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     Tango: The Tale of an Island Dog
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Author(s): Eileen Beha

Tango lives the good life?a silver charm for his dog collar, a luxurious doggy bed, even tailor-made booties for walks in Central Park. Then, when his owners sail into stormy waters, the little Yorkie goes overboard! Washing up on an island far from home, Tango learns that sometimes it takes getting lost to find what matters most. This wonderfully fresh novel is perfect for fans of E. B. White and other classic animal stories.

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     The Meaning of Tango: The Story of the Argentinian Dance
Publisher: Anova Books
Author(s): Christine Denniston

From the backstreets of Buenos Aires to Parisian high society, this is the riveting story of the dance that captivated the world?a tale of politics and passion, immigration, and romance. The Meaning of Tango traces the development of the dance, from its birth in poverty-stricken Buenos Aires, through the craze of the early 20th century, right up to its recent revival today thanks to Broadway shows such as Tango Argentino. It also explains the techniques behind the dance and shows why mastering the tango is more like learning a language than a routine. For beginners or experts, dancers or armchair fans, this wonderful book is the perfect partner for enjoying the world's favorite dance.

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     And Tango Makes Three
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Author(s): Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell

In the zoo there are all kinds of animal families. But Tango's family is not like any of the others.

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     Gotta Tango (Book & DVD)
Publisher: Human Kinetics
Author(s): Alberto Paz, Valorie Hart

Gotta Tango is a superior instructional package for learning how to dance the authentic Argentine tango at a social level. Master teachers Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart take you on a journey through the rich culture, history, and music of Buenos Aires that inspired the romantic passion, alluring creativity, and natural elegance of the Argentine tango dance. You will learn the fundamentals and roles each partner plays in this exhilarating and intimate social dance.

The book describes, illustrates, and explains the fundamental concepts and techniques, while the DVD visually demonstrates real dance situations with a partner. This combination provides tango lessons that are infinitely more effective than a stand-alone book or video product?and will have you dancing with confidence in less time than you thought possible.

Each tango dancer has a unique way of expressing movements. Gotta Tango offers a logical, structured approach that will help you learn quickly how to move spontaneously with a partner and with the music. It provides the tools you will use every day as a tango dancer as you immerse yourself in the experience, pleasure, and addiction of dancing the Argentine tango.

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     Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels
Publisher: The Feminist Press at CUNY
Author(s): Justin Vivian Bond

"Bond's fabulosity is matched by a trenchant wit, and [V's] over-the-top stories are smartly edged with politics, sexual or otherwise."?The New York Times

Recently hailed as "the greatest cabaret artist of [V's] generation" in The New Yorker, Mx. Justin Vivian Bond makes a brilliant literary debut with this staggeringly candid and hilarious novella-length memoir.

With a recent diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, and news that his first lover from childhood has been imprisoned for impersonating an undercover police officer, Bond recalls in vivid detail coming of age as a trans kid. Always haunted by the knowledge of being "different," Bond was further confused when the bully next door wanted to meet secretly. Their trysts went on for years, and made Bond acutely aware of sexual power and vulnerability. With inimitable style, Bond raises issues about LGBTQ adolescence, homophobia, parenting, and sexuality, while being utterly entertaining.

Singer, songwriter, and Tony-nominated performance artist Mx. Justin Vivian Bond is an Obie, Bessie, and Ethyl Eichelberger Award winner. As one half of the performance duo Kiki and Herb, Bond has toured the world, headlining at Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House, and London's Queen Elizabeth Hall, and starring in a Tony nominated run on Broadway, Kiki and Herb Alive on Broadway. His film credits include a role in John Cameron Mitchell's feature Shortbus. Bond is currently releasing a record, Dendrophile, and is writing a play with Sandra Bernhard.

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     The Tao of Tango
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author(s): Johanna Siegmann

I'm meeting all the wrong people.
Nobody listens to me.
My temper is out of control.
Men find me "intimidating".
Women think I'm a "wuss".
I can't seem to finish anything.
How can I be a better friend/lover/boss/whatever?
My male/female energies are out of balance.
What the heck are male and female energies?
And what does Tango have to do with any of this?

With its thoughtful, light-hearted insights and simple physical exercises this book will help you achieve the coveted "balance" that affects every aspect of your life. Discover how this 100-year-old dance can lead you to a more balanced life.

Even if you can't dance.

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     Fatal Tango
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
Author(s): Wolfram Fleischhauer

Giulietta Battin has devoted herself to ballet, earning a coveted spot as a dancer with the Staatsoper Berlin. But when she decides to explore a new style of music?the tango?life as she knows it changes forever. Soon after beginning her musical adventure, she meets Argentinean tango dancer Dami�n Alsina. They begin a torrid affair?which quickly turns into a nightmare. Dami�n suddenly sabotages his own performance with a bizarre, improvised choreography. His passionate creativity excites Giulietta, until Dami�n?s strange behavior culminates in a shocking act: he kidnaps and tortures her jealous father. Horrified, she demands answers, but Dami�n has fled to Buenos Aires and her father, his victim, is being suspiciously unforthcoming. So Giulietta follows her lover to South America, where her journey into the world of tango confronts her with the unspeakable horrors of the country?s brutal past. But denial will never silence art, and as Giulietta learns to decipher the true significance of Dami�n?s dance style, she finds the key to the mystery of her lover�s past and the terrifying truth that connects it with her own.

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     Tango: The Art History of Love
Publisher: Vintage
Author(s): Robert Farris Thompson

In this generously illustrated book, world-renowned Yale art historian Robert Farris Thompson gives us the definitive account of tango, "the fabulous dance of the past hundred years?and the most beautiful, in the opinion of Martha Graham.?

Thompson traces tango?s evolution in the nineteenth century under European, Andalusian-Gaucho, and African influences through its representations by Hollywood and dramatizations in dance halls throughout the world. He shows us tango not only as brilliant choreography but also as text, music, art, and philosophy of life. Passionately argued and unparalleled in its research, its synthesis, and its depth of understanding, Tango: The Art History of Love is a monumental achievement.

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     Tango: An Argentine Love Story
Publisher: Seal Press
Author(s): Camille Cusumano

Overwhelmed with the pain of a failed fifteen-year relationship, Camille Cusumano wanted badly to escape her life and heal her emotional wounds. After a violent encounter with her ex?s new girlfriend, Camille decided she had some serious soul-searching to do. She took off for Buenos Aires intending to stay a few short weeks, but when her search for inner peace met with her true passion of tango, she realized she?d need to stay in Argentina indefinitely.

Tango is a memoir of falling in love with a country through the dance that embodies intensity, freedom, and passion ? all pivotal to Camille?s own process of self-discovery. From the charm of local barrios to savory empanadas, Camille whole-heartedly embraces the ardent culture of Argentina, and soon a month-long escape turns into a year-long personal odyssey. Slowly letting go of her grief through a blend of tango, Zen, and a burgeoning group of friends, Camille discovers that her fierceness and patience can exist in harmony as she learns how to survive in style when love falls apart.

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     In Strangers' Arms: The Magic of the Tango
Publisher: McFarland
Author(s): Beatriz Dujovne

The tango is easily the most iconic dance of the last century, its images as familiar as an old friend. But are they the whole story? Peeling back the poster propaganda that has always characterized the tango publicly, this intimate study shows the invisible heart of the dance and the culture that raised it. Drawing on direct experience and conversations with dancers, it reveals much about the role of the tango in Argentinean culture.

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     How to Dance the Tango - The Ultimate Edition - Limited Time Offer
Author(s): George Stanley

Are you looking to learn how to Dance the Tango?

Well if you are, then this is the book for you.
In "How to Dance the Tango" you'll not only learn
how to quickly improve your moves, but you will also
learn how to;

-Dance the Tango like you have always wanted

-The best songs for you and your partner to dance to

-The chemistry needed between you and your partner

-How this can help to tone your body the way you would like

-the moves you want to know to show yourself as a Tango expert

You deserve the best and it gets no better than "How to Dance the Tango"

Also check out "How to Dance the Samba"

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     Sixty, Sex, & Tango
Publisher: iUniverse
Author(s): Joan Moran

Beatnik baby boomer Joan Moran thinks it is time to get rid of all the old clich�s about getting older. In her memoir Sixty, Sex, & Tango, she shares her engaging, humorous, and wildly entertaining personal journey as she provides a unique perspective on the trials and tribulations of being an active, sexy, intelligent woman in her sixties. Joan Moran is a former actress turned yoga and tango teacher who, through her own personal experiences, knows it is possible to age gracefully, find an authentic voice, pursue a passion, and discover a spiritual balanceall while living with great joy, sex, and romance. A self-proclaimed wandering Jewess, Moran shares how she found the courage to keep moving forward after the loss of love, learned to embrace her life with an open heart; and faced her fears with gratitude. Filled with honesty, laughter, and life lessons, the anecdotes in Sixty, Sex, & Tango will teach anyone how to live each day with dignity, grace, and humor. Sixty, Sex, & Tango has something to say about living life on ones own terms no matter how old or young you are. Tina Moss, psychological social worker, Los Angeles, California

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     Hold Me Tight and Tango Me Home
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Author(s): Maria Finn

Maria Finn's husband was cheating. First she threw him out. Then she cried. Then she signed up for tango lessons. It turns out that tango has a lot to teach about understanding love and loss, about learning how to follow and how to lead, how to live with style and flair, take risks, and sort out what it is you really want. As Maria's world begins to revolve around the friendships she makes in dance class and the milongas (social dances) she attends regularly in New York City, we discover with her the fascinating culture, history, music, moves, and beauty of the Argentine tango. With each new dance step she learns?the embrace, the walk, the sweep, the exit?she is one step closer to returning to the world of the living. Eventually Maria travels to Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango, and finds the confidence to try romance again.�

As exhilarating as the dance itself, the story whirls us into the center of the ballroom dancing craze. And buoyed by the author's humor and passion, it imparts surprising insights about how to get on with life after you've lost in love.

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     Embracing Tango
Author(s): Gustavo Benzecry Sab�

Aesthetics, respect and discipline are some of the concepts Benzecry Sab� has analyzed in depth in this book. In its pages dance is understood as a unity that not only plunges us into pleasure, but also raises our spirits.

Embracing Tango shows us the technical tools we need to develop so we can dance freely and creatively. It includes a meticulous explanation of six basic Tango figures and a detailed analysis of the embrace, the dance floor, surrender and improvisation. It also discusses the Milonga Codes ? set out here for the very first time ? and strategies and suggestions designed to encourage dance invitations and their acceptance.

Embracing Tango is like a prism which encompasses everything from physical and spatial problems, to the social and psychological behavior of the dancers at Tango dance halls.

Dancing Tango is all about dancing what we are. And it is precisely here that we find the great metaphor that the author shows with sharpness. This book helps us to find our essence in a shared embrace.

Mar�a Olivera

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     Tango And The Political Economy Of Passion (Institutional Structures of Feeling)
Publisher: Westview Press
Author(s): Marta Savigliano

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     Passion for Tango 2nd ed
Publisher: Dingley Press
Author(s): David Turner

This book really helps you understand what it is about tango that makes it so appealing to dancers and so addictive. Not only does David Turner tell you about the history of it but also the background of logic that allows you to understand why certain movements work. He has lots of great exercises for improving connection between partners and helpful tips about ochos, giros, ganchos etc.
This book is quite different from so many other books about tango. It's the perfect companion book for anyone who wants to follow up a class. You can dip into it as you want, but because of the light and amusing way it is writen, you might want to read it all the way through. David writes, not from the perspective of a teacher, although he is one, but from the viewpoint of a learner so, every now and then, you get a sort of "Aaaah!" moment when something you felt yourself comes up.

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     A Pickpocket's History of Argentine Tango
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author(s): Victor Levant Ph.D.

A Pickpockets History of Argentine Tango explores the rise of Tango in Argentina: its social and political climate, its characters, music, dance, song and poetry. Many fine books have been written on how to dance Tango. This is not one of those. This is a history book whose protagonist is Tango. The Author brings a unique perspective to his reader with a Ph.D. in International Relations and extensive knowledge of world politics and Argentine culture. His incisive acumen as a psychotherapist provides a window into the soul of the Tango world. The psychology of the Tango is found in the poetry of its lyrics: a direct link with the hopes, fears, frustrations, and illusions of their time. �??The dance when deeply engaged, revealed the human condition: the solitude of all human beings, the ephemeral nature of modern relations and the need for relationship. We are all exiles, refugees from life, uprooted by immigration....Tango was an escape in order to bear the lot of life. The music was a reflection of existence. People were thrilled to hear the sounds of Tango music, and recognize their favorite composers, delighting in the orchestras who gave meaning to their emotions. People were moved to move.�?? All the cultures of the world have their own music and dance. Things that could not be said in words were expressed in music and song. Tango is the same, but with one important difference: the people who created the Tango were from the four corners of the world and had nothing in common except this dance, this poetry, this music. This book explores Tango as a social phenomenon, born in Buenos Aires and spread worldwide. �??They were Italians and Spaniards, Britons and Jews, poor peasants from Germany, Russia and Poland. Yet in the midst of this life of despair and danger, these men did not fight to the death; they fought for respect. Competition was fierce, but the men devised a method of selection. Dance. Tango, they called it.

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     New Glossary of Tango Dance
Publisher: Abrazos
Author(s): Gustavo Benzecry Saba

The �New �Glossary of Tango�Dance comes�is�the�result�of�a 10 year long thoughtful �research. �Its�first�edition, �published �in �2004 was�an�outstanding success. � �It ?s�demand�all�over�the world made�it�be�re-�printed�several�times.

It is a pleasure to have its 2010 edition, � coming along with the � year of Argentina ?s�bicentennial�anniversary. �

In this New Glossary of Tango Dance, � Benzecry Sab� sets out � with approximately�390 �terms;; �he �digs deeper �in �the description of Tango Styles and �adds �illustrative �pictures of significant �importance. � �He �has also included from the oldest to�the �newest �expressions rooted �in Buenos �Aires that build up the vocabulary of the tango �dancer. � � He has also increased � the number �of �professionals�that�had�been�asked about�different subjects.

This time, � the book is presented exclusively in English with a � neat, reader-�friendly�design. � �

Thus, this is a book that is useful both for teachers and students, �as well as for the versed dancers that had been able to witness � the world-�wide development of the dance that has been captivating the world ?s attention for over 150 �years.

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     Tango (English and Spanish Edition)
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang
Author(s): Evelyne Pieiller

Never before has the erotic, sensual nature of the tango been captured so perfectly in photographs. Here, for the first time, photographer Isabel Munoz presents a unique and sultry vision of the dance that can only be described as an act of seduction. The duotone photographs are accompanied by a short story by Evelyne Pieiller that explores the effect of the tango on one particular gentleman, and a fascinating collection of lyrics from the most popular tango songs of all time (printed here in both Spanish and English).

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     Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation
Publisher: Tango Zen House
Author(s): Chan Park

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