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Book search results for danielcode

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     The Daniel Code
Publisher: Lulu Enterprises, UK Ltd
Author(s): Marek Mozdzynski

The Daniel code has at last broken open the secrets hidden within the numeric code inside the prophetic books of Daniel first then Revelations. The code accurately predicted the baptism of Jesus 483 years before the event and tells you even who he really is. It predicts the fall of the royal empire systems by the year 1933, and the two world wars as two separate conflicts and the abandonment and undefended nature of the Jews in 1933 as they went into the holocaust and the last unrelenting moral attack on the Christian church in these last days. The code identifies the absolutely final dates when the king will return to reorder his realm in 2026 -34. These and many more controversial facts are dealt with by this book. DANIEL CLOSE UP AND SEAL THIS SCROLL UNTIL THE END. Daniel 12 verse 9. This book unveils the name of God and the rebellion and crisis that struck heaven and the plans as they evolved to remedy the situation and reorder the world we live in.

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