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     Measure 20-131: Yes.(Editorials and Letters)(District will help revitalize downtown Springfield): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Publisher: Thomson Gale
Author(s): Gale Reference Team

This digital document is an article from The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR), published by Thomson Gale on October 18, 2007. The length of the article is 607 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: Measure 20-131: Yes.(Editorials and Letters)(District will help revitalize downtown Springfield)
Author: Gale Reference Team
Publication: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) (Newspaper)
Date: October 18, 2007
Publisher: Thomson Gale
Page: A8

Distributed by Thomson Gale

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     DoAll Bandsaw Mdl. 2013-1 & 2013-10 Parts Manual
Publisher: DoAll
Author(s): DoAll

Industrial Machinery Manuals Is Proud To Offer 1 Quality Bound Copy Of A: DoAll Vertical Bandsaw Mdl. 2013-1 & 2013-10 Parts Manual This Manual Includes: Parts Lists I.M. Inventory D-122A This manual is about 50 pages.

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     Security and Privacy: 1984 Symposium (84Ch20131)
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society

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     West's Annotated Indiana Code (Title 20 Education 20-13-1 to 20 End and Title 21 Education Finance)
Publisher: West
Author(s): West

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     Personal Prayers - Great Big Graphics Cross Stitch (VCL-20131)
Publisher: True Colors International
Author(s): Designer Michele Johnson

"Great Big Graphics are stitched using a combination of Full and Half Cross Stitches ..."

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     Blonde Ambition: An A-List Novel (A-List #3)
Publisher: Poppy
Author(s): Zoey Dean

The third novel in this witty and risqu� series takes readers behind the scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati. Upper East Side blueblood Anna Percy came to L.A. to learn how to have a good time. Then Princeton prince Ben Birnbaum and his amazing disappearing act turned out to be anything but. Anna finally begins to understand that telling true love from true lust us is far more easily said than done.

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     Controlling Cholesterol the Natural Way: Eat Your Way to Better Health with New Breakthrough Food Discoveries
Publisher: Bantam
Author(s): Kenneth H. Cooper, William Proctor

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper's all-new plan to lower cholesterol without drugs!

The Old News: Elevated levels of cholesterol put you at risk for heart attack and stroke.

The New News: Now you can control cholesterol naturally!

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, a leading authority on controlling cholesterol, shares his all-new plan for balancing your blood lipids--without drugs and without side effects.

Drawing on clinical trials and the most up-to-date medical research, Dr. Cooper explains how exciting new food discoveries can give you a revolutionary new way to manage your cholesterol. Inside you'll discover:

How the new functional foods, such as Benecol and Take Control, can lower bad cholesterol while improving the ratio between good and bad cholesterol in only three weeks

How these "anti-cholesterol" foods work, why they are safe to use, and who should use them

How Dr. Cooper's approach can end--or greatly reduce--your use of prescription cholesterol-lowering medications

Expert advice on diet and exercise, including recipes and more amazing nutritional discoveries

And much more

You don't have to go farther than your fridge to find an effective, nonprescription cholesterol-controlling product.

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     The Fire in Fiction: Passion, Purpose and Techniques to Make Your Novel Great
Publisher: Writers Digest Books
Author(s): Donald Maass

Discover the Difference Between a So-So Manuscript and a Novel Readers Can't Forget

We've all read them: novels by our favorite authors that disappoint. Uninspired and lifeless, we wonder what happened. Was the author in a hurry? Did she have a bad year? Has he lost interest altogether?

Something similar is true of a great many unpublished manuscripts. They are okay stories that never take flight. They don't grip the imagination, let alone the heart. They merit only a shrug and a polite dismissal by agents and editors.

It doesn't have to be that way. In The Fire in Fiction, successful literary agent and author Donald Maass shows you not only how to infuse your story with deep conviction and fiery passion, but how to do it over and over again. The book features:

  • Techniques for capturing a special time and place, creating characters whose lives matter, nailing multiple-impact plot turns, making the supernatural real, infusing issues into fiction, and more.
  • Story-enriching exercises at the end of every chapter to show you how to apply the practical tools just covered to your own work.
  • Rich examples drawn from contemporary novels as diverse as The Lake House, Water for Elephants, and Jennifer Government to illustrate how various techniques work in actual stories.
Plus, Maass introduces an original technique that any novelist can use any time, in any scene, in any novel, even on the most uninspired take the most powerful experiences from your personal life and turn those experiences directly into powerful fiction.

Tap into The Fire in Fiction, and supercharge your story with originality and spark!

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     Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Author(s): Nivaldo J. Tro

Great chemistry comes in small packages?and this brief new volume helps readers discover the excitement and relevance of chemistry.In this innovative book, acclaimed author Niva Trofocuses exclusively on the core concepts of general chemistry without sacrificing depth or relevance. A unique integration of macroscopic, molecular, and symbolic illustrations help readers visualize the various dimensions of chemistry; and Tro?s engaging writing style captures the reader's attention with relevant applications. MasteringChemistry walks readers through problem solving, while promoting understanding of chemistry concepts in the world around us.
Matter, Measurement, and Problem Solving; Atoms and Elements; Molecules, Compounds, and Chemical Equations; Chemical Quantities and Aqueous Reactions; Gases; Thermochemistry; The Quantum-Mechanical Model of the Atom; Periodic Properties of the Elements; Chemical Bonding I: Lewis Theory; Chemical Bonding II: Molecular Shapes, Valence Bond Theory, and Molecular Orbital Theory; Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces; Solutions; Chemical Kinetics; Chemical Equilibrium; Acids and Bases; Aqueous Ionic Equilibrium; Free Energy and Thermodynamics; Electrochemistry; Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry; Organic Chemistry.
A useful reference for anyone who needs to increase his or her knowledge of general chemistry.

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     Christianity Confronts Culture, Revised Edition
Publisher: Zondervan
Author(s): Marvin K. Mayers

Christianity Confronts Culture is a practical guide to effective communications in the cross-cultural setting -- which exists, in fact, when any one person meets another. Dr. Mayers discusses cross-cultural communication by means of four models, each of which approaches the subject in the light of a different discipline: social psychology, sociology, anthropology, and cross-cultural education. The second part of the book presents a series of case studies illustrating each of the four models. Pastors, future pastors, missionaries, Christian educators -- any who find themselves in constant contact with foreign cultures or North American cultures -- will find this book invaluable.

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     How to Plan Exhibitions (Advertiser's Guides)
Publisher: Thomson Learning
Author(s): Iain Maitland

This series provides an introduction to advertising in four key media. Written for managers using these media for the first time, each book is a practical guide to planning, preparing, running and evaluating a campaign in a particular medium. The books are supported throughout by real documents such as rate cards and winning advertisements. Codes of practice, useful contacts and recommended reading sections plus a glossary of important words and phrases are included in each book.

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     One Hundred Seventy Five Easy-To-Do-Everyday Crafts
Publisher: Boyds Mills Press
Author(s): Sharon Dunn Umnik

A treasury of toys, games, and gifts that are easy for even first-time craft makers are constructed from everyday objects and recyclable materials, and include a Racing Car, Miniature Castle, Cereal Box Scrapbook, and Watermelon Checkerboard. Original.

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     Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, Volume 2 (Cabi)
Publisher: CABI

This book is based on papers given at the 2nd Symposium on Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure (CPTHL) in Vienna in July 2000. The Symposium comprised papers reflecting the progress in consumer psychology theory and research. The Vienna Symposium put special emphasis on consumer decision making for evaluating choice alternatives in tourism, leisure, and hospitality operations. The reports have been arranged into five major compartments.

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     Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus: English Translation
Publisher: Routledge
Author(s): Ludwig Wittgenstein

Perhaps the most important work of philosophy written in the twentieth century, the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus first appeared in 1921 and was the only philosophical work that Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) published during his lifetime. Written in short, carefully numbered paragraphs of extreme compression and brilliance, it immediately convinced many of its readers and captivated the imagination of all. Its chief influence, at first, was on the Logical Positivists of the 1920s and 30s, but many other philosophers were stimulated by its philosophy of language, finding attractive, if ultimately unsatisfactory, its view that propositions were pictures of reality. Perhaps most of all, Wittgenstein himself, after his return to philosophy in the late 1920s, was fascinated by its vision of an inexpressible, crystalline world of logical relationships. The posthumous publication of other writings has, therefore, only served to reawaken interest in the Tractatus and to illuminate its more neglected aspects.
David Pears and Brian McGuinness revised their translation in the light of Wittgenstein's own suggestions and comments in his correspondence with C.K. Ogden about the first translation. In addition, this edition contains the introduction by Bertrand Russell which appeared in the original English translation.

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     I Am America (And So Can You!)
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Author(s): Stephen Colbert

Congratulations--just by looking at this webpage, you became 25% more patriotic.

From Stephen Colbert, the host of television's highest-rated punditry show The Colbert Report, comes the book to fill the other 23� hours of your day. I Am America (And So Can You!) contains all of the opinions that Stephen doesn't have time to shoehorn into his nightly broadcast.

Dictated directly into a microcassette recorder over a three-day weekend, this book contains Stephen's most deeply held knee-jerk beliefs on The American Family, Race, Religion, Sex, Sports, and many more topics, conveniently arranged in chapter form.

Always controversial and outspoken, Stephen addresses why Hollywood is destroying America by inches, why evolution is a fraud, and why the elderly should be harnessed to millstones.

You may not agree with everything Stephen says, but at the very least, you'll understand that your differing opinion is wrong.

I Am America (And So Can You!) showcases Stephen Colbert at his most eloquent and impassioned. He is an unrelenting fighter for the soul of America, and in this book he fights the good fight for the traditional values that have served this country so well for so long.

Please buy this book before you leave the store

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     Black Elk Speaks
Publisher: Pocket
Author(s): Neihardt

The most famous Native American book ever written, Black Elk Speaks is the acclaimed story of Lakota visionary and healer Nicholas Black Elk (1863?1950) and his people during the momentous, twilight years of the nineteenth century. Black Elk grew up in a time when white settlers were invading the Lakotas? homeland, decimating buffalo herds and threatening to extinguish their way of life. Black Elk and other Lakotas fought back, a dogged resistance that resulted in a remarkable victory at the Little Bighorn and an unspeakable tragedy at Wounded Knee.

Beautifully told through the celebrated poet and writer John G. Neihardt, Black Elk Speaks offers much more than a life story. Black Elk?s profound and arresting religious visions of the unity of humanity and the world around him have transformed his account into a venerated spiritual classic. Whether appreciated as a collaborative autobiography, a history of a Native American nation, or an enduring spiritual testament for all humankind, Black Elk Speaks is unforgettable.

This special edition features all three prefaces to Black Elk Speaks that John G. Neihardt wrote at different points in his life, a map of Black Elk?s world, a reset text with Lakota words reproduced using the latest orthographic standards, and color paintings by Lakota artist Standing Bear that have not been widely available for decades.

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     Red (The Circle Series)
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author(s): Ted Dekker

"We have stepped off the cliff and are falling into madness."

The mind-bending pace of Black accelerates in Red, Book Two of Ted Dekker's epic Circle Series. Less than a month ago, Thomas Hunter was a failed writer selling coffee at the Java Hut in Denver. Now he finds himself in a desperate quest to rescue two worlds from collapse. In one world, he's a battle-scarred general commanding an army of primitive warriors. In the other, he's racing to outwit sadistic terrorists intent on creating global chaos through an unstoppable virus.

Two worlds on the brink of destruction. One unthinkable solution.

Enter an adrenaline-laced epic where dreams and reality collide. Nothing is as it seems, as Black turns to Red.

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     Math the Easy Way: Your Key to Learning (Barron's Easy Way)
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Author(s): Anthony Prindle, Katie Prindle

The newest edition of this useful review covers basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percents, word problems, and introductions to algebra and geometry. Rules and definitions are clearly presented along with hundreds of exercises and examples. A diagnostic exam, end-of-chapter tests, and a final comprehensive exam help students measure learning progress. Answers included.

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     The River : A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS
Publisher: Little Brown & Co (T)
Author(s): Edward Hooper

While science has devoted much of its efforts to finding a cure for AIDS, the sources of this deadly epidemic remain largely unexamined. Distinguished science journalist Edward Hooper presents the meticulously researched -- and highly readable -- history of HIV and its possible origins. Pursuing leads across the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa, Hooper pieces together the tantalizing clues offered by long-archived blood samples, early AIDS-like cases (such as the "Manchester sailor" case of 1959), immunodeficiency viruses (SIVs), and the medical interventions in Africa and elsewhere that may have played a role in SIVs' crossover into humans.

Hooper examines over two dozen theories of origin, and eventually discards most of them. What remains is a remarkable and well-supported theory for the sudden appearance of AIDS, and the definitive story of its lethal spread. Drawing on more than 4,000 sources and 600 interviews, The River is a thorough and provocative investigation into the most terrible epidemic of the twentieth century.

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     X Rated Nun: Woman of Integrity
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Author(s): Jane Kelly

Jane Kelly gives a unique glimpse of what goes on behind convent walls. She tells of her journey from birth to her decision to enter the convent and details her 58 years in the convent. Culminating to a difficult and painful decision to leave the convent. Her choice was based on her desire to continue to minister to the poor and homeless at Plowshares Community Dining Room which she founded in 1983. Her heart would not allow her to leave her poor and homeless friends to seek a comfortable life at the mother house in San Francisco. Sister Jane?s heart is with the homeless her desire is to spend her life with the poor. This work could not be done at the Mother house. She realizes that she has a prime opportunity to serve the homeless and poor in Ukiah, CA. She states I will be here until they carry me out in a body bag.

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