour sites Internet work Les Architectes de l information et de ... Articles location USA date 2011 11 15 accessdate 2011 11 21 ref CMS News Round UP ref cite news url http indianstockmarket sensexrally cmscomputers.php title CMS News Round UP work ... url http Content Management Systems free cms templates.php title How ... date 2011 11 01 accessdate 2011 11 21 ref Building a blog newsletter ref cite news url http category news title Building a blog newsletter work Newsletter templates location USA date 2011 11 15 accessdate 2011 11 21 ref Building a blog newsletter ref cite news url http ... ref cite news url http WebMaker CMS Review 6012472 title ciao work Website building location UK date 2011 11 24 accessdate 2011 11 24 ref Great website builder which let me create a website ... References reflist External links http WebMaker CMS official site Category Website ...   more details

  1. Phire CMS

    CMS border 0 align center colspan 2 File Phire logo sm.jpg 160px scope row Software developer Developer ... CMS pronounced fire is an open source content management system and publishing platform for managing the content of websites and web applications . Phire CMS is licensed under the New BSD Licence , is written using the MySQL database and the PHP programming language. History The Phire CMS project started ... influenced by what has become a standard set of expected features available in other CMS projects ... well and it was these buckets of features that you would sit and figure out which CMS or publishing ... custom CMS s for clients that handled some things, and clients kept saying they really liked it and it was really ... date 2010 11 22 accessdate 2011 06 03 ref The core of the Phire CMS version ... Docs publisher Phire CMS date accessdate 2011 06 03 ref Releases Official coding and development of Phire ... 20CMS title Phire CMS version 1.1.1 Demo opensourceCMS publisher date accessdate ... and adding a few small upgrades. Phire CMS v1.1 was released on January 9, 2011 and contains a host ... 2010 Beta stage release of the CMS, released as Jean Grey Phoenix valign top 1.0.0 1 November 2010 First official release of Phire CMS. valign top 1.0.1 22 November 2010 First update of Phire CMS ... 1.1.0 Pyro comics Pyro 9 January 2011 Update of Phire CMS to add a number of new features, such as an easier installation process, language support, nested sections and more blog like features. valign top 1.1.1 18 May 2011 Update of Phire CMS to add a small set of new features, plus some security enhancements. valign top 1.1.2 7 July 2011 Update of Phire CMS to add and improve features regarding archive, blogging and recent content listing and management. Future Release Development for Phire CMS ... and feedback. Features Phire CMS has many features that are built in, but it also provides a platform ... official release of Phire CMS. According to Secunia , Phire CMS v1.0 had 25 scripts with a maximum ...   more details

  1. Refinery CMS

    cite web url http blog refinery cms 1 0 0 released title Refinery CMS 1.0 Released accessdate ... source software. Version 2.0.0 was released ref cite web url http blog refinery cms 2 0 0 released title Refinery CMS 2.0 Released accessdate 2012 02 29 ref on the 29th of February, 2012 ...Infobox software name Refinery CMS logo File Refinery cms logo.png screenshot File Refinery CMS Dashboard 2.png 400px Screenshot caption collapsible author David Jones Software Developer David Jones , Resolve Digital Web Firm Resolve Digital developer Philip Arndt Software Developer Philip Arndt , U is Ozols Software Developer U is Ozols , Steven Heidel Software Developer Steven Heidel released Start date 2009 5 discontinued latest release version 2.0.0 latest release date Start date and age 2012 02 29 latest preview version 2.0.0 latest preview date Start date and age 2012 02 19 frequently updated programming language Ruby programming language Ruby operating system Cross platform engine platform Ruby on Rails size language Dansk , German language Deutsch , English language English , Espa ol , Fran ais , Italian language Italiano , Nederlands , Norwegian Bokm l , Portugu s , Slovene language Slovenian status Active genre Content management system license MIT License ref cite web url http resolve refinerycms blob master title Licence accessdate 2010 07 08 ref website http Refinery CMS , often shortened to Refinery, is an open source content management ... and allowing the developer to create a flexible website rapidly by staying as close as possible to the conventions ... popular Ruby on Rails CMS ref cite web url http www.ruby categories content management ... Official Code Repository http guides Refinery CMS Guides http admin Official Demo http group refinery cms Official Google Group irc ... of Refinery a Rails CMS http technology news article.cfm?c id 5&objectid 10683183 ...   more details

  1. Create Synchronicity

    COI date February 2010 Infobox software name Create Synchronicity logo File Create synchronicity logo 128x128.png Create synchronicity logo 128x128 developer Create Software Cl ment Pit Claudel latest ... http Create Synchronicity is a portable, multilingual ... in VB.Net, and released under the GNU General Public License , version 3.0. Development Create Synchronicity was created with the aim of delivering a lightweight ref http create synchronicity ... synchronicity trunk Create 20Synchronicity Release 20notes.txt Release Notes on Create Synchronicity SVN server ref , and has been active since then ref http p create synchronicity ... 2011 ref http current build.html Create Synchronicity latest builds . The port ... . ref . Features Create Synchronicity has both a graphical and a command line interface. The following features are available Customizable backup ref Demo video on http Create Synchronicity ... naming Support for Network NAS Backup Create Synchronicity can be downloaded as a zip file ...&ugn synchronicity Project ranking on Sourceforge ref Performance Create Synchronicity uses its ... viewvc synchronicity trunk Create 20Synchronicity SynchronizeForm.vb?view markup Syncing code on Create Synchronicity SVN server ref , and has been said to be Easy to use, lightweight and fast. ref http 2009 07 create synchronicity free open source files backup software An article by Johnny Karp, editor of the Freeware Mission website, about Create Synchronicity ref . However, since it uses the .Net Framework , Create Synchronicity may be slower ... written in VB.Net , Create Synchronicity does take advantage of the file caching functions of the underlying ... open source create synchronicity synching files harmoniously Software Critics wrote about Create ... two external hard drives, and or if the caching process has not run yet. Create Synchronicity has ...   more details

  1. Django-cms django CMS Official Website Documentation, Downloads, Extensions,Blog and News http divio django cms Github Official Master Repository, Bugtracker and Wiki http group django cms?hl en Google Group Official Group http djangocms Twitter Official Avatar http django page cms Django page CMS, the forked project Category Content management systems Category Website management fr Django CMS ...Infobox software logo Image Django cms logo.svg 250px django CMS logo screenshot File Django CMS Frontend editing.jpg thumb Screenshot of django CMS frontend editing feature caption django CMS screenshot of the sitemap administration collapsible yes developer Divio AG status Active released start date ... Python genre Content management system license BSD licenses website URL http django django CMS ... Django , ref cite web url http wiki CMSAppsComparison title Django CMS ... language Python . ref cite web url http divio django cms graphs languages title Languages used by Django CMS work accessdate 2009 11 17 ref History django CMS 1.0 was initially authored by Thomas Steinacher . django CMS 2.0 was a complete rewrite based on a fork of django page cms . Main development of django CMS 2.0 was by Divio AG . The complete list of contributors is available http divio django cms network here . Translations django CMS is available in several ... web url http projects p django cms c master title Transifex Translations for Django CMS work accessdate 2009 11 22 ref Transifex ref cite web url http www.django ... can be found http projects p django cms here . Features Frontend editing Edit all plugins within the page. Reusable plugins Use django CMS plugins in your own apps. Flexible ..., Chinese or Russian Applications Apps Add apps to different pages of the CMS. Media Asset Manager MAM ...   more details

  1. Cut to Create

    Infobox Company name Cut to Create company logo File Cut to Create Logo.jpg Cut to Create logo 200px type Private company Private slogan Moving Pictures. br Houston, TX based film production company dedicated to creating high quality work and doing good. foundation 2010 Houston, Texas location Houston, Texas industry Film Production br Video Production homepage http http Cut to Create is a Houston, TX based film production company specializing in producing medical related films and business marketing videos. Their 2010 film, Tourette Syndrome Up Close is a critically acclaimed short documentary featuring a camp for children with Tourette Syndrome. Tourette Syndrome Up Close has been nominated for a Remy Award at the 44th Annual WorldFest Film Festival in Houston. ref http indexb.html ref Winners will be named April 15th, 2011. External links http Cut to Create Homepage References reflist http indexb.html Category Companies based in Houston, Texas Category Film production companies of the United States Category Film companies Category Film production companies ...   more details

  1. Create International

    primarysources date May 2010 Infobox Non profit Non profit name Create International Non profit logo Image Cipostcard.jpg 200px Non profit type Evangelical Missions Agency founded date 1987 founder location Australia, India, Thailand origins key people area served focus Unreached Peoples method Various Media revenue endowment num volunteers num employees num members owner Non profit slogan Capturing life, communicating hope homepage http dissolved footnotes Create International is an international Religious ministry Christian ministry of Youth With A Mission that specializes in the production of media tools to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people group s. Create International was formed in 1987 and now has centers in Australia, India, and Thailand. ref http Create International Bot generated title ref Ministry The vision of Create International is to communicate the message of Jesus Christ in ways that people can understand from their cultural and natural language linguistic background, using tools that can be widely circulated. This includes the use of dramatic films, evangelistic artwork, websites, and indigenous music. Create International also produces documentary film documentary style ethnic group people group profiles as well as missionary training video s. As of 2011, Create International has produced films for over 50 different people groups. Evangelistic Films Create International s dramatic evangelistic films are unique due to the level of contextualization represented in each film. Each film is made in a culturally relevant setting whilst remaining faithful to the Bible . In this way they are to communicate the gospel in a way that can be clearly understood by the people group the film represents. Video People Profiles Create International s video people ... Films As part of their training video library, Create International has produced a number of films ...   more details

  1. Create Project

    The Create Project is a web based community focused on communication and sharing between Free and Open Source Creative applications ref cite web title Sharing ideas and resources at url http feature 48874 ref . Initially the project was created by as a space for collaboration between free software creative projects, since then the project has become a full sub project. Create now aims to develop and consolidate shared resources for creative applications ref http wiki FAQ What is the Create Project.27s goal.3F Create Project Goals ref . Several community developed specifications have begun to be developed under the project such as OpenRaster and the Swatches colour file format. ref cite web title Article Explaining the Project url http node 24 ref . Some of the many groups that come together under this project include Blender software Blender , GIMP , Inkscape , Scribus , Audacity , Open Clip Art Library , Open Font Library and the Aiki Framework which produce creative content, one of the major ways these groups come together is through the Libre Graphics Meeting which is hosted by the Create Project. ref cite web title Libre Graphics Meetin 2007 Report url http weblog entry 7450 ref Specifications class wikitable Specification Status Purpose OpenRaster In Development OpenRaster is a raster graphics file format for non final images, the aim is to provide a file format for working images that can be used in many raster graphics applications. http wiki Swatches colour file format Swatches colour file format In Development Aims to provide cross application support for color files. http wiki Unified plug in API ... the create project that would allow users to more easily switch between said applications. http ... free software stub nl Create Project ...   more details

  1. Kentico CMS

    Infobox Software name Kentico CMS logo screenshot File Administration interface of Kentico CMS 6.png center 300px caption Administration interface of Kentico CMS 6 author Kentico Software developer Kentico ... Content Management System CMS , Web content management system WCMS , Electronic commerce E commerce ... website http Kentico CMS is a web content management system WCMS ... by more than 12,000 Web sites in 87 countries. ref http matrix cms matrix kentico cms for CMS Matrix Kentico CMS for ASP.NET ref Kentico CMS utilizes ASP.NET and Microsoft ... Gallery Kentico CMS for ASP.NET v6 ref Kentico is also compatible with Microsoft Windows Azure Windows ... ref History Kentico CMS is developed by Kentico Software . The company was founded in 2004 by Petr Palas ... uk office CMS Critic Kentico Software Opens UK Office ref and second office in US. In 2010, it was named ... file CW1011 ITprodukt.pdf Computerworld IT produkt roku . ref Modules The functionality of Kentico CMS ... Social Networking ref http cms web cms kentico cms 40 marries social networking and content management 003982.php CMSWire Kentico CMS 4.0 Marries Social Networking and Content Management ref , Intranet and Online marketing Online Marketing . ref http cms web cms new ... 6? ref Kentico CMS has currently more than 40 modules and 250 web parts ref http ... support ref http cms web cms kentico 55 supports facebook connect open id and mobile ... a Content Management System CMS Kentico CMS Review ref Open Application programming interface API ... Official Kentico website http Portal for Kentico CMS developers ... Services References reflist Category Blog software Category Internet forum software Category Content management systems cs Kentico CMS de Kentico CMS es Kentico CMS fr Kentico CMS it Kentico CMS ru Kentico cms sk Kentico CMS tl Kentico CMS ...   more details

  1. Destroy to Create

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Destroy to Create Type studio Artist The Flatliners Cover The Flatliners Destroy To Create Cover art.JPG Released October 4, 2005 Recorded Drive Studios Genre Ska punk Length 44 13 Label Stomp Records , Union Label Group Producer Steve Ego Crusher Rizun Reviews Last album Who Said Ska s Dead? br 2003 This album Destroy to Create br 2005 Next album The Great Awake br 2007 Destroy to Create is the first full length release from The Flatliners . The album was released independently to two sold out shows held at the Caledon East Recreation Centre, where it is said by many in attendance that at one of the shows, due to rental time constraints and a fire alarm the band was unable to complete their set. This venue was also undesirable to be booked again for a long period of time, due to a gazebo outside of the centre being damaged by intoxicated attendees and ended with the band having to pay for the repairs. After signing to Stomp Records, the album was subsequently rereleased on the label. The independently released version features a live recording of Pickin at my brain that is not found on the rerelease. Citation needed date May 2007 Track listing All songs written by The Flatliners. Intro 0 32 Fred s Got Slacks 2 29 There s a Problem 1 56 Public Service Announcement 1 16 Bad News 3 53 My Hands are Tied 2 30 Gullible 3 10 Scumpunch 3 07 I am Abandoned 3 04 Macoretta Boozer 3 17 Broken Bones 3 16 Quality Television 2 54 Do or Die 4 09 Pickin at my Brain 8 34 Personnel Taken from the liner notes. Scott Brigham Guitar Chris Cresswell Guitar and Vocals Jon Darbey Bass Paul Ramirez Drums, Additional Percussion, Assistant Engineer Chris Collins Organs Steve Rizun Producing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering Bobby Bourbon Artwork, Layout ... links DEFAULTSORT Destroy To Create Category 2005 albums Category The Flatliners albums it Destroy to Create ...   more details

  1. Kaga Create

    Infobox Company name KAGA CREATE CO., LTD. br logo type genre fate predecessor Digital Gain Co.,Ltd. successor foundation 1988 06 22 Naxat , 1999 10 18 Digital Gain founder defunct location city Century Tower Tokyo Century Tower , Bunkyo, Tokyo location country Japan location locations area served key people Tomoyasu Kato President of directors industry Video game industry Interactive entertainment , graphic design, web page production, new source production, merchandise development, event promotion products Alien Crush , Devil s Crush , Psychosis video game Psychosis , Super Gomoku Narabe Renju services market cap 10 million yen revenue operating income net income aum assets equity owner num employees 13 as of 2008 03 31 parent Kaga Electronics 100 stake divisions subsid homepage http www.kaga footnotes intl Kaga Create Co.,Ltd. is a Japan based video game developing and publishing division of Kaga Electronics . The company initially released games for the PC Engine known as the TurboGrafx in the USA . It later released titles for a wide array of gaming systems, including the Game Boy , the Super Nintendo Entertainment System , the Dreamcast , the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer 3DO , the PlayStation , the Sega Saturn , and the PC FX . The Virtual Cameraman games for 3DO released in 1995 marked the decline of Naxat Soft after the TurboGrafx. The company s releases stopped around 2005, with recent games primarily being re releases of TurboGrafx titles on the Wii . History Kaga s video game division was founded in 1988 06 22 under the name Naxat . The company ... Digital Gain Co.,Ltd. would be renamed to Kaga Create Co., Ltd., which took effect on 2007 5 ... Inc. References reflist External links http www.kaga news index.html Kaga Create ... Create , http english group group07.html English version http maker ... of Japan Category Video game publishers japan videogame company stub ja ru Kaga Create ...   more details

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